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  1. jelayne

    Premium coffee

    I know that you can’t get Aspen Coffee with the Classic package as Baileys is not covered on the Classic package. Frangelico, Courvoisier, Amaretto, Grand Mariner are also on the Premium package. I’m fairly certain that the International Coffee Cocktails are included in the Premium package but not the Classic.
  2. jelayne

    Revolution of Specialty Restaurants

    Tuscan is still on the Millenium post revolution so seem that restaurant will remain.
  3. jelayne

    Cabins on solstice for a b2b

    The cabin attendant will move all your hanging items in the closet, they do not need to be packed. You will need to pack your things that are in the drawers, toiletries. Items in the safe into your luggage and the cabin attendant will move the suitcases along with the hanging items from your closet.
  4. jelayne

    Dining Package on 5 Night Cruise

    You might want to call the Captains Club and ask if there are dining packages. I know that on holiday cruises they often di not sell packages but your cruise is after the holiday.
  5. jelayne

    Captains Club VS RC Diamond

    We were on the Edge recently and the Captanis Club cocktail hour was in the Club. You will receive a listing of all the Captains Club events and their location/times in your cabin when you board.
  6. We did Azamara to Cuba in December. We enjoyed having 2 days in Havana plus the days in Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Many itineraries we looked at did not have as much time in Cuba. We did a independent tour in Havana with Blexie and it was excellent. We did ships tours in both Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba and they were very good but in hindsight I wish we had done private tours. Cruising on Azamara you do earn points that add to your Celebrity Captains Club account. The on-board experience is nice. With such a small ship and only 700 passengers it is easy to get around, no wait for elevators, plenty of loungers at the pool and service is excellent. The cruise fare includes gratuities and beverages. We found the cocktails fine but struggled many nights with the available wines. On day 5 they served a cab that I enjoyed and I was able to get that for dinner the remainder of the cruise. Entertainment isn't up to the level of Celebrity, and we don't feel Celebrity entertainment is great, ok but not great. I disliked the MDR it was noisy and we had a wait every night for dinner. The White Night and Azamazing Evening are both big pluses. Had dinner in one of the specialty restaurants, Prime C, and it was excellent - price is $30 lower than the specialty restaurants on Celebrity. The buffet is excellent and we loved the Patio for lunch.
  7. jelayne


    Then there were 100+ showing up, most who had never done Zumba and it was terrifying. Small space, people going the wrong way stepping on others, people getting knocked down. In the case of Zumba adding a fee was, IMHO, a good decision.
  8. jelayne

    Taking New Celebrity Cruisers with us

    I always find it interesting that there is so much concern about Elite perks being reduced at the same time some Elites are asking to have their perks extended to friends, figuring out how to beat the system or giving their drink coupons to non-Elites. Giving the drink coupons has been somewhat mitigated by loading on the seapass but the perks have a cost and the number of Elites are growing. Personally, we spent a fair amount of money and time to reach Elite+ and resent those who want to bend the rules and by doing so jeopardize the perks we earned. Off my soapbox now.
  9. jelayne

    Default Tablemate Selection

    We had the same experience with Carnival & Royal years ago. We have never done traditional dining on Celebrity so I don’t know if they try an match similar passengers. I would guess that with the popularity of Select dining, it becomes more difficult. Have you joined the Roll Call for your sailing? That would be a means to connect with others on your sailing who have teenagers of a similar age.
  10. jelayne

    Online Check in problem

    I did online check in for a cruise on the Eclipse in March and never had a screen requiring any credit card/onboard account info. I backed it up a couple of times thinking I had missed something but apparently not, passport info & emergency contact info was all that was needed and I printed our express pass
  11. jelayne

    transit pass/emergency team

    Last year I called the 800 number that Jim-Iain posted and was able to give them the info and a credit card info for the $65 and had the approved document via email in less than 30 minutes. Don't bother emailing, phone was faster.
  12. jelayne

    Shoutout and thumbs up to Celebrity

    Glad it work out. Nice of you to take the time to post a positive!
  13. jelayne

    Anyone Have Feedback On Edge Room Service?

    We normally order room service a time or 2 but when we from there was a lack of even a marginally suitable table we didn't bother. I'm sure many others didn't bother either.
  14. jelayne

    2nd choice

    I would check Aamara.
  15. jelayne

    Solstice Class - Equinox space aft? What's there?

    Can say for certain but those areas are normally storage/ few work areas and crew stairwells.