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  1. That didn’t show on my last cruise. But when I went to Move Up put in my name and reservation number I could bid. So going in through Manage Reservation isn’t always a option.
  2. I have had the lower priced liquor poured on a few occasions, if I see it happening and am near the bartender I say , "oops I think you grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake". If I don't see it happening but can tell it isn't correct I don't make a big deal out of it but when the bartender comes back I'll say something like" this drink doesn't taste quite right, did you use diet tonic, diet coke etc, could you please remake it. It was a Grey Goose with tonic". that has solved the problem. Champagne is another thing. A number of bars do not have the premium Champagne stocked so it is a challenge on day 1 to find the bars that do have it. We usually do find it and have a bottle with our name on it at our go to bars.
  3. If you all show up at the same time they will seat your together. Whether it is considered anytime or early.
  4. Are you booked with a big box TA? It is my understanding that they do not participate in Move Up. I have a booking that I know is not eligible for Move Up and when I try going in through Move Up it does the same thing to me that you are seeing.
  5. All but our 1st E class sailing had been all anytime dining. But our last 2 sailings Traditional set time dining was back for those who booked it.
  6. I guess I read a different tone to “Have you seen those solo cabins? than was intended. My apologies.
  7. Booking on board gets some OBC depending upon length of cruise and cabin category.
  8. The iPhone app has the 3 icons on the top, apparently like the android version. Using the calendar Icon on the iPhone app seems easier to me than going the Person icon
  9. Yes I have seen them! Your not booking one is your choice and it has no bearing on my willingness to book one if sailing solo. Thank you very much.
  10. The Sun Deck can get crowded at peak times but I have always found places to sit. As for noise, not nearly as noisy a main pool area. Rarely any children and no loud music, or pool games on the Sun Deck.
  11. There are no accessible solo cabins that I can see. A solo needing an accessible cabin would most likely we able to book a double occupancy cabin if they contacted X.
  12. Click under the calendar on the first page of the app that takes to a page where at the bottom you can see "Change Ship/Sail date" that takes you to all your booked cruises, at the bottom of that page yo will see Browse Our ships, Select that , then select the ship and the sail dates will show for that ship.
  13. Same applies to Cabin Attendants, Luminae wait staff and the Retreat lounge and Sun Deckstaff.
  14. No Library but there is a outdoor movie screen which the list says there is not.
  15. Yes butler brings room service orders. In addition to the daily gratuity which covers dining staff, butler, cabin attendant and othe dining & houskeeping staff we tip the Butler, Cabin Attendant, Luminae extra depending upon the level of service and if we had special requests.
  16. If I were cruising solo I would chose a solo cabin vs a double occupancy cabin with a high solo supplement.
  17. We have done many of our cruises on S class ships and just didn’t care for the Ensemble Lounge, and we tried. For us it is too dark ( both decor and lighting) and has an old dusty feel. Passport bar and the Martini Bar, which is also a good quiet spot during the day.
  18. That’s a EU outlet so a American plug won’t fit you need an adapter then you can use your dryer.
  19. It has been awhile since we have been on the Connie and there wasn’t Quasar. I remember it being on the Eclipse, Equinox and Solstice. Where did they add Quasar? What did it replace?
  20. On the Infinity there are only 3 specialty restaurants: Sushi on 5, Tuscan, and Le Petit Chef. Unless the price difference is large I would choose Aqua. We love Blu (menu a d service). Should there be a night you don’t find something on the menu that appeals to you then you can order off the MDR menu and still enjoy the service in Blu.
  21. Those worked out well. That is often not the case and on S class there are Sky Suites under the buffet, pool and gym. Some of those of ok but some are subject to noise from rolling carts in the buffet, deck chairs being moved, and thumping from treadmills. The one S class suite guarantee we booked we ended up under a section of the buffet where the carts started rolling around 3 a.m.
  22. If you are Elite and in a Concierge cabin the benefit to the pass is minimal. As for priority boarding, with assigned arrival times the majority of the time passengers arrive go through checkin and board. Unless boarding is delayed for some reason or you arrive before boarding starts rarely is there a wait.
  23. We have been on board on DHs birthday about 6 times, most recently last October and have not received birthday OBC.
  24. What 3 perks? Drinks, wi-fi and???
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