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  1. Thank you for your kind words! Sounds like you two lived like locals! You've became a Leiden expert so I expect your presence here on the boards! Did you enjoy the fair in Rijswijk and how was the train travel (and the tulips!)?
  2. That's a busy schedule! IJmuiden is further from Amsterdam than you might want to with your plans. Perhaps arranging private transport might suit you better if you don't want to stick with the cruise line.. I don't think there are any companies using IJmuiden as a base.. but I could be wrong!
  3. Going with Keith! If a balcony isn't required, check out the oceanview 700 series! It's one of those want-to-know cabins, larger than the ones next door in the same category. Deck 10 and up.
  4. Defhermit, bookings for the Joy in China were behind too, had to do something with how they work (travel agent wise). Can't recall the online article. And the popularity of Bliss also meant an opportunity to make more revenue with Joy over in Alaska. A mix of factors, not one main reason. Joy had a short stop in Taiwan and is now somewhere halfway the East Chinese Sea, steaming up with a steady 24 kn/h, current arrival in Yokohama Japan: ETA : 2019-04-11 20:30 LT (UTC). Show artists are on board and practicing their new show, judging last week's social media posts featuring Norwegian Creative Studios hashtags.
  5. "Dank U wel." = Thank you (very much) "Tot ziens" = Good bye "Schip" = Ship "Trein" = Train "Lopen" = by foot/walking "Loop" = walk
  6. Probably because of the weld, notice there’s primer too. Were two smaller blocks from the smaller hall I think?
  7. Glad to help! Be aware that for some of the other food outlets inside the Centraal Station you will need to pass the tourniquets gates with an OV Chip Card. To reach the 1e Klas restaurant you need to use the free passageways IJ Passage or Amstelpassage when entering the station from the river/IJ side. See the map at http://www.mijnstation.nl/en/amsterdam-centraal/eten-en-drinken Enjoy!
  8. Some staff like waiters are on fire watch duty, help with moving furniture, clean cabins etc. Hotel/restaurant staff tends to crew catering in some numbers. But there will be an abundance at a certain point, have seen a lot more of Singapore on crew's Instagram/FB pages since last month hehe..
  9. I was wondering if that photo was actual, the darkness did match their current time. No movement on Marinetraffic though.
  10. Chinese crew left the Joy, opening team crew flying in, she's still in dry dock:
  11. I do know a certain poster who would be a great volunteer.. any pics of that I would surely give proper credit!
  12. EXKi at Amsterdam Centraal station is closest by, https://www.exki.com/en/restaurants/exki-amsterdam-cs And 5-10 minutes by foot you will find any restaurant in the city center but the Centraal Station has a lot to offer for a quick bite/lunch. Also sit down at Wagamama (Asian) with a view over the IJ river and perhaps your ship in the distance or the more classical but affordable 1e Klas Pub & Restaurant at platform 2B; https://restaurant1eklas.nl/en https://www.ns.nl/stationsinformatie/ASD/amsterdam-centraal/plattegrond
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