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  1. I’m still try to find out about our refund. Filled out the form to cancel a month ago and called Celebrity yesterday for a status. A rep told me it was a group booking so I would have to go through my travel agent. Contacted the travel agent and they said since I requested a refund on the email form that was all that was needed. Feel like I’m in a catch 32 situation.
  2. Booked our Alaska cruise and as you know it was canceled. Purchased insurance thru Insure My Trip which is who I’ve used for 20 years. Applied for a refund and was told it’s too late for a cancellation refund. They were going to see if it could be applied too another cruise but I’m 72 with an underlying health condition. Looks like I lost $273. Lesson learned. Going to purchase through the cruise companies from now on. Still no refund from Celebrity. Insurance company will not reply back.
  3. I think it’s going to depend on when a vaccine is going to be available for COVID. I for one cant go due to age and pre existing condition. Didn’t take the FFC. Afraid cruising may become a hassle for me personally.
  4. Do you think that ships will be allowed to sail full with passengers in the next year?
  5. Will not be able to sail again as long they continue with the same policy. My condition is control so I hope they change the policy.
  6. Why would I book another cruise with Celebrity when I’m 70 with an underlying condition. They are still showing conditions that have nothing to do with covid 19.
  7. Would like too rebook but the age 70 with conditions is keeping me from it.
  8. Evidently they need to notify the TA’s. Just got off the phone with mine and they said a down payment is still required.
  9. Problem is I’m over 70 with a medical condition and if they continue that practice what good is FCC.
  10. B113


    What’s going to happen to the Alaska cruises that are not allowed to port in Canada in June.
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