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  1. The cost to use the Retreat for a couple for 14 nights onboard this cruise is £500. And no we didn’t book it.
  2. No worries, they do look like ashtrays, but maybe they are defunct now?
  3. I have no idea! Sorry. But there is definitely no smoking in the Retreat on Britannia.
  4. The Retreat is a non smoking area, thankfully.
  5. Our first cruise was on Oriana in 2002. We always blame her for our subsequent addiction to cruising, although we never found a ship that we felt matched her for elegance. We returned to her in 2016, but she did feel then like an old lady gently slipping into her dotage. Tomorrow we embark on our first cruise on Britannia, although I fear she will not steal our hearts in the way Oriana did
  6. We do have early embarkation, I just wish I knew the likely cost of the Retreat for the full two weeks. We don’t normally cruise in the school holidays and never on a ship this size, I think we must have been a little drunk when we booked! As you say, trying to minimise the disruption, if not we shall make full use of our cabin facilities.
  7. Hi there. Does anyone know what the earliest time is that you can drop off luggage and then go park your car? We don’t need a porter if that helps. We are on Britannia on Saturday, thanks
  8. We will be on Britannia for a 14 night cruise and are considering trying to book the Retreat once onboard. I have asked my travel agent to find out the cost beforehand, but all she can give me is the cost of £25 per day. However I believe that it can be booked for the complete duration of the cruise at a discounted price. Can anyone confirm this and does anyone have recent information on the cost? Thank you. If anyone has used The a Retreat, I would welcome your view on whether it was worth the additional charge.
  9. We have had this happen twice and each time it was refunded. But as you say, not everyone is going to check their credit card bill closely or want the hassle of getting a refund, so yes a nice little earner.
  10. The transatlantic crossing goes North and so balcony usage is hit and miss. The big advantage of the sheltered balcony is that it is more usable in inclement weather, so ideal on this crossing. Even so, we hardly used our balcony and would be happy in an inside for this crossing and spend the money saved on upgrading the hotel in the USA
  11. You didn’t mention it, but if you haven’t been to Herculaneum, then it is well worth a visit. We found it more interesting than Pompeii and much less busy. It is easy to take the train there and back from Naples
  12. Looking to book a forward cabin on deck 5 of Queen Elizabeth. There appears to be a crew deck area at the front, accessible for the ends of the corridor. Anyone with any experience of staying in that area or any comments about potential noise issue from crew area please?
  13. We got off at 7am, but then stopped by immigration for 45 minutes, but still at Penn Station by 9am
  14. Aside from the medical issues, there are two other factors which influence the availability of cancer cover. They are the cancellation cost limit and the number of days. The lower the cost and the lower the days, then more companies to choose from. We went to USA last year, 12 months after cancer surgery. We needed more than 31 days and £10,000 cancellation cover. After ringing all the companies on the cancer insurance list, the only companies that would insure us were Staysure and Allclear. Hope this info may be of some help. They undertake full medical screening.
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