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  1. Welcome to Cruise Critic! We were booked on the Moon, Singapore to Mumbai, in February 2022. I believe I recall that Silversea was also selling a segment from Phuket to Mumbai. Not sure if you are referring to the Moon or Muse. At any rate, we received an email from Silversea about the Moon cancellation last Thursday. I believe our TA was made aware a day or two earlier.
  2. If you are using Regent for just one way (outbound, for instance) and you choose to deviate, would the fee still be $175/pp?
  3. Thank you for the comments on 914 and 915. I have a quick follow-up question. Did you experience any noise issues from the forward stairway landing? I see on the deck plan that the suite door is adjacent to the landing.
  4. On Silversea's webpage, there is a prominent link to this notice regarding the EBB. https://www.silversea.com/best-luxury-cruise-deals/early-bird-cruises.html Sorry you are having such a frustrating experience reaching a CC. It is times like this that I am thankful to have a great luxury cruise TA, who handles all the communications with the cruise line.
  5. Regent is also announcing changes today for its 2022 WC. They've communicated to guests apparently, but their website is not yet updated. Playing devil's advocate, these types of changes are a huge effort for the cruise lines. Probably will take a few days to settle.
  6. Yes, I think that's a possibility. Following this closely as we have Singapore-Mumbai-Dubai booked on the Moon for Feb/Mar next year. If Moon doesn't transit to Asia, our cruise might be cancelled. Wait and see. I hope your situation works out somehow.
  7. I count three apologies in the original Silversea statement, which was posted on August 26 by LauraS. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: From Silversea Cruises We've been asked to share this message from Silversea Cruises. It appears below in it's entirety and unedited in any way: We apologize as we are currently experiencing a system outage. Our technology team is working urgently to resolve this issue and we will provide an update as soon as we have additional information on the restoration timeline. We sincerely apologize for this interruption and inconvenience. For urgent matters and guests sailing in the next 7 days, please reach us via direct or private message on our social media channels. If you are in transit to or from one of our vessels, have air booked with Silversea, and are experiencing an air travel-related emergency, you may contact +1-786-275-7089. For all other inquiries, please contact us via social media direct or private message. For enquiries regarding final payment on existing bookings, please note that the Early Booking Bonus deadline has been extended to September 3rd, 2021. Our Reservations team will get directly in touch with travel agents and booked guests in the next few days. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. And, if you usually use a TA, you used to be able to transfer the booking to the TA and take advantage of any benefits they may offer. Hopefully that has not changed.
  9. Welcome to CC. Silversea had an IT issue. See this thread:
  10. To follow on my previous comment about Oceania food in the GDR, not only is the selection not as varied as Compass Rose, but we found on our most recent O cruises that there was a noticeable repetitiveness in the offered selections. We did find the quality of GDR food to be pretty much on par with Regent, just not nearly the variety as what is available on Regent.
  11. Not all Americans shy away from Asian cuisine. 😉 Really enjoying these reports from the Muse.
  12. Wonderful report DaisyUK. Hope you can continue to share your experiences as time permits. It is not surprising to hear your comments about the crew/staff. I'm sure they are as overjoyed as the guests. Who is the GM and CD? Enjoy your cruise!
  13. This is the way we feel as well. The food on both lines is very good, but the variety in the MDR (Compass Rose) on Regent wins hands-down IMO. However, I will say that one of my favorites is the 'always available' rotisserie chicken on O. Simple but delicious.
  14. Mine is up as well, and able to navigate. Maybe try the usual steps? Log off and log back on, restart computer, delete the Silversea cookies?
  15. It's an independent airport lounge program. My Chase card comes with a complimentary membership. There aren't as many opportunities to use it within the USA, but there are lots of lounges internationally. https://www.prioritypass.com/ Rachel, really enjoyed your reports.
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