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  1. We are canceling our Hawaii cruise next month. AQ class cabin is twice as much next May.
  2. I feel so bad for you Jim. We cancelled our Hawaii cruise from HNL -YVR on Wednesday. Not a happy time for us cruise addicts.
  3. I wish I had kept some of the pictures of those meals with the silver service in the MDR. Food was the best !
  4. Agree, my TA is also one of my closest friends. We cruise together often. She will make Zenith this year.
  5. We are on the Eclipse Hawaii cruise next month. We are traveling with friends from Vancouver Canada and they are going to cancel. We are avid cruisers with 60 cruises. We are sorely disappointed but I think we are going to cancel. Hawaii and Canadian government are going to be strict about keeping the virus out of their ports. We have never cancelled a cruise in 30 years. I might be able to avoid getting the virus but I could not handle my DH if we were quarantined for two weeks telling me " I told you so "🤨
  6. I have not read all 10 pages. Can you tell me if the FCC can be used to pay off an existing booking on 11/2021 ?
  7. We are considering canceling our 13 night Hawaii cruise next month. Very disappointed as we had to cancel the same cruise last year because I had surgery. This was to be the make up cruise. We are in AQ. I checked the price of next years Hawaii cruise and it is 11nights and twice as much as we paid this year. X knows people will have to rebook to use FCC. Problem is we booked F/C air on United Airlines, not an airline we normally use. I will have to see what their cancellation policy is. We live in LaQuinta, CA. and the big tennis tournament PNP Paribas open was just cancelled last night. People from all over the world are already here including tennis players. Still holding out hope we can go on the Hawaii cruise next month. Good luck to all. Cheers, Heather
  8. Yes, they need to be with you. That`s the way it was on my last cruise.
  9. I have no problem with NRD. I have been on 60 cruises and have only cancelled one when my mum had brain cancer. I wonder what impact the Travel Agents have when blocking out many cabins.
  10. Hi Curt, have not seen you on Cruise Critic for a while. We are also on the Eclipse on April 20th HNL - YVR. We will be in AQ cabin and are traveling with friends. Congratulations on becoming Zenith on that cruise ! One of our friends on that cruise will be Zenith in another 18 points. We cruise on other lines so even though this will be my 29th cruise on X we will never make Zenith. Cheers, Heather
  11. I was on the Edge last month with the prem. pkg. I paid $13. upcharge plus grat. for Caymus by the glass. I did it every night. A great way to use your OBC !
  12. I have sailed on all the luxury and premium lines and loved the Edge. Granted we were in a SV cabin with a real balcony. I would only book a suite or a SV on the new Edge ships. I have already booked on the Apex. Nothing RCL or CCL about it !
  13. I have never seen Blu half empty. Last Solstice cruise we were given pagers every night. Trying Blu again in April on the Eclipse and hope that is not the case.
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