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  1. No it has been extended. There are 3 threads discussing this. Check the threads or the Celebrity website
  2. Which, If the CDC order is lifted or expires, gives the cruise line time to get crew to the ships and quarantined, get the ships provisioned to sail, notify passengers on ships which won't sail when restart occurs, publish the new protocols, and probably a 100 other things.
  3. Even if you booked with a TA you can go online to the L & S and put in your booking info, see what cruises you could shift to and if there is something that works you can make the change on-line.
  4. The is a female Captain on one of the ships in the Galapagos. There are 2 Staff Captains and I saw a post a few days ago of a female on the Apex being promoted to Chief Captain - not heard of that position previously.
  5. In addition to a part of keeping Covid off the ship, requiring ships tours may make ports more willing to accept ships docking. Allowing a couple thousand tourists from various states & countries off the ship to go wherever they choose may be a risk some locations find unacceptable.
  6. The ships currently cruising in Europe are requiring ships tours in order to exit the ship. The recommendations are that ships tours only are the way to operate initially, personally I believe that will be for quite some time.
  7. Correct. But the terms those of us who booked with a NRD agreed to was to lose $200 and get a $700 FCC if we cancelled. So getting a $900 FCC is a better deal. Of course there is the option to make final payment, wait for the cruise to get cancelled and then get all the money as refund.
  8. Alwaysonaship In July we cancelled a cruise that is scheduled for April 2021. We had a NRD and received a FCC for $900. It must be applied to a cruise booked by 12/31/21 and the cruise must sail by 5/4/22.
  9. We did a L & S of a 2/21 Caribbean to 2/22 the price for the 2/21 was a few K less than the 2021 so we are pleased. I do wish the fall 2022 TA were out so we could L & S our 10/21 TA.
  10. Why would you loose your deposit? You can cancel u def CWC and get a FCC for your entire $900deposit or L & S to 2022.
  11. We feel your pain. We should be at day 3 of 45 on the Eclipse,
  12. I hope that your cruise sails, the Baltic is a great cruise. We have Feb B2B 5 & 7 nights but doubt we will be allowed to do both (assuming they actual sail) another B2B in April of 14 & 15 nights- no chance they will go. The longer the cruise in 2021 the greater the likelihood it won’t happen, IMO.
  13. The proper way now it to take a photo, post it and then eat. Ask for a table with good lighting so you don’t have to take multiple shots.
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