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  1. After years of problems got rid of my Princess Visa. Now use the big big box card that yields 3% on all travel, not just PCL. The Princess Visa card would auto shut down for suspected fraud all the time. The last straw was when it auto shut down for suspected fraud when the Pacific Princess processed my legit charge after boarding in Dover UK.
  2. Check out the Meade factory outlet store for deals. Be sure to compare price at amazon https://meade.factoryoutletstore.com/cat/79002/Meade-Instruments-Binoculars.html like many most choices, it’s a compromise between size, weight, performance (magnification and aperture) and cost. suggest at least 10x magnification and if you do not mind the size and weight 50mm aperture
  3. Prepackaged is not a problem. Nevertheless would not advertise as you disembark.
  4. The rules seem to vary based on ship or cruise staff preferences. The biggest difference I have seen over several different ships this last 12 months is the use of materials. Sometimes they provide materials or provide a restrict list...sometimes it is passenger choice and anything goes.
  5. Yes and yes. Cruised on the Grand 10 plus times. Great crew.
  6. You will not have to do through several hoops. The Pacific is not your typical a Princess ship. You will likely see the HGM walking about multiple times per day.
  7. FYI Roadtripper My TA (the really big big box) was able to call Cunard (11:10AM PST) and book a 2022 voyage (6.3.21 Tokyo to Vancouver) a few minutes ago. The Cunard web site implies that this voyage opens 12.5 hours from now . I am on the prior QE cruise and wanted to keep the same cabin. Maybe you can book now and save some sleep tonight .
  8. So this implies that Cunard historically docks in Yokohama and not the international cruise terminal closer to Tokyo. Correct?
  9. Any more info on the announcement of the Tokyo to Vancouver voyage?
  10. Had a great day with Red Dune Safari Namibia. Used them earlier this year. We did the “highlights of walvis bay” excursion tour with a small group from our ship https://www.reddunesafarisnamibia.com/
  11. Cannot remember about the actual cruise terminal, but you are downtown Cape Town. The nearby V & A Waterfront is full of shops and restaurants, and several ATMs I found Cale Town like any other big city. So like any ATM, be aware and know your surroundings. also visa and mc are very widely accepted. if you are walking right off the ship onto a.excursion bus, you may want to order some pocket money before going. Travelex is a bit expensive, but really, really convenient. use google map, enter Cape Town, zoom in on the cruise terminal area, and then enter ATMs.
  12. Any chance your cruise first stops in Durbin? If so, try Phinda Game Reserve https://www.andbeyond.com/destinations/africa/south-africa/kwazulu-natal/phinda-private-game-reserve/ then fly to Cape Town to rejoin your cruise. Truly spectacular.
  13. Be sure not to apply too early. Our last cruise someone applied too early and the eta visa expired a few days before our arrival. Be sure to check the expiration date
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