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  1. We will be in Progresso soon, are there any cenotes that are close enough to visit for the day?
  2. We stayed where we were left and the driver came back 30 minuets later, as were about to get a cab back to the ship. Thank you for your opinion and your wisdom of how to post. Enjoy your tour. Goodbye
  3. Not at all what happened to us!! As I said, we were just minuets getting out of the church behind our group. We could see Mercedes exiting, We were definitely not oblivious to the time or buying groceries, we were blocked by a group trying to come in the exit and couldn't get through. We just couldn't get out. She had absolutely no idea we weren't there and just kept on going. I too see the good reviews, our situation most definitely does not reflect other's experiences. Enjoy your tour.
  4. Not private, but I can tell you who not to do an excursion with....Dora the Explorer and her team left us somewhere in the walled city! Didn't bother to count how many of her group were present before she took off. We were stuck behind a group and by the time we were able to get by them and out of the church the guide (Mercedes) was gone! Matter of only a couple minuets!
  5. Thx, was afraid of that. We went the last time there on a cruise. This time will be a cruise as well, but they've dropped Hilo 😞
  6. croosieloosie

    Rental Car

    Planning to rent a car in Waikiki, Lahaina, and Kailua Kona. We will be overnight in Waikiki. Seems when we were there a few years back, we rented from a company that had a shuttle to pick up the car in Waikiki. Also, any cars available close to where the tenders come in at Lahaina? One more question, is Volcano Natl Park driveable from Kailua Kona? Thanks
  7. I will be in Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora next year.Can anyone advise best place to buy pearls?
  8. Can you give directions to that market with the wines and cheese? Thank you
  9. Thanks, is it easy to get around? Roads well marked and all? GPS needed?
  10. I'd be interested in doing that. is there a place i can get information to plan a self drive tour?
  11. Got my letter saying they are going to honor the $18
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