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  1. The CDC has now issued a Level 3 Warning to avoid nonessential travel to China.
  2. Yes, a Level 3 Advisory (Reconsider Travel).
  3. US State Department now has a Level 3 advisory (reconsider travel) for all of China.
  4. I understand your point, but I'm really curious how an insurer would deal with eurolady's situation, where her husband's physician has advised that he not travel due to his health situation. You may be correct, the "potential" to become ill may not be justification for a refund. Of course, the situation would be more clear-cut if HAL ends up cancelling the cruise, or governments expand their travel warnings beyond Hubei province.
  5. Well, that is certainly frustrating! Do you reside in the US/Canada or somewhere else? Curious about the terms of your travel insurance, because I'd think the airfare would be handled the same as the cruise fare - - and that they'd both be eligible for a claim/refund due to the letter from your husband's doctor.
  6. We felt the same on our Viking Ocean cruise on the Star. As I recall, there are maybe four 2-tops in the entire restaurant where you could enjoy some degree of privacy. The rest of the 2-tops are lined up right next to each other, so close that it is not possible to walk between them. The waiter addresses you and serves you from behind. You might as well be sitting with the guests at the adjoining tables. The proximity of the tables to one another does encourage chatting, and can lead to awkward situations if one couple is not in the "chatting" mood.
  7. We are not traveling in Asia soon, but I certainly sympathize with everyone with upcoming plans. If you are travelling soon, and are already within the 100% penalty period, you might want to consider waiting to cancel until just before the planned travel. The way things are unfolding with the rapidly increasing infection rate, it is conceivable that governments may issue travel warnings. In that case, travel insurance may kick in and cover the cancellation costs.
  8. Hopefully you won't have a problem on your return, but you should check the terms of your credit card coverage to be sure. I just looked mine (Chase Sapphire Reserve) and the delay has to exceed 6 hours or require an overnight stay.
  9. I believe you are correct. Here is a special web page from Squaremouth, a travel insurance broker. Check out the first FAQ. https://www.squaremouth.com/current-event-information-centers/infectious-diseases/china-coronavirus-outbreak/
  10. Agree with the two previous recommendations. Go with the Archaeological Wonders tour. We enjoyed it very much, despite the bad weather on the day we were there.
  11. RJ2002


    I would agree with you, and would also add that the consistency was something we were hoping would be good. And, it was. We're not about to give up hamburger anytime soon, but this was a nice option. I'm glad to see O offering things like this.
  12. We disembarked Regatta in Sydney on the same day cswhistler would have embarked for the circumnavigation. I believe we were the fourth cruise post drydock. Coincidently, our GM (Thierry Tholon) was still aboard after having helped supervise the two week drydock near Vancouver. One day he gave a presentation, along with videos, of the very extensive work that occurred. They had a lot of challenges, most notably the weather. We thought the ship looked beautiful, although there was evidence of a rushed and incomplete job here and there. In our PH-C, one of the new bedside USB charging ports didn't work, the ceiling in the bathroom was not fully painted, and a secondary safety latch on the newly installed veranda sliding door was not properly aligned. The thermostat in the room also appeared new, but it had an annoying, flickering light that projected right onto the bed at night. Someone had already placed a piece of electrical tape over the bottom of the thermostat to block the light. There were a few examples of work not completed in public areas, most notably the elevators. A white plastic film had been placed over the elevator panel, so that the panel would match the new color decor of the elevator itself. Despite these "punchlist" items, again, we thought the ship looked beautiful. It really seemed like a new ship in most respects. Food was very good, although we would have preferred more variety and less repetition in the GDR menus - but that's a fleetwide situation. The pasty chef on our particular segment was especially good. Service was excellent.
  13. RJ2002


    We actually did this on our recent Regatta cruise. Impossible Burgers were on offer at lunch one day in Terrace Cafe. There were actually very good. We'd tried a Beyond Burger at home previously, but were eager to sample the Impossible Burger for comparison.
  14. On the Regent website, under "Find a Cruise", click on the "Special Offer" tab, and then you can filter for all the cruises which Regent is marketing as "Special Savings for Kids". For many of us, those would be the cruises to avoid. 😉
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