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  1. We cruised out of Dublin in the Eclipse in June 2018 and I thought it was one of the first sailing from Dublin. The taxi drivers had no idea where to go to get to tge ship. The port did not have any signs directing traffic to a terminal. In retrospect it was rather funny as taxis, limos & vans trying to figure out where to go. We loved Dublin but the port was difficult to get transportation. Maybe Amsterdam made a better offer. Amsterdam cruise terminal is much more convenient to getting in & out and very close to the center of Amsterdam.
  2. I emailed the TA with the message in the OPs post regarding a Price Drop and got a email reply response advising that they would take care of it the next day. The next day I got a confirmation that the lower price was applied to my booking. I cancelled under CWC and received a email that they were processing cancellations in sailing date order. I got email confirming my cruise was cancelled and that it would be approx 30 days for the FCC.
  3. Recently repos, TA & TP have come with some perks so I’m not sure the 25 or50% off sales of years past will be offered like they were when those cruises didn’t ave perks.
  4. I checked the price for unlimited internet 1 device for a 14 day Asia cruise this fall & price was $308. If you go with the resident rate purchase the internet is your Cruise Planner before hand as the price is lower than purchasing on board.
  5. From celebrity FAQs for suspended cruises and CWC, FCC expire on 12/31/2021 https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-with-confidence
  6. We had a April cruise booked which we were sure would get cancelled. Before Celebrity cancelled the cruise I went into my cruise planner and cancelled the shore excursions and beverage package upgrades. They were refunded to my credit card. Now that the cruise is officially cancelled I am waiting for the FCC and the refund of port fees.
  7. We are booked for 45 nights in late September - if it sails we plan to be onboard. Also have Jan 2021, April 2021 and Oct 2021 bookings. So when ever cruising starts again we are ready.
  8. Agree with Orator there are too many to list. One of our favorite thing about cruising is boarding a ship and seeing some of our favorite crew members.
  9. Here is a thread that includes info on what RCCL is doing
  10. That is a good option for some. Personally, I would not want to tie up the funds for the 4 + months waiting a refund or a FCC.
  11. Is the date this week the date your TA has set for payment or the actual Celebrity final payment date. Our TA has a final payment date earlier that the cruise line and I have been able to get that date moved by a couple of weeks.
  12. The $25 deposit wouldn’t encourage me to book. If I see a cruise in the future that I want to book the deposit wouldn’t stop me. On the other hand because of people booking placeholder or maybe we will cruises and cancelling they started non-refundable deposits.
  13. Ours is passing on part of their commission so not a marketing pass through from X. We don’t use the TA for other than booking and price drops. The one time there was a huge price drop by X after final payment ($4-5k) the TA went to bat and we ended up getting a $2500 reduction and upgrade from AQ to a Celebrity Suite. The TA frequently has group rates which don’t get the same OBC but recently cut the cost of a Transatlantic we booked direct with X by $1980 when we transferred it to the TA. For us it’s all about the $ and whether I call X or a TA to make a change matters not it’s where to I get tge best deal.
  14. When we 1st started cruising we used a brick & mortar TA. They were very good and we would get a bottle of wine or a dinner. Then I heard about folks getting OBC or rebate checks so on our next cruise I started asking others on the ship who they booked with & why. Next cruise when I went to book called a big box store and they were offering refundable OBC. Also called the brick & motar TA who couldn’t come close to matching the offer, their overhead is too high compared to the high volume TAs . On your next cruise ask others for recommendations. There is money on the table but not all TAs with lower rates or lots of OBC are good.
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