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  1. Wines are not included in Luminae you are charged if you don’t have a beverage package. Drinks in Michaels Club/Retreat Lounge are included and normally you can take a glass of wine with you to dinner
  2. Yes same as Gastrobar was or Sushi on 5, food is at a cost.
  3. There isn’t a bar that I have seen at Sushi on 5 but I don’t know why you couldn’t sit at a table and have a drink, we have never seen that venue even 1/2 full.
  4. Craft Social is scheduled to replace Cellar Masters on the Silhouette. I would venture a guess that Craft Social will replace Cellars Masters on the other S Class ships as they are revolutionized.
  5. The Sky Suites on Celebrity come with full suite benefits, unlike the Jr Suites on Royal. The suite restaurant, Luminae is excellent in both food and service. Michael’s Club/Retreat Lounge is for Suite Guests, VIP and the Zennith level Captain Club members. Quiet place with refreshments from morning until about 11-12. Drinks, Continental breakfast, tea and canapés. You didn’t mention which ship, some have a Retreat Sun Deck exclusively for Suite guests. The ships are being updated and as a part of that the Retreat Sun Decks are being added. BTW, few have the butler pack or unpack as you must be present when that occurs so not much point unless you have some physical limitations.
  6. That cabin is quite a way forward of the mid-shipSmoking section & 4 decks up. If you were smelling smoke when the ship was moving then it would have had to be coming from a balcony near you. Even when docked we have never smelled smoke when on on a balcony, except when the people in the next cabin de died to smoke on the balcony. Security quickly took care of that problem.
  7. The Onyx and Pearl are the level in the casino. Elite is the Captains Club Level, no correlation between the 2.
  8. There is usually a party. Since you are in port, in NYC until 2am not sure how well attended a party will be. Have you joined the Roll Call for your cruise? what are others planning for that evening?
  9. Some TAs actually handle the transfer process for you so you don’t need to do the paperwork. The most I have had to do in the past 6 or 7 years is once be on a 3 way call to authorize X to transfer my booking.
  10. Since your wi-fi is a booking perks you should be able to stream. As others said peak times and ships location are sometimes factors but the package you have includes streaming.
  11. Why did you lose your entire deposit. Did you try and transfer after final payment? We booked a cruise with a non-refundable deposit a couple of weeks ago. The documents say that if I cancel before final payment I forfeit $100pp of the deposit and the remaining balance of the NR deposit is returned as a future cruise credit. TheFCC. Is non-transferable and expires 12 months from the issue date. After final payment the cancellation penalties are the same as a booking with a refundable deposit. For us we saved $1000 on the fare and should we need to cancel we would use the FCC and our travel insurance would cover the lost $200
  12. Yes, I saw that a few weeks back and called was told that it is not correct and that the 25% is amount immediately after final payment. The booking confirmation I received had the 25% as being after final payment.
  13. Hope they solved the problem of food blowing off the plate at the RT Grill.
  14. Those who had it said yes but can be a tad slower in peak times. The major difference is that you can’t stream with the surf package.
  15. According to the rep I spoke with at X the date that shows when you click on the Cancellation fees on the X website isn’ t accurate and the the 25% kicks in when final payment occurs, and the booking confirmation shows the correct date. The prices you show above from a particular TAs website and some of the prices are not visible when you book on-line with Celebrity or a number of the other large on-line TAs. The difference for the above is $241 pp so a difference of $482. For the Cruise I booked, with the TA whose prices you quoted, the difference between the refundable and non- refundable was $1000 ($500 pp) and the perks were the same. We have a annual travel insurance policy that covers a cancellation for the standard reasons; death or serious illness of family member, accident, hospitalized, etc. the which are the only reasons we would cancel.
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