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  1. I was thinking that too and that would be ok. This on Liberty OTS.
  2. We have bids in for 1 bedroom Grand suite, 2 bedroom Grand suite and junior suites for next months cruise. There aren't any junior suites left but a ton of grand suites. Do you think we have good shot at a win here? Both 1 and 2 bedroom Grand suites.
  3. We had two cruises last summer, first since the awful pandemic but we won both Royal UP bids at the minimum or just a hair over I think on one. Really, really hoping to win a suite for our cruise in October from a balcony GTY. 🤞
  4. Oh wow interesting. I know our son care about the water temp but we might. We are from the north so we might think it's perfect or even warm. 🤣
  5. Us too, right from NJ where we sail from. 👍
  6. Oh wow very nice. Those numbers all seem good to us. It'll be nice to like you says escape the cold NJ winter for a week. Anthem is our favorite ship too. Sad she is leaving us and Odyssey is coming. I mean I'm Odyssey is awesome too and will try her for sure. Pools will be ok and splash park water temp wise? Thanks again.
  7. We did our first cruise to Coco Cay last August and loved it! Loved it! But man oh man was it freaking hot. We thought let's try it in winter to see the difference, plus I always wanted to sail south out of NJ in the dead of winter so we are booked on Anthem from late February. I think we will be at Coco Cay February 28th. What should we expect as far as weather goes, temps and ocean temps? Overall what should we expect? Thanks.
  8. That's guys, appreciate the advice. I guess we will think of something else. We were there in early October probably 13 years ago and don't remember it being quite as bad as you described but definitely don't want to deal with all that. We were on an excursion and it worked out fine. Thanks again for the info.
  9. Yeah, if it's not offered as an excursion there are a few others that look cool. Some educational Boston specific excursions.
  10. Thanks, we'll be there i think October 21 which of course is so close to Halloween which from I remember from last time we were there on an excursion is like Salem's Superbowl. I really hope they offer an excursion otherwise I'd say we will not try it at all. Can't take a chance of missing the ship. I just remember it being so much fun last time we were there. We went to a Salem witch trials museum. Very interesting, and educational. Thanks for the info, appreciate it.
  11. We are on Liberty OTS October to Canada/NE. Our first port stop is Boston and we want to go to Salem. Last time we did this cruise it was offered. A bunch of excursions were loaded last week but unfortunately nothing to Salem. You think it might still pop up? Is it a crazy idea to try to get here and back on our own? It's kinda far I think. Thanks for any help.
  12. I logged in with my Kindle with no issue. Does that tell us anything? Oh i like the second suggestion, I will take my laptop to my in-laws and try there. Something tells me it has to do with IP address. Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. I'm using Chrome but I tried Edge and that didn't work. I just tried incognito and that didn't work. I'm kinda out of ideas here!
  14. Every since I got my new laptop I can't login to Royal's website. It gives me a message that it has my info but log me and try a different time but its been a month now. I have location turned on. I'm really confused here. Thanks for any help.
  15. It says you can cancel your bid at anytime if you don't want to be moved on Embarkation day. That was interesting.
  16. Wow! That's crazy and kinda cool. I like the big surprise. Thanks for the info.
  17. Thanks, really hoping we get this. Its for the 2 bedroom Grand Suite and it was for just slightly over minimum bid. That would be weird to be on the way to the cruise terminal and our cabin category was changed, kinda cool actually. At that point our luggage tags would be for the wrong room. This would be some surprise. Thanks again.
  18. Royal Up emailed me yesterday about our upcoming Adventure OTS cruise next week. It said We have reviewed the RoyalUp bids for your upcoming sailing onboard Adventure of the Seas®, and while we have not selected your offer yet, the team onboard the ship may choose it for upgrade based on availability at departure time Anyone get this before? Does this kinda mean we are gonna win this bid? Good news? Thanks for any help.
  19. We have an 8 year old and a 7 month old at the time of the sailing. I guess it is bigger so that's good. Thanks for info.
  20. When the KSF promotion came back this week I talked to my TA and he repriced our cruise. We actually saved 250 bucks and got a better cabin. We went from a balcony guarantee to a spacious ocean view balcony #9528. I saw some videos and pics but doesn't look any bigger than a standard balcony but its nice to just have the cabin number and not have to wait to be assigned a cabin. Any thoughts on cabin #9528 on Adventure OTS?
  21. Wow crazy. I hope things change by then or really very soon for everyone. I mean I get being cautious when it was needed, those days are over now.
  22. I'm actually kinda flabbergasted it's not changed now. I mean let's use some common sense here. 🤣 NJ which I keep on because I live here had 1,100 cases, the day before it was 600+. Canada has to be extremely low by now.
  23. Yeah I thought about that but by the then it's gotta be ok. Like what is Canada doing anyway? Love Canada and Canadians but geez guys, ease up just a bit here. 😲
  24. Ok we finally have things set to go back cruising for the first time in oh 3 years. First cruise is a short guy on Adventure 4 days to Canada/Halifax July 30th and then Coco Cay on Oasis August 14th that has been in the making since May 2020 when the cruising world stopped. Glad masks are no longer required that's for sure. Do you think pre cruise testing will be gone by July? My guess is not but what do you think. Oh the Adventure cruise is so short we decided to take a chance and book a balcony guarantee. Never have done that before. Any experience with balcony guarantee's? Well we are excited that's for sure!
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