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  1. It does say Sea Class, but when we checked in for Navigator in December, the check-in person at the door was looking for the “Suite” designation. Hopefully they are all informed on what to look for. Thanks!
  2. We are booked in a Junior Suite on Oasis and I noticed that our boarding passes do not designate "Suite". When we sailed on Navigator in December, there was a "Suite" designation on the pass. Just wondering if any recent Oasis Junior suite cruisers have had any issues boarding in the Miami Terminal A Suite area.
  3. I received the following response from Royal today in regards to the Junior Suite offer survey: Dear Guest, Thank you for taking the time to complete the Oasis of the Seas Special Offer survey. We’ve received your request to be excluded from this offer and will take no further action. Should you have any questions or concerns or have a change of heart, please call us. We’re ready to assist. We can’t wait to welcome you for an amazing cruise! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International This is for the March 1 cruise. Hopefully they have all the volunteers they need.
  4. We will just have to agree to disagree on the taking responsibility portion. The issue is on their end, so they should IMHO be making the offer much more compelling. For the single cruiser, that was a good deal, but for the majority of us, not so much. If there are no upgrades available (which is the route they should take for the inconvenience), then they should be offering a minimum 50% refund of the TOTAL fare, the OBC, and maybe a FCC of some kind. As far as the email vs. phone. There are people that do not check their email on a daily basis. I know that is hard to believe for many of us, but I know them. Since the poster is a week out from his cruise, I believe there should be a greater sense of urgency on the matter. They could have sent an email and did a phone call. I thought the email survey was fine for those of us who had a bit more time to process the information and consider it.
  5. I might be willing to give the benefit of the doubt that this was an unforeseen service issue if it weren't for the Junior Suite snafu. Also, when we are talking about a cruise a week away, I do not think an emailed survey is the best course of action. That warrants a phone call IMHO. I am very disappointed in Royal. People can disagree, but I don't think they are helping themselves with these weak compensation offers for what is admitted their fault (in the Junior Suite situation).
  6. If I was driving, I would totally switch, but I do think it is ridiculous that Royal is just now notifying passengers for a cruise leaving in a week.
  7. Wow! I am so surprised that they are just contacting you about a cruise on the 9th. Talk about waiting until the last possible time to notify people. Something is very screwed up with the Oasis bookings.
  8. My entire point was that Royal WOULD not do that. I am well aware that there is nothing to indicate that Royal would do as the other poster stated and move people to lesser rooms with no compensation. You are arguing with the wrong person here.
  9. Since I started the thread I certainly did read it. Did you? I was responding to a poster who said that if you did not respond to Royal's survey that you would be reassigned and receive nothing. As far as the cash refund goes, that would only put some of us equal with what booking a balcony would have cost to begin with.
  10. We don't really know how many takers they are looking for. We do know that a poster was told by Royal that two different groups were assigned the same JS. I think there are around 86 Junior Suites on Oasis. What if they are all double booked? I certainly hope this is not the case, but we simply don't know. I hope that I will get more info about the situation on Monday.
  11. My daughter received a Royal Up email on Jan 19, which I thought was weird since she is a young adult and never books anything. According to jmh2006, there are two groups booked into their JS. I wonder how many Junior Suites are affected.
  12. Yes, that part is very concerning. We are celebrating my daughter's birthday onboard, so I would prefer to keep my stateroom. If they were offering half off the entire cruise, then I would consider it.
  13. Thank you for the additional information. I find it hard to believe that people will be reassigned from Junior Suites that they paid for to less expensive Balconies and receive nothing in exchange. That just makes no sense and could turn into a PR disaster. I know you are just reporting what you were told, but it sounds like a scare tactic. I will definitely contact them on Monday. Thanks again!
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