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  1. Where r u getting your information. Yes front line workers are getting vaccinated. My husband got his and I can as well. 65 and older can get it now as well. I live in Palm beach Florida.
  2. I got my cruise refund right away in June. Still waiting on my cruise planner money. Multiple calls and still no answers on my $300
  3. We got off oasis yesterday. They put the hand sanitizer on you right before u go on Escalator when you get on the ship. They have always done this even before the virus. You can not see that from the balcony
  4. I can say for an oasis class I think it’s a total waste of money. Boarding is so quick on these ships. From the parking garage in Miami on ship in 15 min tops at 11:15 in the morning. I take a small rolling bag that I don’t even consider to be lugging around. One lunch in dining room is no big deal. We go to park cafe and enjoy salad bar with roast beef sandwiches with very few people. Cabins open at 1, so after lunch u can take your bag to room and get your room key then. I buy one internet which cost $11.99 a day for VOOM and surf. We share it. So no need for more than one internet. Show se
  5. Time doesn’t matter to anyone. They do not go by time. Not sure what ship u r on but if it is oasis class u do not need key at all. Everyone is on and off ship so quick. Key is not worth it for anything.
  6. Yes that is odd. Usually a good 90 days. We are leaving on Oasis this Sunday, I think ours was up over 100 days out.
  7. On all of my oasis class ships we find starboard side the side facing land or dock most of the time. It does matter to us. We prefer seeing the dock
  8. I got the deluxe alcohol package at $18. For my oasis cruise next week and our freedom cruise in June. Royals big mistake package
  9. No, the cup has a chip on the bottom that allows it to work.
  10. Nope the one that does the The southern Caribbean on freedom has always been five ports not six. I have been on it and scheduled again for June. We just got notified of the change to 6 ports today.
  11. One is still by the El Loco Fresh, another out by pool
  12. We always buy insurance, one time we didn’t and my son ended up with massive abdominal pain and had to go to hospital in Puerto Rico. We were able to continue cruise but between cruise Drs and hospital it was over $3000. Our medical insurance From home did cover it all though. Long story short he had a non functioning kidney and had it removed when we got home. He is 17 now and fine with one kidney.
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