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  1. Thanks for providing some clarity. The link isn’t working for me. If the loyalty and room benefits are combined (bummer😣) then the remaining question is are the Indulgence package perks added. For the price they should be. Does anyone have a phone # I can call?
  2. We are booked on a 23 night cruise in a CC suite and are Discoverer Plus and are considering purchasing a Indulgence package. Can anyone clarify how the perks from the various packages are handled? Or is there a number I can use to call Azamara and get clarification? The inclusions from our booking are 1 wi-fi package and 1 bag of laundry every 7 days Our loyalty perks are 100% discount on a wi-fi package or 360 mins and 1 bag of laundry every 7 days The indulgence package included wi-fi for 2 and 2 bags of laundry. Will we get up to the 8 b
  3. In the US, if you are using a good TA, the deposit and all payments go direct to the cruise line not to the TA. While the TA can process cancellations and refund requests the refund goes direct to the passengers credit card not to the TA.
  4. The crew have their own dining area and staff to cook/serve. Only a small portion of the crew can eat in the Oceanview.
  5. You may be able to purchase a dining package on board . Whether you purchase the package in the CP or on the ship you can’t make reservations until you board the ship. IME dining times for the package are generally very early or very late. Prime times 6:30-7:30 are rarely available. Most times OBC from a TA is refundable, but not always. If it is refundable and you do not use it all it will be refunded to your credit card or you can go to Guest Services on the last night and get a cash refund. Ask your TA if their OBC is refundable.
  6. The beverage package upgrade was $10 + 20% gratuity for $ 12 for a number of years. Then they added a 10% discount on the beverage package upgrade for Elite & E+. So now $9 + 20% is $10.80 . The changes to the CC perks were announced via email . We get 2-5 emails a day from X so it’s easy to just delete them and miss changes.
  7. The Elite 90 minutes and Elite Plus 240 minutes do appear on the list of benefits however the are not showing on the Featured Benefits page. If you go the the Captains Club tiers and benefits and go past the Featured Benefits and go to the brochure and swipe to the 2nd screen you will see all the benefits.
  8. We have been booking our flights using miles as currently American is not charging a fee to reinstate miles if you cancel your flight. We have cancelled 2 flights and are about to cancel a 3rd.
  9. It would be great if all the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed and the crystal ball was working so everyone ( cruise lines, ports, CDC , TAs passengers) knew what things would be like in a month, 2 months or 6 months, but that’s not our world now. The Covid cases drop and then surge, cities, states countries open only to shut down, new variants emerge nothing is static. We have cruises booked on X and other lines that couldn’t possibly sail today, some probably won’t sail but others probably will. If I felt that by selling these cruises or not cancelling them because they
  10. Clojacks did you book before or after the sale closed on March 19th? We booked our cruise in December, 2020 before the sale was announced. We are hoping that since when we booked we would have earned points on our combined X & A accounts that we will get credit on both lines. 🤞
  11. We’re both the Suite and the connecting cabin booked on a single reservation or 2 bookings that were linked?
  12. Here is a link to a thread that addresses the reciprocity with the sale of Azamara. We have sailed Azamara previously so we will retain our combined X and Azamara points. What isn’t clear ( at least to me) was how will cruises booked before the sale be handled. There is no 1 category upgrade perk on Azamara. I can’t help with your B2B OBC question. There is OBC for booking onboard and a reduced deposit. The Azamara Circle perks are much different than the CaptIns Club perks. We really miss the laundry perks from Celebrity. We have a 17N combined land (5N)
  13. We have a Europe cruise booked for early October. Final payment is early July unless all countries on our itinerary are open to US tourists on final payment date we will cancel. We have 3 FCCs we need to use so the way I look at X has enough of my money. We have some 2022 cruises booked on another line to areas X doesn’t sail so more FCCs are of no value but cash in my pocket is.
  14. isn’t he also proposing that vaccinations can not be required not be businesses in Florida ?
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