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  1. Thank you - I thought as much, but needed some confirmation from someone with experience 🙂
  2. Hi again Leither , or anybody else that will have had experience of this- having now booked Dover to Iceland (a bit late booking this for July departure) A couple of the FOCL tours we would like are fully booked, so have now booked some independent tours! One is an 'anchor port' stop for Heimaey. I can't seem to find information on FOCL website - do you know the frequency of 'tenders' to the port when it's an anchor port? Is it just in the morning then pick up at the end of the day - or are tenders running throughout the day? Thanks 🙂
  3. Have you ever had a missed port and claimed on insurance for the missed trip Leither? Genuinely interested as we claimed for our missed port which was fine, but of course as we had booked an excursion via FOCL it was automatically refunded by FOCL. Thanks 🙂
  4. What do you mean by 'too young'?? There was a pretty good mix on the Northern Lights March cruise we went on - Ok, predominantly mature people, but quite a lot of middle aged, some with a few children and a young couple on honeymoon (that's the few I actually interacted with). As you say, a holiday is what you make it!
  5. Whilst we enjoyed thoroughly our Northern Lights cruise in March, I had a bit of a problem with the air con. We had an ocean view cabin, which was fine, but I found after a few days that my skin became extremely dry and my eyes became puffy toward the end of the cruise. Always turned down the temperature to quite cool when going to bed as I can't sleep in a hot stuffy room. Anybody else had this? I'm feeling I might have to shell out for a balcony if we go again 😞
  6. Different cruise, but we went on the Northern Lights cruise in March, booked several trips through FOCL. As it turned out we could not dock in Bodo (sadly bad weather conditions) and as we had booked a tour to the Saltraumen maelstrom and sea eagles through FOCL we were immediately reimbursed. We also got insurance cover for missed ports so were compensated financially for this (though would still have far rather done the excursion). With hindsight it's probably a bit risky booking independently (though it appears cheaper, which is very annoying). However, in Tromso, a couple we shared a dinner table with had booked Independently a cycling trip - this was successful for them. FOCL never really seem to publish times in port (as you say a bit vague) and I would be nervous of booking something unless I was absolutely certain of the times.
  7. Yes I keep looking at this and thinking is it too early to book! I really would like to go on this one but may hold out a bit longer (need to save a bit more)
  8. Well I think it depends on what you plan to do. We went beginning of March (1st - 10th) and as we went to Narvik and Tromso and did the Arctic Train and dog sledding - then yes snow boots required. Other ports I managed OK with regular boots, didn't take my 'walking boots'. Even if you are not doing an activities, I would pack winter boots, there is still plenty of snow around even through April. Hope this helps.
  9. No problem, enjoy you cruise. We bought an adaptor with 3 USB connectors incorporated into it - this was very useful 🙂 as you say, we need so many chargers nowadays!
  10. The sockets are 2 pin and yes there are face flannels. We were on Balmoral 4 weeks ago 🙂
  11. We also stayed at Premier Inn by the dock a 3 weeks ago, we also booked parking at Premier Inn through parkingspace.co.uk which was good (and much, much cheaper than through FOCL). We did plan to go into Newcastle, but were quite tired by the time we got there (travelling from west Wales), so just had an early meal and retired to our room!
  12. Thank you for all the info and photos - we had a wonderful time (despite not being able to dock in Bodo 😞 - adverse weather conditions and rough seas). We didn't use any cash! Want to go again!!
  13. Thank you so much, wonderful photos....really looking forward to it - not sure if we will have time to do much walking around Tromso, as we are booked for a a dog mushing experience! Do hope to do some walking around Alesund..... 🙂
  14. Thank you - these were pretty much my thoughts 🙂
  15. Off on our first ever cruise next week - Northern Lights 😍. Is there any point in getting local currency? We have cards and it seems most places take cards. We've booked 3 excursions, but would like to do a bit of walking around on our own as well. Thanks 🙂
  16. Booked the northern lights in March on Balmoral - I did read somewhere that there is a launderette - any information would be appreciated - don't want to have to buy/pack 9 sets of thermals etc! thank you 🙂
  17. Just out of interest - I don't drink alcohol, so this is not of interest to me other than the water. Is bottled water the only available water, or is there potable, non bottled water available - maybe I should bring my own bottles of water for our anticipated cruise in March!
  18. Oh dear, yes just discovered this! Thank you Tring, never mind....as you say, next time (I hope there will be one)!
  19. Hello, booked with Fred for March Northern Lights cruise next year - just read somewhere that if you have a Blue Light Card there is a discount - how do I go about getting this? Many thanks Carol
  20. Your experiences of dog sledding sounds absolutely wonderful! Just makes me even more keen to do it 🙂 - yes will double check on the insurance situation. Thank you.
  21. Thank you, wonderful photos....yes think I have plenty of time to plan...will be researching carefully and of course as you say, no amount of planning can allow for change of plans/route by Fred.
  22. hi twotravellersLondon, just seen your message. Alesund, Torghatten, Seven Sister Mountain Range, Bodo, Narvik and Tromso. I am guessing that the likely ports for sledding will be Narvik or Tromso. Many thanks Carol
  23. We are booked on the Northern Lights cruise March 2024, first ever cruise, and am keen to do a dog sledding trip - no idea yet what this is going to cost yet, but am a little apprehensive about trying to book it independently. Would really like to do it independently if possible....any advice?
  24. Thank you again Barbara, yes already booked, spent a lot of time deciding on the cabin position and yes thought the mid position would be most stable and possibly fairly quiet. So as you say, will leave it as it is for now.....thank you for the advice on the A grade cabins 🙂 Only got just under a year to wait now! Many thanks. Carol
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