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  1. The rooms are not typically available to sell, they are hoping everyone takes the upgrade
  2. I have to agree, the Crown Loft goes for about $10K - no way we could afford that without the RoyalUP
  3. Yeah the first time it happened to us we had just made D+ but were only in a Jr. Suite and tried to get in the nice room and were told it was a suite lounge now. The diamond lounge on that particular ship was VERY crowded and they wouldn't open an overflow room. We got the standard "well you have 3 drinks on your card" speech
  4. Well we won our bid but didn't get the Aqua 2 bedroom suite. Never been in a Crown Loft... DW is happy to have her own bathroom
  5. We too are lowly CHOICE members. I tried to ask about the cruise discount certificate but so far it doesn't seem to be anything I can use. Does anyone have experience with them? Will the Casino staff deliver the certs to my cabin?
  6. Didn't know that, we're hitting 280 on Symphony next week (yeah 47# crystal block) and then doing our first cruise tour in June. RoyalUP gave us the option for the Royal Suite which I would have grabbed if it was just 2 of us but my BIL is coming with us to Alaska and we have the Owners 2 Bedroom suite which is a better option for us
  7. Our winning bid was just $20 above the min so snowballs work
  8. Yeah that was what they said, $400 for $100, doesn’t make sense to me. I’d rather book next cruise and get OBC for free
  9. The old “Family Suites” have been reclassified as Owner’s Suites 2 Bedroom the Royal Suite is really designed for rich couples
  10. we're choice but they didn't seem to know how I could get any certificates, all they said was I could spend $400 on my next cruise to get $100 off "something"
  11. L1 for $840 total. DW will be happy with her own bathroom we’re Next to the Suite Lounge so coffee and booze runs will be quick
  12. Just got GS-->Crown Loft for $420 each (min was $400), We leave Sat (today is Tuesday)
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