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  1. I often order the mini trifle. There’s a different one each night. The first time I ordered it, the size was perfect, small and yummy. On a subsequent sailing, they used larger glassware so it was more of a dessert for larger appetites. I know you say I don’t have to finish the whole thing...
  2. I don’t know if there are special order ones, but every night there’s a no-sugar-added dessert. I’ve had it a few times and it’s always been good. I suppose if you find one you particularly like,you can order it for subsequent nights.
  3. I remember that trip to see/hear/enjoy Hector Olivera in Philadelphia! It preceded your attending both the early and the late show onboard in the Galaxy, IIRC. Looking forward to all of this very much. I’m very excited that you’re going on the Bach. Congratulations on your 25th milestone!
  4. Enjoy every minute, and so will we, reading your thread and your blog!
  5. Gotta love Roy, knowing your chariot home, Kathie and Tim. Have a wonder several weeks!
  6. Just b/c somebody is offering something on eBay doesn’t mean anybody’s buying it.
  7. May B

    port of Miami

    Keith, you are so very correct. Never in my wildest dreams, when Phil and I married 51+ years ago did I imagine doing even 1/10th of what we’ve done. We are incredibly fortunate.
  8. May B

    port of Miami

    Yes! And I think you embark in Port Everglades and debark in Miami. Not everybody can lay claim to THAT distinction. 😃
  9. You do know that the state bird of Florida is the Early Bird, right? Heck, they could eat at Trident at 5 pm!
  10. May B

    port of Miami

    Riviera carries more pax than Symphony or Serenity, although with all of Crystal’s public space, perhaps they’re similar size. And I agree with you 100%, J is wonderfully easy.
  11. May B

    port of Miami

    Actually, we once drove there and went fahblunget, b/c I’d never experienced J before, and I thought ALL the docks are on the north side of the peninsula! When four adults can’t see one sign, it’s pretty silly. And then we STILL had trouble FINDING J. Of course the story had a happy ending. And I certainly learned something!
  12. May B

    port of Miami

    Actually, Keith, would you believe I’ll be fortunate enough to be cruising into Miami in Nov. on Symphony and in Dec. on Serenity? What a life! Philip, otoh, is cruising OUT of Miami, to many points west, I believe!
  13. May B

    port of Miami

    Now let’s just hope I’m right! We could look to see who else is in port that day. If Azamara, or one of the smaller Oceanias, then I think we’ll be disappointed (thee and me, since we’re on the same cruise!).
  14. May B

    port of Miami

    J No sorry required.
  15. This is the first I’ve heard that you help us Mind the Gap. I love it! Great photos, too.
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