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  1. All Caribe deck is half covered. Half open to sky Extra large balcony too.
  2. You will find a mix of table. Two tops will fill first since they are popular. No assigned seating in CC so table location choice is a first come first serve basis. In some ways like just anytime dining, but a table in CC is always available. I see no benefit of anytime over CC unless you like the pagers and lines.
  3. Be advised the laundry is tough on the fabrics. The machines run on “normal” and handle 250 lbs per load. It is a great elite benefit, but for delicate items or items that can fade not so good. For elite WiFi benefits set up your account as usual, but as an elite you will now be offered a new payment option to invoke your free minutes.
  4. CC on the Pacific has no early or late seating. Just arrive and you will be seated. Know that many passengers have preferred tables (and while not specifically assigned) will arrive early for a specific table. If you arrive CC at a peak hour you may have a table with lots of traffic (CC is in the front of the MDR so everyone walks past) or you may be offered a table with other CC passengers. The Pacific CC has some but not many 2 tops. Personal favorite is table #2 a 2 top in the corner.
  5. Having spent months aboard the Pacific, I can guarantee that “ anytime dining” does not exist. Ship does however have club class, but that is not technically considered anytime dining.
  6. "Limited Access" typically means that IF the passenger can walk (even with assistance) from the ship landing into the tender, the crew will then place the empty wheelchair into the tender. IF you cannot transit to the tender on your own feet, then tender transit will not be allowed.
  7. As of 9-23 rfid cards are ship wide on the Grand.
  8. What is the Princess cost (assume per minute) to use your cell/mobile phone for voice or text while at sea? For clarity this is not an internet questions but a ship cell tower question. Searched CC without success. Safe Travels to All. Thanks,
  9. PCL usually offers an excursion on Tracy Arm day. You transfer from the ship to an excursion boat (like tendering) and proceed much, much further into the arm. Truly great way to see the geography. Given this is a scenic cruising day many passenger do not realise an excursion is offered. The tour boat then rejoins the PCL ship in Juneau. This excursion likely solves your concern about seeing the wildlife and glaciers.
  10. See post 42. I know they did not have ATD for WC 2019.
  11. Did the Pacific Princess get anything dining during the recent dry dock?
  12. It is also an easy train ride to Vernon, then taxi the 6 km to Giverney.
  13. Premium vs Surf vs Social. Does anyone know the actual technical differences? For example, while PCL says you can stream with Premium is there any actual MBPS difference between Premium, Surf and Social? I suspect all 3 run at the same MBPS but PCL just restricts sites like Netflix, YouTube, etc. unless you purchase the Premium package. Based on PCL's description of Surf vs Social it implies access is restricted to selected web addresses. What's really happening? PCL Surf description..."Surf your favorite sites from e-mail, news, sports and more, enjoying unlimited access." PCL Social description..."Unlimited access to the most popular social websites and applications."
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