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  1. Did people miss out on the price reduction because of the TA not responding? We have experienced slower responses than pre pandemic. I sometimes have gotten a little nervous that a change will miss a date but that hasn’t happened. Everything has been done and I’ve got all the price reductions(3), a cabin change and a 2 upgrades, and a new booking over the past 4/5 weeks
  2. I would take 1665. We have had cabins on Deck 11 aft, including 1665 and some cruises no soot, other occasional soot. The only time we had a problem was cruising around Australia during a very period and sun beating on the balcony and the door made the cabin so hot we had to keep the drapes closed 24/7.
  3. I was enjoying some fine wine when I posted - creating wine fi LOL. Auto correct love & hate it.
  4. It is $159 pp per night. Sometimes the per night doesn't show on the Cruise Planner, some bought a similar package that was mispriced ( which they knew when they purchased) and X ultimately cancelled the purchase and refunded their money. To purchase the Premium beverage package with gratuity is $83 per person per night
  5. If you booked with Always Included then yes drinks are included. Many of us have booking before AI was introduced, or booked a Sail Only Fare. Or a Guaranteed cabin that generally doesn’t include drinks, tips and wine-fi.
  6. Just looked at the CP for our upcoming cruise. There is a Perks Ultra with Drink Package for $165 pp per day, a Perks Ultra ( no drinks) $95 pp pd, and a Perks Extra with Drinks for $130. These prices are listed as being 20% discount. If the Perks Extra package you are seeing isn’t priced at or above $130 it mostly doesn’t include drinks.
  7. To find the most current info on sailing requirements this section of the Celebrity website is the best place to check https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/travel
  8. The cost to upgrade without a discount is $10+ 20% gratuity, $84 for 7 days. The 10% discount is for upgrading before boarding, you have to call to upgrade with the discount. If you upgrade via the Cruise Planner the discount doesn’t get applied.
  9. The Inside Access isn’t showing to book on our cruises next month.
  10. Our cruise on the it only moved once. It was on Deck 14 all the time.
  11. Not surprising. I have read no Chef’s Table, no backstage, galley or other tours of the ship either.
  12. We are testing before we leave home. We don’t want to fly to Florida and then test only to find out we are positive. We would be stuck in FL with no way to get home and paying for a place to quarantine until we test negative.
  13. Here is the info on what is covered by the package. Any cocktail that can be made with the liquors on the Classic package cos covered.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. What is the expiration date on the kits you received?
  15. Just checked the app and for our 10/16 Edge sailing and I have 8 buttons on the bottom: Safety Health Check-in Account Dining Stateroom Key Treasure Treasure requires access to your device's camera and look to be some type of game - you need to be connected to the ship wi-fi to play.
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