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  1. I talked to a friend of mine in Vancouver BC today. She said on their news that Canada will not allow any cruise ships into Canadian waters until Fall of 2022. I had heard that it was February of 2022 but not Fall. We have a cruise in September of 2022 from Vancouver to Honolulu. Can any of our Canadian friends let me know the latest updates ? Cheers, Heather
  2. Sunny and 79 degrees here in California. I get my first Moderna shot on Thursday and Hubby get`s Pfizer tomorrow.
  3. So sorry for Arno, I am shocked. I have not been on CC for a while as no real new news. I can`t believe X would treat such a loyal customer this way. A warning would have taken care of it. If I was Arno I don`t think I would feel welcome on another Celebrity cruise.
  4. I am thinking about booking AQ class cabin. I was in 1122 a while back and did not like being able to hear the movies above. What would be the best AQ cabin on deck 9 or 11 , if noise is a issue for me ?
  5. I am Elite plus and did not receive the survey. I did get a email from X in a friends name for survey and she is not even Elite so I don`t think CC level has anything to do with it.
  6. So sorry, misprint. Should be Jan. 12th 2020 !
  7. She was on my Edge cruise on Jan. 12th 2019. Not sure how long she had been on board at that time. She will deserve a long break.
  8. After Covid19 I am not sure how many tables there will be. The two tops are already so close together. I don`t see how the Blu dining room can fit in tables larger that 4.
  9. My credit card was credited today for April 20th Eclipse trip. Deposit only as we took the FCC.
  10. I do see bubble travel as a option. I am more concerned about air travel than cruising. If we could cruise out of the West Coast I wouldn`t care where we went, just need a cruise fix. In California we have been stuck in and I have been cooking every night. I would just love to be waited on.
  11. I also loved my Edge cruise. We had a large Sunset Balcony and spent a lot of time on it. In the future I think we will go back to smaller ships with less people. The Riviera has 1250 passengers and that would be the max. I would want. We have a Apex cruise booked in Nov. 2021 and will wait and see if we feel safe at that time. I am afraid the new restrictions will make cruising less enjoyable than in the "Olden Days "
  12. I enjoy both Celebrity and Oceania not big fan of Princess. If you have never been on Oceania I would do that. The Riviera is my favorite ship, of all the cruise lines. Oceania comes with one perk. We choose the OBC and use that for drinks and wine. They also have a happy hour every night , 2 for the price of 1. Other than the show Oceania doesn`t have much life night if that`s important to you.
  13. We have canceled the Aug. 30th RT Boston cruise. Also cancelled all other cruises and air fare. We don`t have another booked until Nov. 2021. We will see. I was supposed to be on a Hawaii Eclipse cruise right now celebrating my 60 th cruise. Not sure how much cruising will be in my future. I just don`t think it will be as enjoyable as in The Olden Days. 😷
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