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  1. There is a thread started a day or 2 ago with this info. Also a thread with LLPs letter regarding this panel.
  2. Well it has been said that start-up of cruising will start slowly and most likely with short cruises. Not like on a given day/week all ships will sail.
  3. We are not the type to spend time at a pool or beach and rarely go on a Caribbean cruise. We prefer to visit multiple places and explore the cities and towns. We would do a land based tour long before we would do a all inclusive resort.
  4. We had booked a fall 2021 cruise early last week and when the new promo came out the price stayed exactly the same and we added a perk. So in our case the promotion was a good deal.
  5. Here is the link to the US cancellation info: https://www.celebritycruises.com/faqs/cancellation-policy
  6. Final payment to Celebrity is due 90 days before sailing. That has not changed. If your cruise is cancelled by Celebrity you would receive a refund. Have you reviewed the.Cruise With Confidence Information, the link is on their home page. That will explain your options.
  7. We cancelled a October B2B on June 23, no refund of deposit yet. However, I did get a airfare refund from AA it showed up on my Credit card today but dated 7/1, so maybe out deposits will get posted soon.
  8. A small group of crew left the Edge this week headed to Barbados for a flight home to India. Another group left the Edge about 10 days ago heading home to Manila.
  9. I’m not sure that there will be any cruise lines still operating if the only option is a vaccine. Lots of efforts being spent but to have a proven, effective vaccine takes time, possibly more than the cruise lines have. Having a consistent International policy won’t happen, heck we can’t even have a consistent national policy and on 1level I get that. We live in a rural county with 35 cases and unfortunately 1 death, shutting us down is overkill. But if that is what it takes then let’s do it! So what’s the answer? I sure don’t know but maybe requiring reasonable precautions from the cruise lines, including preparation for isolation, debarkation & treatment of those who become ill, release of liability from passengers to the cruise lines and some personal responsibility on the part of passengers to not board if they are ill, adhere to masks & social distancing and other steps to mitigate the spread. Can only hope that things will get better soon,
  10. Sorry you are having this issue using a FCC. If it were me I would not book, but would wait it out. Although cruising may start on Sept 16, it could get pushed back again. Assuming cruising starts in September it’s likely they could start with shorter itineraries changed ports and reduced passenger capacity. Once a firm cruising date exists, which ships & itineraries are announced then you may find that there is something you like or you may find that few booking are available due to ships sailing with reduced capacity. If cruising gets pushed again then I’m sure the expiration date of your FCC will be extended. If cruising starts and there isn’t anything that works you have more concrete info to bolster your request. Good luck.
  11. I think the cruise lines will sail fewer ships for at least the first 2-4 months and with reduced passengers to accommodate the guidelines. I don’t have any idea what the market would be for cruises in the winter from Southampton. But the Edge & Apex are the most efficient ships in X’s fleet, so if I have to sail only 3 -4 ships I would want my most efficient cruising In the Caribbean where there is a known market and passengers already booked
  12. Good point! We have 3 cruises booked on the Infinity and I often wonder if it will be long gone before our cruises.
  13. You can just show up in at the MDR for breakfast & lunch. Your assigned dining room is Blu which serves breakfast & dinner. We prefer breakfast in Blu vs the MDR or buffet.
  14. All of the ship "revolutionizing" have been put on Hold. The only thing on the website says "Cosming Soon" With the amount of borrowing they have had to do to stay afloat. IMO it is doubtful that the ship update will not happen in the near future. We have 2 cruises booked on Infinity in fall 2021 and we don't expect the ship to have been updated.
  15. We got our FCC by email and it has the Certificate number on it. With the number the TA should be able ti apply it to your booking. At least our TA was able to apply ours. We were using it toward final payment and after the payment was processed the cruise was cancelled, now waiting to get a new FCC Certificate. I would recommend you delay applying the certificate until final payment just in case the cruise gets cancelled.
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