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  1. The port of Rotterdam was used for crew repatriation for HAL, Princess and Seabourn earlier this month, just a few hours from Southampton.
  2. Celebrity, definitely. And perhaps MSC, Royal. And maybe Azamara, Viking Ocean or Virgin on occasion but that might take a long while, I don't see myself taking more than one cruise a year at the moment.. if at all/when this all is over sometime!
  3. If they stay in the UK for two weeks before boarding a flight to the US: yes. European airlines (or at least the Dutch KLM) will try to maintain services to the US, to fly back US citizens and to fly back Europeans on the return leg to Europe.
  4. True or not true, all of this will lower NCL pricing which was only going up and up lately. And I can't say I feel sorry for lower prices for NCL's product. The new no-fly ban for Europeans won't help either, although their percentage is smaller on US departure ports compared to US citizens.
  5. If there's anything to start an Everything: yes. But it has been very quiet since the announcement. The first Leonardo will be near completion in less than two years from now on, March 2022, so there should be some deck plans around somewhere..
  6. To steer the discussion about NCL and thus Leonardo class being more premium; it seems NCL did a good job with the Spirit dry dock, even noticed padded loungers on the aft pool deck on the shared photos which were Haven material in the past? A tell tale that the smaller ships (which attract an older demographic) will be indeed more "premium"? In the long run NCL has to offer more to justify their higher pricing? edit, the loungers:
  7. In addition; Despite enjoying the beautiful footage they make; drone sounds annoy other people enjoying the scene/nature/ship. Something to perhaps consider.
  8. NCL has an European HQ in Wiesbaden; NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., Kreuzberger Ring 68, D-65205 Wiesbaden NCL UK does the United Kingdom, Germany handles the whole EU. Mailing a cheque is less common back here, OP probably booked via NCL direct or an European TA to be contacted by Germany.
  9. The first pic is a render of the Reception building.
  10. I noticed there are numbers on the Villas now so I guess my map is outdated now LOL.. and it seems they renumbered the Villas; Because your 125 was 109 on my map, the last one before the Moet Bar in the row straight from the reception. And the one before the 2 BR Villa is 123 on your photo so they went for even/uneven numbering too. On our Oct call nearly half of the Ocean View Villas was still empty (i.e. missing furniture from what I saw) so perhaps that got you a Lagoon? Was the zip line open or still under construction? Thanks for adding to the thread, keeps it alive!
  11. I think you are right; I think I labeled them number 24 to 39 on my self made map, with 39 being absolutely closest to the Silver Cove buffet and buffet bar. Their beach is very similar to the older GSC Cabana's beaches (both small and large cabanas).
  12. I think no one had the option to choose a Villa type, yet. I am not sure how a large group had the 2 BR Villa during our call on GSC, perhaps it is at the discretion of Shorex staff or they just had the most added people of all those renting a Villa. I am very sure there will be an option to choose in the near future but it probably have been dry runs up to now.
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