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  1. Thank You, Sea&SkiCruiser. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Ellen
  2. Thanks for the information. Did you have to wait for table with Anytime dining? Did you dine with others? What time did you go? What time were the shows in theatre? Thanks
  3. So, too far then for me. Thanks for the info Port Royal.
  4. Did would also be interested in this. Thanks.
  5. We are staying disembarkment day at Rodeway Inn in Fort Lauderdale. $69.00. 10am to 6pm. Includes pick up at port and shuttle to airport. I am sure of the shuttle to airport but wonder if the pick up at port will work out. However if not, will call an Uber.
  6. We will disembark in Fort Lauderdale. Have to be off ship by 9:30 latest. Flight not until 7 pm. We have a hotel day room booked. $69.00 includes pick up port and shuttle to airport. We are sure of the shuttle to airport, but will see if the pick up works out. If not, will use Uber. Will enjoy pool, have lunch, relax, shower and set to board plane.
  7. Will do that. Thanks. Sorry from the delay in answering.
  8. I just saw the answer to my question on another thread. Thanks
  9. I want to use our OBC for excursions. Can I reserve now but pay on board with OBC?
  10. That would really annoy me also. I don't mind losing but I hate losing to a cheater! I don't understand how you can enjoy winning something when you have done nothing to deserve it.
  11. Thanks for explaining this. We will for sure participate. Love activities like that. Were you and your wife a team, or separate or part of a larger team?
  12. Is the dining room open at lunch - Port and sea days?
  13. Makes me feel better just knowing it is not only me!
  14. Thanks. I think my mistake was leaving check mark at "everywhere" instead of "this forum". Tried it like that and was fairly successful. I also have now tried the Google method and that worked too. Strangely, as I said, I have searched many subjects through the years and don't remember having this problem. But, it has been a couple of years so things change. Very frustrating though when you just want a simple answer. Appreciate your speedy help.
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