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  1. We try to avoid voyages just before and just after a dry dock. Many years ago we were on a HAL sailing just before a dry dock, and there was a noticeable amount of preparation and staging taking place while we were still onboard. Some areas of the pool deck were closed several days before disembarkation.
  2. Thanks very much for your thoughts. Your reviews were among those that I'd previously read regarding the Symphony accommodations, so I know you are well informed! We don't use the tub, so it would be a waste for us in a PS, and I do agree that the bath (and shower especially) in the new SP looks great. It looks comparable to the best shower we've had to date at sea, that being in a deck 10 PH on the Regent Mariner. I appreciate your vote of confidence for the PS, despite the fact that you clearly like the SP. More for us to think about.
  3. We did a similar cruise on the Regent Mariner in December 2017. As for clothing, I'd definitely bring along lighter weight safari/expedition type pants. There will be certain excursions where you might be walking through jungle/forest areas and I really was glad I had them on vs. shorts. We like using these insect repellent wipes, and find them a little more practical than a spray or lotion when traveling. The concentration of DEET is not as high as some other products, but they work for us. We've used them in Africa, South America, etc. Fortunately, we did not have a lot of issues with bugs on our voyage - despite the fact that we'd read the "horror stories" of waking up in the morning and finding the decks covered with dead bugs. As others have mentioned, this cruise is truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I don't know that we'd repeat the Amazon, but we were certainly glad we did it once.
  4. We are considering our first Crystal cruise on the Symphony, but not until 2021. Do any Crystal regulars have any knowledge of possible updates to the PS's on Deck 10? I have read several good comparisons of the PS's on Deck 10 vs the SP's on Deck 9. As nice as the SP's look, I think we'd prefer the more open layout of the PS. Was just curious if the PS's might be up for a soft update during the upcoming drydock.
  5. Got it, thanks. Sounds like you were on the port side, in 802 or 804. Appreciate you sharing your experience.
  6. I wonder if this may be related to the transition of vessels having to use electrical shore power when at berth in California ports, rather than burning diesel fuel? Perhaps Navigtor has not been retrofitted yet?
  7. Thanks very much. For the deck 8 suite, was the noise side-to-side, or from above? If from above, were you on the port or starboard side? We do prefer a veranda, so perhaps one of the "converted" Medallions on decks 5, 6 or 7 might be a better option. However, I've seen some videos of these suites and the bath looks quite small.
  8. We are considering our first cruise on Silversea, on the Wind. This will be after the planned 2020 refurb. As of now, we leaning toward a Medallion Suite. It appears that some suites that are currently classified as Silver Suites (on decks 5, 6 & 7) will become Medallion Suites after the 2020 refit. I'd be grateful for comments or recommendations anyone may have as to the Medallion Suites on 5, 6 & 7 vs. those on Deck 8. I do see that 802 and 804 appear to located under the fitness center. We don't want 741, which is the Medallion Suite without a veranda. Thanks for any input.
  9. LOL. I wonder if this was the same guy that was on my Mediterranean B2B on the Star last year? Sadly, we wasn't "invited" to only dine at the World Cafe. Saw him several times in The Restaurant, though his sweats at least seemed in fairly good shape.
  10. Following this thread. Our Galapagos trip is several months away, but obviously very concerned about the situation in Ecuador - especially for others with imminent travel plans. I hope folks will continue to post their experiences here. It is good to know that based on the initial reports, Celebrity seems to be on top of this.
  11. We didn't experience it on Viking, but on other lines we sometimes have noticed a decline in quality for some baked goods at the end of a cruise. I wonder if it has anything to do with the upcoming turnaround day? Just speculation... Again, have really enjoyed your commentary and pictures!
  12. From Viking Ocean website: What Is The Dress Code? During the day, dress is casual including shorts (if the season is warm), slacks or jeans and comfortable shoes for walking tours. Swimsuits, brief shorts, cover-ups and exercise attire should be reserved for the Fitness Center, pool areas and Sports Deck. There are no “formal nights” in the evening; evening dress is “elegant casual” for all dining venues, performances and special events. On these occasions, required attire for ladies includes a dress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse; for gentlemen, trousers and a collared shirt. A tie and jacket are optional; jeans are not permitted. The evening dress excludes World Café where the dress remains casual after 6:00 PM.
  13. Well put, and this is exactly how we view our investment. We've got the minimum 100 shares in both CCL and NCLH. For CCL, we don't reinvest the dividends, and we don't add to the minimum 100 share requirement. NCLH doesn't pay a dividend, but for them as well we just maintain the minimum for the OBC. We hold these stocks only for the OBC, which has been well worth the investment (for us). In fact, just got confirmation of our $250 OBC for an upcoming Oceania cruise. 😉
  14. There are more details over on NCL's board on this thread. A few posts. Not sure why the information over there can't be shared by bmwman here... ???
  15. Yep. And per the handy-dandy calculation page at earthquake.usgs.gov , a 4.9 quake is 8x bigger and 22x stronger than a 4.0 quake. Not surprised it was felt at the dock, since the quake was centered very close to Acapulco.
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