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  1. Our recent Avianca flights operated on time and as scheduled, but the onboard experience left a lot to be desired. There was some recent news on Avianca's Columbia operations. They defaulted on United's investment in the airline, and United has forced out the top shareholder. link: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-avianca-holding-ual/united-airlines-shakes-up-avianca-leadership-after-shareholder-default-idUSKCN1SU1ZW Hopefully this shakeup will improve the onboard experience. I recently traveled LAX-BOG-LIM and SCL-BOG-LAX on Avianca in business class, and was not impressed. Limited service and sparse food offerings. The service on the seven+ hour BOG-LAX leg consisted of a pre-departure drink offer, then about 2 hours later a single tray meal and beverage offering, followed by a dessert cart and beverage offering. There there was about a four+ hour gap in service, with no attendants in the aisle at all. About 45 minutes prior to landing, they came through taking orders for a final round of beverages. So during the 7+ hour flight, a total of three appearances by the attendants. Pretty sad.
  2. On our two Regent cruises so far, TB and polo shirts were not in the minority, though we were on two warm weather sailings... Amazon, and Western Caribbean.
  3. I actually discovered this not too long ago myself. Copa is introducing a lie-flat product on its new 737-MAX 9 jets. Here is a link: https://www.copaair.com/en/web/us/boeing-737-max-9
  4. You might also want to do some advance research on Google Flights (or something similar) as to the carriers and their equipment/seating options for flying down to South America. Your PE choices might only be a little more legroom and a standard economy seat, rather than more of a domestic first class seat which some carriers are starting to use for PE.
  5. You'll have plenty of company wearing your TB shirts and a nice pair of slacks at dinner on Regent, myself included. When dining in a specialty restaurant -- or an evening in CR such as the Captain's Welcome Aboard -- sometimes I'll wear a long sleeve dress shirt and a sport jacket. But either way you will be fine.
  6. What category of stateroom are you in? We were on the Star and definitely had an issue with being able to hear the adjoining cabin's TV. We were in a PV on Deck 4.
  7. You sound just like me. My hobbies are planning travel, actually travelling, and watching my SW fares (not necessarily in that order). 😂
  8. Trying to remember from this years' conference games on the Voyager... I was saving room for dinner, so didn't partake of much. As I recall, quite a few bowls of snacks things (chips, dips, etc.). There were some hot items, like sliders and build-your-own nacho makings. Also some sweets. Another nice touch was a server walking through the theater with bottled beers and popcorn. Like I say, they did a nice job.
  9. We were onboard the Voyager in January, and they televised both the NFC and AFC championships in the theater, back to back. The hard working bar and culinary staff had a very long day, and really did an outstanding job. Chef put out quite a spread and the bar staff were always available. Hope you'll be able to enjoy a similar experience.
  10. Agree with Bill... smoothness is also my top reason for enjoying a vodka. TC2, Tito's is made from corn, and is also gluten-free. Lots and lots of "lists" online purporting to rank vodkas. Here's a more recent one from Food & Wine Magazine, with Tito's garnering the first mention. Whether it's wine, liquor, food, etc., really comes down to personal preference - - as Bill wisely stated. https://www.foodandwine.com/cocktails-spirits/vodka/essential-vodkas-your-liquor-cabinet
  11. On our last Regent cruise (Voyager, earlier this year), I suggested in our 'end of cruise' comments that they scale by the ambitiousness of the production shows, and focus on lining up better singing talent. Some of the singers on that Voyager sailing were just flat-out bad. Early last year we tried Viking Ocean, primarily because of the unique itinerary which included a couple of North African ports... plus we just wanted to experience for ourselves the 'hype' about VO. Viking gets a lot of things right, and one thing IMO is their entertainment. On our B2B, they had a group of four singer/dancers. The production values of their revues were simple, but the singers were strong, on-note and very talented. We likely won't be returning to VO for other reasons, but their entertainment was perfect for that size of ship, and audience.
  12. Like Hambagahle, we also had a favorable impression of food quality in the GDR on O. My only regret was that there weren't more offerings each night. The CR menu on Regent has such a wide selection of choices, but it is limited on O - at least when we sailed on the Nautica last year. However, I respect that Travelcat2 has a different viewpoint. Different cruises, different experiences. Even passengers on the same cruise can have different opinions of the same food. Back to the topic at hand, I did check our upcoming Navigator sailing, and only the Master and Grand suites are listed as having "Guaranteed Reservation Each Night in Specialty Restaurant of Your Choice". Seems like there is a bit of a disconnect between the Regent Insider email and the listings for actual sailings.
  13. Another option in the Victoria & Albert Waterfront area is the Queen Victoria. It is a smaller, boutique hotel. We really enjoyed our stay there a few years ago.
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