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  1. I was disappointed on our cruise in August (Serenity) that affogato was not served in Prego. It’s my favorite dessert and I’ve always loved their presentation. I hope they bring it back!
  2. We have our first SILVERSEA cruise booked(January) and I got it.
  3. I suppose this is not the best time to say that we have signed up for our first Silversea cruise. It will be the first time we have sailed on another line in many years. It's a seven day cruise on the Wind from San Juan to Ft. Lauderdale. Lack of entertainment won't be a problem because we will be with special friends. Also, a lazy type getaway after Christmas is always a good thing. The real temptation was the deal we got---almost couldn't afford to stay at home! Know it won't be Crystal, but we will enjoy it!
  4. Actually, I asked a few days ago and they said they thought it was Saturday (last). Hope it happens!
  5. Still no word about the “Meet and Mingle.” Has anyone else heard a time mentioned?
  6. Looking forward to meeting you soon! Can’t wait to hear about your “pre-cruise “ cruise.
  7. We are on this one too. Memlin ( Bill and Linda)
  8. What a great trailer! So proud of Nancy too. It’s obvious she’s been in other productions. Looking forward to the Alaskan series!
  9. I’m assuming you have to get off the ship now. Not possible to stay on and enjoy Barcelona?
  10. My sweet husband had mine made into a charm bracelet. It really looks great. Otherwise they would have lived in a drawer.
  11. Actually, my husband and I stayed at the Rose Garden Palace recently before our cruise to Israel (Rome-Rome). It was nice and the service was very good. The location is convenient. However, we only stayed one night. We arrived late morning and were picked up at the hotel by our golf cart guide. We too had been to Rome a few times before, so we chose this tour to take us to some "off the grid" places that we hadn't seen. He returned us to the hotel after dinner. I highly recommend the golf cart tours. It was fun, easy and the guide was excellent. I think you would like the hotel also.
  12. My thoughts on the White Night Party---decorations were a little skimpy. There is no way to give a really fine party without balloons! Crystal often uses tons of balloons, which really add to the festivities. We were on the previous cruise, but it appears to be the same decorations.
  13. Bill and I are also on this trip. Keith, we will be getting off as you two are getting on! Sorry that we are missing you!
  14. Totally agree about the loud music in the cove. It’s impossible to have a conversation there. We always note that on the survey, but maybe others like it.
  15. Sheila, After all the mishaps and your wonderful attitude, I think you should buy a lottery ticket! Just a feeling I have—-
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