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  1. I have a question. When we first started cruising, we missed a port due to a technical problem on Oriana. We were all give a £50 obc, which we were told represented a share of the port docking fees. Do cruise lines still do this? Secondly I do have some sympathy for these passengers. It is not just one port that they have missed but, I think 4 out of the 5 they were due to visit. That is a fundamental change to the itinerary. Of course the cruise line had no option but to cancel the port calls, but I do wonder why this problem was not foreseen, given the sophisticated weather forecasting in place. The one port cancellation that annoys me particularly is Amsterdam. This port is frequently scheduled in the Autumn months, yet it is also frequently cancelled due to weather conditions. Seasoned cruisers will know this. Why do the cruise lines persist in using it as a port of call under such circumstances? Is it because the port fees saved are a nice little earner, or is it because a cruise to Rotterdam, which is where the ships frequently end up, would not have the same appeal to customers.
  2. shareholderbenefits@carnivalukgroup.com
  3. I don’t know if you can still do it, but a few years back we wanted to cruise back from Dubai. But it was actually cheaper to book a longer crossing back from India. So we contacted Cunard, booked India to U.K., but embarked in Dubai. Might be worth asking.
  4. My husband had to go through the arduous process of getting a 10 year Visa, as he had visited Iraq on business ( ironically whilst working for a US company) and was denied a visa waiver under the ESTA scheme. Despite the rigorous interview process involved in getting a Visa, he still gets pulled aside every single time we enter US and has to answer a myriad of questions about where he went in Iraq and who he visited. Last trip we arrived in New York, got detained, visited Canada and got detained again on re-entering US. Not sure what they thought might have changed over a period of 5 days. Heaven help us in in a few years time when he can’t remember!
  5. We had Monaco in August on Britannia and also experienced tender problems. The queues became so long that they brought us cold towels and one of the crew kept us entertained with magic tricks. We got on the last tender before operations were suspended again, but sat for almost an hour at the side of the ship rocking and rolling, as they could not unload us. I have no complaint about how they looked after us, but if that can happen in August, then you have to question the sensibility of trying to tender here in the rougher weather months.
  6. Why would anyone want to contemplate travelling without insurance on a cruise. On our last cruise we had to divert on leaving Gibraltar to Cadiz, which was the next closest available port en route. The cost involved was £50000 additional fuel usage and £5000 port fees. The port fees were to be charged to the passenger plus all their unknown associated medical costs. I wouldn’t want to be paying those sort of bills from my own pocket. However I have yet to be asked for proof of travel insurance before boarding.
  7. We were told it was the scuppers.....
  8. I hope tha refit includes a deep clean of all the cabins and replacement of sealant in 5eh showers. We had a suite last month and it was grubby. Nothing to do with the room attendant, it was a lack of time for a proper deep clean. There was also a drain smell which they had to attend to daily.
  9. The cruise line will want you off the ship before the passengers without luggage start to leave. I believe that when we self disembarked last year we were off shortly after 7am and last disembarkation time was 8am. We were in Penn Station shortly after 9 am and that includes the time taken when my husband was hauled in for immigration questioning which took around 40 minutes.
  10. It’s interesting to see that a couple of replies indicate the frequent use of the alternative dining options in order to bypass the MDR. How clever of Cunard to persuade us to pay extra for our food by reducing the quality of the food on general offer. We have certainly noticed that the quality of the meat cuts onboard has declined, but do accept that the cost of our cruising in real terms has barely increased. We generally now use our obc to pay for the alternative dining venues.
  11. If you look at your cruise personalised there should be spa services that you can precook to include access to The Retreat. The cost per day for the Retreat is £25pp, however spaces are limited and there are few day passes available. Cost for a pass for 14 nights on our cruise last month was £550,for a couple, so less than the daily rate.
  12. What is this Seabourn that you speak of? 😂 As we shall be on QE2 on 20th October I shall be sure to report back. Obviously when we sail on our own mega yacht, such trivial matters are for the staff to deal with 😀
  13. No life jackets at drill was also our experience on Britannia last month
  14. There are no specific venues for jazz or blues and definitely not one that would be small or intimate. Live music is around the ship, the atrium and Live lounge in the evenings.
  15. Just got off Britannia stayed in a forward suite. There were two UK plug sockets above the dressing table.
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