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  1. I think you are probably going to have to accept that you will have to fly your dogs out. I had to fly two dogs from UK to Dubai and was worried sick as one was elderly and the other terribly noise phobic. They both managed just fine. If they are under a certain size they can travel in the same crate, this is what we did and it certainly helped. It is a long journey, in total 15 hours, with flight time of just over 7, the rest is preparation and paperwork at the airport. The kennels on board QM2 can be noisy, every time someone visits their own dog, it can start the others off barking, my dog would find that far more stressful for 7 days than a 7 hour flight, so maybe flight option is not so bad.
  2. When we were onboard in August, the cost for two week pass was £500pp.
  3. Please don’t be put off by the dress code. Yes some people will dress to impress, but it is by no means everyone. I have felt perfectly comfortable and blended in without a problem in nice black trousers and a dressy top. Ball gowns are definitely not compulsory 😀
  4. Bedruthen

    QM2 2022

    Yes, that’s right, that’s why we were hoping it might be on Victoria again.
  5. We are waiting for a South America cruise, but it won’t be this one. As a previous poster has pointed out, a significant number of sea days and not enough SA port calls to justify calling this a South American cruise. Sorry but it’s a no from me.
  6. Bedruthen

    QM2 2022

    Anyone else think this is a strange itinerary? We were hoping for a trip around South America, to include the Panama Canal, for us not enough ports of call in South America for us to consider this particular one.
  7. I absolutely agree. The palaver you have to go through to select your cabin grade and number is ridiculous. It feels like you select your type of cabin at the start, then have to reselect another 10 times before you finally get to the deck plan. I now find it easier to use an cruise agent, so no longer book direct.
  8. There are standby options exactly the same as P&O. We came back from Queen Elizabeth last month and they are certainly available. Did you ask?
  9. Yes seriously. Why do you think that it’s acceptable for one one couple to sit together every single evening whilst the other two couples have to take it in turns and thus only get to sit together for half the cruise? Have you considered that maybe the other two couples on the table would also like to sit together every night? The fact that the same couple had also taken the two seats furthest away from the adjacent serving station was probably also fair as well in your view. At the end of the day It just requires a small amount of consideration for your fellow diners, something that thankfully most people show.
  10. I learnt on our last cruise that there are some people who just wont budge, and who certainly won’t entertain sitting in a different seat. We know this to be true as they were on our table in October. We had a rectangular table for 6 and they insisted that they had to sit next to each other and not opposite. They would start queuing for the dining room at least 20 minutes before the doors opened and despite gentle hints that we should all try sitting in a different place the next evening, there they were again in the same seats. Nowt so queer as folks.
  11. The power of the internet, our cruise questionnaire for QE just arrived by email. We returned on 1 November.
  12. We returned from a cruise on QE2 earlier this month and we did not receive a post cruise questionnaire. Our cabin steward also used the under bed storage bins for bedding, although it wasn’t a problem for us as we travel light. I actually thought that they were for the steward to use to put the blue covers in at nighttime, we never expect them to be empty.
  13. We had a forward suite on Britannia and the space was huge. They are the biggest suites available, as P&O do not include the area under the sloping forward facing windows in the square footage calculation. So the floor area is much bigger in these suites, though the balcony is not as large as those at the aft. No problem in accommodating 4 adults. The bedroom and living areas are separate and so the beds have a degree of privacy. There is also a separate toilet, accessible from both the bedroom and the living area. You need to consider which space is more important to you, living area or balcony and which will you be using the most. Don’t forget that aft suites on Britannia have issues with soot deposits.
  14. Actually, on the recent QE cruise to the Canaries, there were so many Diamond members travelling, that Platinum members were given boarding cards on arrival and we had a short wait before boarding. No noticeable priority. I guess if you have 50% of the passengers having attained priority embarkation, it stands to reason they are not all going to get onboard early.
  15. Have just got off QE. I spoke with the tours office about the lack of a Caribbean cruise other than QM2 and the absence of QE. She said that CUNARD would be waiting for the new ship and then QV would go back on the Caribbean and S America circuits. Seems Queen Elizabeth is shortly departing for Asia and Australia and is not scheduled back into the UK over the next two years. I suspect that other posters are correct in that her future lies outside the U.K. market
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