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  1. Are you referring to the Retreat Sun Deck or Retreat Lounge ( formerly called Michaels Club)?
  2. We have stayed in 6104 on the Connie and had no issues. Personally the M Class CS are the “best bang for the buck” IMHO. Prefer them over the M Class RS. Ow the M Class PS is a whole different story.
  3. Getting items from the MDR menu in Blu is more likely on the M Class ships as the kitchens are close together since Blu and its kitchen were carved out the MDR &. MDR kitchen. The S Class ships were designed to accommodate Blu so the kitchen for Blu is aft next to a Blu, where as the MDR kitchen is midship on Deck 2- quite a distance for a waiter to go to get a item from the MDR.
  4. Agree the NH TA is not a big box. They do charge a cancellation fee but , IMHO, unless you are booking a bunch of place holder cruises until you decide what to do the small cancellation fee is more than offset by the OBC . 1 cruise can easily offset 5-6 cancelled cruises. Last time I used 1of the big box TA they were charging $25 for a price change and not participating in Move Up. We only book cruises we plan to take and should we be forced to cancel our travel insurance would reimburse the $50 pp cancel fee.
  5. I haven’t read of reserving chairs. We had the opportunity to visit the Retreat on the Edge and the afternoon we were there reservations would t have been necessary, plenty of seating available.
  6. The only ship that has a pool that you could reasonably do laps in is the Edge.
  7. I have found that often the prices are the same sometimes more but a couple of times we experienced looking and the next day going to book to find the price has dropped substantially. Airline pricing is very dynamic. We looked at prices for a 1 way from Europe this week both just looking and by using our booking #. Fares were the same and identical to booking with the airline. we decided to book using miles.
  8. I would move to deck 7. We have stayed in a corner FV on Deck 7 and didn’t hear noise from the movie.
  9. You can get cans of soda with the Classic package.
  10. Did you check the M class sticky for your cabin? Some report noise as the outdoor movie screen is on Deck 12 some say making noise on the balcony very loud. Also google the cabin. you can probably find some reviews.
  11. All the CS on the M class have narrow balconies. The living area is large and has a table that seats 4 for meals. S class doesn’t have dining table inside.
  12. Celebrity OBC given as a perk is not refundable, but often TA OBC IS refundable. The TAs we use offer OBC that is refundable.
  13. In my experience you can only do 1 day at a time. Complete that and the the next day, etc. we normally only do the 1st two days and the do the rest onboard.
  14. We have been in CS on the M Class and it is the tub shower combo, believe that is also the case on S Class.
  15. Agree about the lotion. As for bar soap, just ask the cabin attendant. We often have both shower gel and bar soap.
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