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  1. Thanks for this helpful post. We had one of the PV's with a hinged door and window on our first VO cruise, and in retrospect would have preferred a sliding door. The divider between the door and window was distracting and limited the view in our opinion. Just a personal preference.
  2. It's been a treat following your journey. Thanks for all the great pictures and stories. Safe travels home.
  3. Thanks for sharing a preview of your upcoming cruise. Sounds like it should be a wonderful trip. Was just looking at your interesting itinerary. On the day you are in Hakodate... if it is a nice and clear day, you should consider taking the aerial tram up to the top of Mount Hakodate. The views are really spectacular. It's easy to do on your own if you don't want to do a full excursion. Looking forward to your reports. Our first Regent cruise was on the beautiful and comfortable Mariner, so it's special for us. Safe travels!
  4. We have a multi-trip policy with Roamright. There aren't a lot of multi-trip policies out there, at least as far as I could find. Luckily have not had to make a claim yet. We've used them for several years now.
  5. What deck is your PH on? We were onboard Voyager a few months ago and didn't notice any plywood on the furniture, but then again we didn't look too closely. We had a PH on Deck 10.
  6. Your detailed reports and beautiful photographs make me feel like I'm right back in Lisbon... excellent job! Looks like you both are having a fabulous time, and that lunch place is right up our alley. It's exactly the type of place we enjoy dining when in Europe, and the great thing is that they seem to be everywhere in some cities. Lunch at these restaurants is an especially good opportunity to sample true local fare, many times at a good value as well! Continuing enjoying Lisbon. Can't wait to start reading about your P experience. We stepped off her for the final time at the conclusion of her last Northern Europe / Kiel Canal run, when the departure from the fleet had been recently announced.
  7. Thanks for the reminder that these new plant-based options are supplementing O's existing menu. From their release... "our talented culinary team is turning out these healthy menu selections in The Grand Dining Room and Terrace Café at breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to our already expansive gourmet offerings." Not all are appealing to me, but there are certainly quite a few which I'm looking forward to sampling.
  8. Thanks for this real-time report. You are currently on Explorer, right? I also support the philosophy and effort on Regent's part. I hope that as they roll this system out, they will carefully observe how passengers are dealing with this new way of providing high quality water - - - and listen to any concerns expressed by passengers. I would really like to see this work, even if tweaks are needed here and there.
  9. Beautiful pictures of Miyajima island, and I agree, what a great place to celebrate your special day. Happy Anniversary!
  10. Looking forward to following your cruise on the classy Prinsendam. Have fun and enjoy!
  11. I also like the always-available crab salad in CR. Glad to see the salt sticks were mentioned. On our first Regent cruise, when we first sampled them, we asked the CR waiter what they were, and he happily said... "Oh, we call those Salt Sticks. They are VERY popular!". LOL.
  12. This sounds like a tour we'd enjoy as well. Thanks for sharing the details.
  13. We missed it on our first Regent cruise in late 2017, but had it this past January on the Voyager. OMG it is delicious. Glad you enjoyed it as well. Thanks to you all for your reports from the Explorer.
  14. Love, love, love that Marla! Also, nice to see the ship arranged a Great Wall excursion for the hard working crew. Pictures are beautiful.
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