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  1. Thank you for your reply. We have sailed HAL and just recently sailed Princess. Loved the Bridge Cams so we could follow the cruises before and after ours.
  2. Does HAL have Bridge Cams on the ships?
  3. Thank you pasta1. We are planning to be there soon.
  4. Thanks, Charles. I also have sensitive feet (my DH can walk on anything!) so I will bring my water shoes. We are the only ship in that day (as per the 2 websites I checked) so hoping that the whole area will not be crowded. Ellen
  5. Are there stones, rocks, coral in the water at Emerald Beach? Will I need water shoes? Thanks.
  6. Are there stones, rocks, coral in the water at Mambo Beach? Will I need water shoes? Thanks.
  7. Are there stones, rocks, coral in the water at Reflexions? Will I need water shoes? Thanks
  8. You are correct. Our friends were on the Caribbean Princess and we will also be sailing on the CB so we should be able to get the tapas.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Really did want to see a wine menu if anyone has a picture. Our friends got lovely appetizers - meatballs, etc. and also sushi. Saw pictures of it and looked lovely little nibbles. This was on the Caribbean Princess in October.
  10. I know that this is somewhere on the Board but I have searched (on CC, Google and YouTube) but cannot find. Does anyone have the menu for Vines? Friends raved about the wines and the appetizers and we want to try but am interested in the prices. Thanks.
  11. We are staying at Rodeway Inn for $69.00 + tax = $79.00 for a room with full use of the facilities from 10-6. Includes pickup at the port and airport transfer. Not near the beach though.
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