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  1. Correct! And if I recall correctly Joy did a few stops for fuel and industry (India?).
  2. Roomservice plates are also collected by the room steward, probably end up on a designated dish wash cart in the crew corridors before being collected or brought to dish wash stations by someone or one room steward etc. Returning the plate/tray to the buffet (I assume, by placing it on a table there for the wait staff) will result in another table to be cleaned, another "occupied" table for those looking for seating. And extra workload on those at the buffet. I think leaving it in your room seems best? Never thought about it before posting this by the way.
  3. Not the intern who once uploaded the unreleased Bliss deck plans.
  4. There was a post about noise on the Amsterdam - Barcelona live thread a few days ago. found it;
  5. Not sure, did a Venice (overnight) to Rome on Infinity this summer but I recall going through Italian customs before initial boarding (we had a non EU port of call, Montenegro). I would contact Celebrity.
  6. I called Celebrity and they add the sharp stuff to the soap bars to repulse and annoy guests. Nothing else.
  7. MSC attracts a mixed clientele here in Europe, because of that it's also not very high on my list too Steff79. Too much of a gamble for an enjoyable vacation. I wonder how their "American" product goes vs NCL but with the posters here some will probably/hopefully report back! Leonardo class should be really interesting, each new class of ships might spark a pax evolution as it did in the past with the older ships and mega ships? And by chance it could be our turn now..
  8. NCL ferry? Do you mean tender life boat (one from the ship)? Because if that crashed onto a few rocks and was damaged without ever noticing the ship that would be more serious than a $60 cab ride.
  9. Maybe. Or a crew member far away from home, making a living for her and her family will have a smile on her face when she gets a small gift from a past guest. Maybe she will toss it unopened and carry on posting on Instagram with the latest model iPhone, wearing expensive brand clothes bought from her received tips. Who knows, I don't.. but I found the address which was probably more helpful than anyone's gut feeling or unasked opinion.
  10. Not sure if this is up to date, it's dated 2016: http://crew-center.com/crew-mail-shipping-address-norwegian-cruise-line The address for crew mail / packages for all NCL cruise ship to be sent to is: Name (First and Last name of team member) – Crew member Ship`s Name – Department Name Norwegian Cruise Line 7665 Corporate Center Drive Miami, FL 33126 As per the crew mail SOP: Estimated delivery times should be considered when labeling your package to ensure you are onboard when your package is delivered. Once received by the Mail Room the additional delivery times are: • Envelopes – two (2) weeks • Packages to U.S. ports – three (3) weeks • Packages to non-U.S. ports – eight (8) weeks
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