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  1. Thank you for the fleet report. Heading to Vancouver today, embarking on the K Saturday!
  2. One of the most recent uploads of the Ocean Bar menu features the following Alaskan beers: Alaskan Amber by Alaska Brewing Company Icy Bay IPA by Alaska Brewing Company There are also Seattle-based beers: Killer Whale Pale Ale by Pike Brewing Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale by Pike Brewing Space Needle IPA by Pike Brewing 150th Celebratory HAL Pils by Pike Brewing
  3. Thank you for the fleet report. Two more weeks and I'll be cruising!
  4. May 25th on the Koningsdam - 7 day Inside Passage to Alaska. This is our first cruise. We are going with my parents, who have done several cruises. Alaska is on my mom's bucket list, so we are going all out. I am treating them to first class airfare, upscale hotels, Club Orange, and aft-views. I may also post daily here during our trip. Not yet sure though. I may also try to live stream if there is interest.
  5. We are on the May 25th sailing, will also be at anchor in Ketchikan, and have Club Orange. If I remember, I will do my best to report back on how this worked out for us. We arrive at 1100 and have a tour scheduled for 1200, so I am somewhat concerned about making it in time. I did reach out to the tour company to give them notice and ask for their recommendation to keep or move back the tour start time.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply, RSF. I had my eye on Lunch Creek/Falls and Deer Mountain, so it's good to see I am on the right track. We'd like to avoid hiking alongside highways and a ton of people, so these sound perfect.
  7. I'm considering self guided hiking over kayaking myself. Thank you for the link. May I ask, what are your favorite hikes in the general Ketchikan area? I'll likely rent a car.
  8. For National Dog Day, I took my dogs on a 4 mile run before dawn. It’s a great time I run before it gets too hot. They saw lots of deer, rabbits, and cats. They’re now sleeping soundly.
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