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  1. Shorts, tees, yoga pants are fine during the day including in the MDR. in the evening dress, skirt, slacks are fine in the MDR and restaurants. I haven’t taken a dress in a few years, usually a pair of slack and a nice top are what I wear in the evening.
  2. A correction - the beverage package offered as a booking perk when you chose 2 perks is the Classic package. There are 3 tiers of the of the beverage packages that include alcohol: Standard Package - sells for $49 per day +20% gratutity Classic Package - sells for $59 per day +20% Premium Package -sells for $69 per day + 20% If you book and pay for the 4 perk option that would included the Premium Beverage Package rather than the Classic.
  3. Yes the booking perks are for 2 people in tge cabin & both must select the same ones.
  4. Contrary to twodaywonder we found the food in the buffet to be excellent and never had a problem finding a comfortable place to sit and read or relax.
  5. Looks like 7286 & 7243 are available both have larger than normal balconies and are mid ship near elevators & stairs. Cabin both above & below so should be quiet. Looks like the cost for the veranda with 2 perks is about $ 400 pp more, than the price with no perks.. The Classic beverage package is $59 per person per day +20% gratutity; so $495 if you purchase a package. If you will be drinking speciality coffees, bottled water, soda, beer, cocktails, wine or fresh juice. The 2 perk price could be the way to go. for the 2nd perk the $300 On Board Credit would be a good choice. The credit can be used to cover your daily gratuties and you would have about $90 left over for misc spending on the ship.
  6. There are occasionally sales on the Beverage packages, shore excursions and/or Internet but they aren’t frequent. When there is a sale it may not apply to all sailings. I booked a cruise 5 months ago without a beverage package and so far there hasn’t been a sale that includes my cruise.
  7. Let’s start with what you believe you booked for perks or cabin. Was it a guarantee? Knowing what you booked could help decipher the code.
  8. In order to get the Select discount you need to call the Captains Club to order. if your granddaughter wants to Facetime you will need the unlimited internet. The lower price surf package won’t support FaceTime, Skype, etc.
  9. We did this in 2018 and did all independent tours. The ones organized were: Sri Lanka - with Blue Lanka tours Mumbai - with Magical Mumba Oman - with Sunshine Tours Dubai- with Dubai Private Tours Phuket - with Tours by Jo We left the ship in Cochin for 2 nights and took a private tour to the Taj Mahal returning to the ship in Goa. We paid about 1/3 the cost of the ships excursion to the Taj Mahal. We highly recommend seeing this amazing place.
  10. The comment about no chocolate syrup and regular syrup reminded me that on the 3/24 sailing they had limited jelly in the OV, you had to ask for it and blueberry seemed to be all they had. Add to that reports of no smoked salmon in the OV on the Equinox a month or so ago. Not to mention the frequent shortage of lack of lemons & limes. In the past few months there have been posts of lack of fresh spinach and other veggies at the salad bar in the buffets. Although I don’t believe those were reported from the Eclipse. it is beginning to seem like they may have a supplier or inventory management problem.
  11. We had a cruise for this Oct cancelled for a charter. We were offered a choice of 4 or 5 cruises we could move to with price protection & $200 OBC , or we could mi e deposit to another cruise at the prevailing rate & $200 OBC, or we could get a refund . For us one of the offered cruises worked & was 2 days longer so worked out well in our case.
  12. I’m sorry you had a disappointing cruise. We were on the sailing before yours and and while we had good service in Tuscan the food wasn’t up to par. Near the end of the cruise we too had problems with the internet . I have to say that we had excellent service on the ship with the exception of the 1 morning we tried Blu for breakfast and it seemed everyone arrived st the same time. There were some wine shortages including some of the higher priced wines ($20+ glass) our sommlier offered good alternatives but I promise we didn’t drink all the Decoy😉.
  13. I prefer Tuscan while DH prefers Murano. He eats fish & seafood I can’t so find choices more limited in Murano.
  14. Just off the Eclipse last week. Ship is beautiful, food and service were great. Only issue was Internet was inconsistent when we were around Costa Rica & Mexico. i don’t think you have anything to worry about.
  15. You issues are the same as most everyone who isn’t a fan of the IV’s, and there are a lot of them. The concerns have been discussed over and over on Cruise Critic. Feel free to write a email but since they have ordered more Edge class ships seems those who don’t like the IVs will be booking the M & S Class ships or SV cabins on E class.
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