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  1. IMHO the first LPC menu is very good, unfortunately the 2nd wasn’t good. In fact DH’s meat was so tough he couldn’t cut it. Chef came around and he also couldn’t cut it- he thouggt the knives we had were bad! We ended up at the OV.
  2. There are no interior AQ cabins as far as I know. They are all IV
  3. In the US you can reprice as often as you want. You may have read about being allowed Only 1 change from a poster outside the US, different countries can have different rules.
  4. There are so few non-Suite cabins with a true veranda they command a premium. We were in AQ on the Edge last year and the food, wine and service were the best we have had on our cruises in AQ (roughly 20). The negative for some about Blu on the Edge is that there are few if any windows and the drapes are closed as they don’t lookout to the water. We dine late so 95% of the time there is nothing to see out of the window. Tough decision.
  5. Have not seen that website. If you give us ship name and what cabins you are considering someone will know.
  6. The area looks barren, hot and not particularly inviting.
  7. Highway robbery or a good deal? We booked 2 cruises with a NRD in Suites the saving were $1000 on each. Barring a medical issue we will take both Cruises and if we can’t our travel insurance will cover the $400 loss, and the FCC will get applied to another booking. IMHO its a good deal.
  8. What a great thing to do for first responders!
  9. We booked on 11/23 and our Booking Confirmation from X showed a $210 pp charge for the beverage package surcharge. The Line Item was called 2Perks Bevgrt. On 11/26 I read they rescinded the surcharge so I called and they removed the $420 from our invoice. So if you have booking confirmation from X the beverage package surcharge was a line item and not bundled into the passenger fare so it should be easy to see if you were charged.
  10. Agree with cruisestitch coordinate this with the Blu maître d'.. Blu is the dining room for AQ and guests assigned to the MDR can not dine in Blu so for Blu or Suite guests to just show up at the MDR would be inconsiderate to those who are booked in MDR and waiting to be seated.. By working thru the Blu maître d' you can go at time when seating will be available.
  11. It’s on the page you posted but most of us don’t read the fine print. Which is why I never book on-line.
  12. Two options: check the pricing on a TA website which often show both refundable and non-refundable pricing; or call celebrity and get the pricing. We only book cruises we plan to take, no place holder or maybe we will bookings, and we now book almost all NRD. Prices are often $400-$1000 pp lower depending on the cabin category & length of cruise. If we have to cancel we lose $100pp and the remainder is put on a future cruise credit. So I’ll risk $200 to save hundreds. We recently changed 2 bookings from refundable to NRD saved $800 total on one which is now past final payment and saved $950pp on another.
  13. I have been price checking 3 cruises regularly, 2 booked with NRD, and each time when I get to the summary, just above where it lists the perks, it shows the letters NRD with a deduction when it is the non- refundable deposit.
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