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  1. I trust Hanks opinions having sailed with him and agree Explora Journeys is best food at sea and compares to high end restaurants on land. Red Ginger and Polo were our favorites
  2. Try Chinois on Main in Santa Monica California for best fusion I've ever have eaten. The mix is French Asian It's wonderful when in California
  3. Yes Red Ginger sea bass was wonderful and lobster salad was tasty unique and lovely
  4. Hank should never be assaulted by anyone he's my buddy and knows a lot. I however loved the specialty dining on board more than GDR however the difference that makes a hugh difference is having a waiter such as Hank has found to be served by each evening. We found such a server Jimmy but wush we had him more. We liked Ember and had shared table with a delightful couple with the man being a vibrant 90 year old and his wife. We had a great time and met up in Barbados for lobsters. Every meal/bite on Vista is neither succulent or excellent however food was certainly above adequate and many times enjoyed especially in specialty restaurants
  5. Excellent thank you so very much as we are working on a possible new booking that may have more passengers than our cruise in October. Thank you for letting me know Enjoy
  6. With your passenger count does the shop feel roomy and we're you able to dine freely at all venues Thank you
  7. I too have been on both Explora Journeys and Oceania Vista. Hands down Explora Journeys is and should be number 1
  8. I like that itinerary also january 5 is possible
  9. What date in January thanks I'm working on a possible booking in January
  10. Past passenger reviews and comments about the ship personnel food and front of house great back of house business issues could use improvement. The best way to tell the story imho is to have experienced cruisers with broad multi line experience share their experiences input and observations. As for me I'm trying to catch the deal if it happens to book again. My October trip from last year still resonates great feelings. That's a pretty good story to tell.
  11. I am currently in California with family at Disneyland. I will connect with you later in week after our return. I look forward to connecting with you
  12. Stickman you obviously have seen me on this board and I am thinking of a new journey Is there a way I am able to make contact with you. I'm not even sure what country you are in All the best to you
  13. Just went on the oceana vista in february and was on the explora journeys Last october hands down explore a journey is a food paradise, absolutely spectacular.
  14. I might be on that cruise too but not sure just yet and liked the idea of Tortola as it's beautiful. San Juan has some fun stuff too but generally less nature we have found
  15. Hank I noted in one of my posts from our Vista cruise in February is the ability to adjust the brightness of the round bathroom mirror by simply pressing and holding the visible dot near the bottom of the mirror which both dims and brightens the mirror. We used this feature in lieu of the blue light and light under sink Enjoy
  16. Thank you Dr. I followed your posts when you were on board. We were on board in October then on Oceania Vista in February. Looking forward to booking our next cruise again but waiting for the right fit that attracts us. We loved E J and without doubt best food on sea. We tried to book a sailing for january 5 on EJ but missed the discount and have not booked it since they would not honor the lower discount because i was one day late Still searching for the right next cruise Enjoy All the best
  17. AGREED on our January 31 sailing this string quartet had just boarded and we were their 1st cruise of their contract. Many many years ago on HAL we would sit after dinner eat chocolates and listen to the Rosario Strings. Still lovely memories. Enjoy
  18. These are the same women who sailed with us on the Vista in February
  19. Thanks Hank these women string players are extraordinarily lovely and talented ENJOY
  20. Have fun Hank i look forward to breaking a bagel with you on a future cruise. You find the bagel and we'll meet up. ENJOY YOUR DAY
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