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  1. Hi deec! My husband just now told me that his most recent email from Spain Day Tours regarding our refund for Nov. informed him our refund cannot go back to our credit card b/c it was charged over six months ago. They cited a law in Spain. Now we’ll try their suggestion to use PayPal. While I do often pay things with PayPal, I’ve never received funds, but I suppose it’s worth a try. We liked that offer for the 25%/100%, but there’s no guarantee we’ll ever be back to Spain, sadly enough. If we do return, we definitely plan to use them.
  2. May B


    You’ve just reminded me that the way I found Cruise Critic, in 2008 was by googling something! Thank you for all this help, Peregrina.
  3. May B


    Deec, I was more successful this time! Thank you, and I don’t know why I didn’t find them before. Perhaps I looked in the wrong place.
  4. May B


    Thx deec. I believe I checked there, too, before starting this thread, but I’ll try again.
  5. May B


    Hi Krisval, I’ve done that, as well as spoken to the dedicated expedition desk at Viking. I was hoping to join a discussion here at CC, but I couldn’t find one. I don’t really even know where a thread like that would reside! I should have phrased my question clearer. —May B
  6. May B


    I’ve tried searching but have come up with nothing. Has there been any discussion on CC.com about Viking’s Great Lakes itineraries, scheduled to start in 2022?
  7. I did the same voluntourism with Crystal in ‘16! Enjoyed that very much. Returned to Astoria with American Queen’s Lewis & Clark itinerary a year later.
  8. Another great place to visit from Honfleur is Giverny. Normandy is good to visit from Cherbourg, also.
  9. I see my misunderstanding now: I flunked reading comprehension! Beav passed with flying colors. 😃
  10. Actually, I think Patty said she likes to have the payment charged the day before final is due. This way if it doesn’t go through, you get an advanced day of warning to make alternate arrangements. I do expect that most cruisers see their invoice directly from Crystal, which clearly states the final due date.
  11. Not true, although I did see the post at the other media site that evidently misled you. That having been said, this and your previous post, actually all of your recent posts, are so negative towards Crystal, I suspect some people here at CC skip over your posts without even reading them. Of course I could be wrong. Editing now after seeing that I was not the first to comment on this, happy to see.
  12. But here’s what I don’t get. The CDC was surely privy to all the info in that Reuter’s article. So why did they extend the no-cruise edict ONLY through Sept. 30th?
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