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  1. it is a four course meal (including soup or salad, and dessert). Should not go hungry.
  2. Not any more. You only get to pick one item from each course.
  3. Eggs Benedict but instead of Canadian bacon, get it with smoked salmon. Avocado and shrimp omelet.
  4. Wonder why you cannot get internet speeds on board the ship as you do on line? For one, the technology is not quite there yet and mainly, cost. Here is a video I found that explains how internet at sea works and how much it cost.
  5. Here is a video from a news source. https://abcnews.go.com/US/video/air-forces-10000-toilet-seat-covers-now-printed-56505415
  6. Normal pull out sofa but small in size and the mattress is very thin. If the person is small enough, they may want to request the bed to be made on the sofa and not the bed.
  7. When sailing go to Skywalkers for the best views of the Fjords. Take a pair of binoculars. You will see wild life both on land and at sea.
  8. Club class dinning is only available (unless they have changed it recently) in the any time dinning rooms. If you have chosen traditional dining, then this perk will not be available. The menu is the same. Club Class Dining is suppose to have some additional dishes that are not available to regular dinners. They have a separate entrance and cordoned area in the restaurant for Club Class dinners to use.
  9. You can use the balcony while out at sea. Simply go out, and lay down on the chase lounger. The balcony will block the wind. If you want to stay standing up, then you will have issues with 20+ mile an hour winds.
  10. The single beds in the inside part of the family room cannot be turned into a queen because the middle portion of the room is what connects to the closet, bathroom and door to the hallway. Perhaps they can move the beds 90 degrees but then you cannot use the bunk beds.
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