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  1. If you find out that the travel insurance will not cover your flights, hold off on canceling the airfare. I am not sure when your cruise is, but I had very expensive flights in late May/early June to Rome and then back from Barcelona. I had already decided not to do the cruise, but was very worried about having a large credit from the airline that I would have to use within a year. It turns out that one leg of the flight was cancelled and I was rebooked on a flight 3 hours later. I was able to cancel for a full refund. There is going to be a lot of airline changes in the next few months, so hold on and see what happens.
  2. On the Oasis as well. Having a fabulous time. Hope to see you around!
  3. That is disappointing, but hopefully your TA values your business and will work with you.
  4. You have to call Celebrity and check. There was a list of Royal ships and dates, but the Celebrity rep just said selected.
  5. It is much appreciated and very smart on their part because had I not already booked airfare, I definitely would have canceled. Looking at how many cabins have opened up, I am guessing there are many cancellations right now due to the uncertainty.
  6. Thanks so much for posting! Just called Celebrity and they confirmed that my final payment (due tomorrow) has been extended to March 31st. Great news!
  7. It has been reported on the Royal board by Ourusualbeach (who I believe is a travel agent) that Royal Caribbean has reduced the final payment date to 60 days for European sailings between May 29 and June 11. This has been confirmed by at least one person who reported their final payment date has been pushed out. My final payment date is tomorrow for the May 30th cruise on Apex leaving Rome and no such luck. I am going to give Celebrity a call and I suggest others in the same situation do the same. UPDATE - Just called Celebrity and the rep confirmed that my final payment date has been moved to March 31st. She said it will not reflect online and it is only on selected sailings.
  8. Yes I printed them from the website and also looked at the app. No "Suite" designation on either, but there is "Sea Class" so hopefully that will be enough. I really enjoyed the suite check-in area!
  9. It does say Sea Class, but when we checked in for Navigator in December, the check-in person at the door was looking for the “Suite” designation. Hopefully they are all informed on what to look for. Thanks!
  10. We are booked in a Junior Suite on Oasis and I noticed that our boarding passes do not designate "Suite". When we sailed on Navigator in December, there was a "Suite" designation on the pass. Just wondering if any recent Oasis Junior suite cruisers have had any issues boarding in the Miami Terminal A Suite area.
  11. I received the following response from Royal today in regards to the Junior Suite offer survey: Dear Guest, Thank you for taking the time to complete the Oasis of the Seas Special Offer survey. We’ve received your request to be excluded from this offer and will take no further action. Should you have any questions or concerns or have a change of heart, please call us. We’re ready to assist. We can’t wait to welcome you for an amazing cruise! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International This is for the March 1 cruise. Hopefully they have all the volunteers they need.
  12. We will just have to agree to disagree on the taking responsibility portion. The issue is on their end, so they should IMHO be making the offer much more compelling. For the single cruiser, that was a good deal, but for the majority of us, not so much. If there are no upgrades available (which is the route they should take for the inconvenience), then they should be offering a minimum 50% refund of the TOTAL fare, the OBC, and maybe a FCC of some kind. As far as the email vs. phone. There are people that do not check their email on a daily basis. I know that is hard to believe for many of us, but I know them. Since the poster is a week out from his cruise, I believe there should be a greater sense of urgency on the matter. They could have sent an email and did a phone call. I thought the email survey was fine for those of us who had a bit more time to process the information and consider it.
  13. I might be willing to give the benefit of the doubt that this was an unforeseen service issue if it weren't for the Junior Suite snafu. Also, when we are talking about a cruise a week away, I do not think an emailed survey is the best course of action. That warrants a phone call IMHO. I am very disappointed in Royal. People can disagree, but I don't think they are helping themselves with these weak compensation offers for what is admitted their fault (in the Junior Suite situation).
  14. If I was driving, I would totally switch, but I do think it is ridiculous that Royal is just now notifying passengers for a cruise leaving in a week.
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