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  1. That all tipping threads/topics go sideways at a certain point. No matter how good people’s intentions are, they never end well. And those wise words belong on a Dutch wisdom tile.
  2. Here's the approximate location of 10942. The deck 8 aft area is supposed to draw guests from the top deck so giving what you say it might not be a good fit. Consider a balcony more forward? Over the glass atrium (bottom right of the aerial view) or perhaps more forward, the balconies "under" (read; near) the bridge wing have less deck 8 visible under them.
  3. Worse: I am pretty sure somewhere in this world there is a 1:1 model/mockup of a stateroom, finished in detail, to experience the materials, and look and feel the stateroom for development/management purposes. So somewhere behind closed doors in an Italian warehouse or some shed sits this mockup..
  4. What goes where? Deck 17 - Public Rooms Vibe Beach Club - Waves Pool Bar - Aqua Park & Main Pool - Entourage - Guppies - Kids Aqua Park - Main Pool - Prima Theater & Club - Splash Academy - Galaxy Pavilion
  5. On the fun side: did we already noticed this? "VIP Experiences Get up close and personal to your favorite performances at our VIP Booths and enjoy exclusive treatment — it’s sure to be show-stopping." https://app.ncl.com/cruise-ship/prima/whats-on-board
  6. I am still in between about the bed floor plan, all that's posted above makes perfectly sense.. but why waste space on accommodations? We're talking NCL here, the first ship completely under FDR. Cruise lines in general go above and beyond to add, say, eight staterooms in a dry dock to their ships instead of a library or unused conference room these days. And I am not impressed by the standard balcony bathroom size, on the floor plan. It may be a bit bigger but not much? Not trying to be a pessimist!
  7. There's still some venues to be announced, hang in there!
  8. Unfortunately that's where the forward lifeboats will be, check the render.
  9. Almost solved it via the fineprint: Additional Terms & Conditions: Lunch takes place only on Sea Days from the hours of 12:00PM to 2:00PM. But there's no sea day on our itinerary..
  10. Hi all, I can't figure this out.. been doing some Cruise Planner browsing: A 2022 Explorer of the Seas out of San Juan cruise (with a 8:30PM departure) has the option of booking a Chops Grille lunch at noon on (only) the embarkation day? We did a Celebrity cruise out of San Juan with kind of the same itinerary/departure and I remember embarking started around 2/3ish?
  11. On a positive note; the standard balcony depth seems to be very reasonable!
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