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  1. I agree it’s strange that you couldn’t move within your category. We may never know why, but if you politely ask the Hotel Manager, I’ll bet he will tell you. Or perhaps he’s called Hotel Director.
  2. Good luck! It will certainly be a different vibe onboard. Bon voyage.
  3. To onesoutherngirl, I saw your post on a Rob’s thread and I came here to see your longer post. Deepest sympathies to you and your husband. How sad! Rest In Peace, MIL.
  4. Oh! I didn’t realize/remember that.
  5. One of my favorite small things is the actual hand washing sinks on the way to Marketplace and the Trident. At the Cove, I often duck into the ladies’ room before dinner, or pre-dinner drink, and the same outside of Palm Court. Then I use hand sanitizer. I don’t want to hog all the resources. Feel free to join me! And of course there are no guarantees in life ... but I do like to maximize my chances.
  6. Elegantly expressed. Thank you for the reminder!
  7. Nice review. Bummer about the Internet. From Dec. 14th to the 22nd, it worked fine for me, but later I heard not for everybody. I think you meant to say Trident Grill.
  8. Chivalry, she is not dead. 🙃
  9. Oh, measles. If you had been notified, you could’ve taken a test, I think it’s called a measles titer? I hope the rest of your trip works out ok!
  10. Awwww, maybe she’ll come back and say you’d like it, too.
  11. It’s cold in my house, too, Drib! It didn’t enter my mind that Endeavor might be nearby.
  12. What kind of vaccination do they want you to have had? Don’t we wish there were a vaccine against these rogue viruses?!
  13. Click on a Find a Voyage. Then, under Dates, select 2020, and select those three months. Under Ships, select Symphony and Serenity.
  14. Patty, bon voyage, and I’ll agree with the others: what a great reason for choosing this cruise.
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