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  1. One of the downsides of the Move Up program is you can’t select your cabin and you can’t decline the move if you don’t like the assigned cabin. In like if you book a guarantee and don’t like the assigned cabin you can move to another available cabin in the same category. It has been reported that with the Move Up you can’t move to another available cabin either; what you are assigned is your only choice.
  2. Booked 2 cruises in AQ1 at AQ2 pricing- each was $200 pp less. Sometimes it’s only $20pp other times a real money saver.
  3. Are there RS or PHs available? Don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but if there are no Suites available then it would take a last minute cancellation & you being the high bidder. Personally when I haven’t heard on a Move Up bid by 4 days pre Cruise I figure it isn’t happening, I have always been correct😉
  4. jelayne


    It sounds like you could be better off either booking with no perks or if booking with perks selecting gratuities and OBC. You can get a glass of wine during the CC Happy hour 5-7pm and carry it to dinner with you. A beer and soda everyday would be covered by the OBC and unless it’s a long cruise you would have OBC to spare. During the CC Happy Hour you can get bottles of water. Make a stop at a couple of bars during the HH and get water for the next day. You can also bring bottles of water onboard with you.
  5. 2105 will have a larger balcony than 2103 as 2105 is on the slant.
  6. jelayne


    Are you looking at pricing with the Non-Refundable deposit? On some sailings I have looked at the NRD rate didn’t offer perks.
  7. The CC Elite and above letter reads “Captains Club Cocktail Hour daily excluding embarkation -5- 7pm, All bars and Lounges. Exclusive Lounge: Sky Lounge Deck 14; Unlimited complimentary drinks from the Captains Club menu In reading this it seems clear that there is no CC Happy Hour on embarkation day.
  8. You request it from your cabin attendant. For years it was sitting in a chiller in your cabin when you boarded. Looked great in photos but most didn’t drink it that day. So it sat in water for a day, then sat on the counter until you wanted to drink it ( if you did) then cabin attendant would take and return in in a bucket of ice. Some (like us) never drink it, so this way if you want it ask and you will receive ; if you don’t want it saves the cabin attendants work on a busy embarkation day.
  9. who was the email from X or a TA? So far you are the only one on this thread Reporting that they were notified their reservation was changed to a guarantee.
  10. Soda can be in cans or dispensed by the soda gun at a bar. There are no soda machines.
  11. Those in AQ should not have to worry if the issue is some cabins that were previously ok for 3 or 4 occupants are being reduce to 2 occupants. AQ has only 2 occupancy cabins so no need to move people.
  12. Our TA frequently has group rates, so we get lower price and 8-10% refundable OBC.
  13. It is anyone's guess when the cruises will be back online for booking. It is unlikely they will reallocate all cabins, that's not necessary. When they updated the Summit the # of cabins added were only a small percentage of the total cabins so for the vast majority there was no impact. With the Connie many of the cruises are quite a while away, in our case 13 months, so a lot of cabins still available which gives X the flexibility to move passengers in the few impacted cabins with minimal disruption to other passengers.
  14. None on our sailing. In fact there are no 1st night discounts in the CP as there are on the other ships.
  15. If you really want to go I would suggest booking the time available in the CP and then as soon as you board the ship go to FCS and see if they have a earlier time you can move to.
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