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  1. cruise for 2022... ? Me hopes only to live that long. LOL
  2. Right. WE have been on the POA. As far as i'm concerned it's the way to go, but please extend your Hawaiian adventure, since you have to travel this far.
  3. You nailed it! WE did the TransAtlantic... With many sea days, the thermal spa was it was heavenly. Enjoy your ports !
  4. Yes. We have been to this rodeo before. Do you think we can actually add wrinkles to their road plan?
  5. I would name it the "SUSIE" it would remind me of a lovely lady I once knew.
  6. For years, Catherine and I were communicating with pax around the world. Then, in 2017, it all stopped. Is there any web-site that has replaced VT? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtualtourist Michael
  7. ' depends on how hungry you are (?) "You may be eating your words." But, I understand. There are too many other food choices. By the end of a cruise, I lose my appetite.
  8. Sometimes, me thinks steaks would have been better served as ground beef.🙂
  9. WE happened to see our steaks being brought out (and placed on a side table) at the same time our appetizers were being served. By the time our main course served, they were cold. Lack of management.
  10. I like posts like this... OP... This fall, WE will be trying a Viking Ocean TransAtlantic Cruise. Seems the highlight, will be a Certified Bridge ( card game) couple, to teach of our Bridge incongruities.. ☺️ Maybe this type of cruise would be more of your cup of tea.😎 Travel while you can. My father-in-law said, "Why travel, when you can read about places in a book?"
  11. How to start an argument... 1. State an opinion. 2. Wait. 😎
  12. Could you please, give any more any more information ? Michael
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