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  1. He had premium acces! Wow! Found out after posting who's photos it were thanks to the website's name, went back to CruiseCritic to edit and give credit! Great photos!
  2. Yup! That's were the custom made pontoon and tug connect to for the river Ems conveyance. Will be removed at the coast and brushed up with some left over paint.
  3. Quiz: what's in the photo that won't be on the ship for long...?
  4. Part of the fun is also how a new ship is received by the public, before and after she sails. Discussing possibilities or the lack of them, excitement and disappointment; sharing that (reasonably and respectfully) has a legit place in an Everything thread and perhaps is a tradition I think. But as most posters on here are like-minded we have less fanboys and bashing as found in other threads. Or perhaps I like to romanticize the Everything threads LOL.
  5. There are some larger balconies near the aft stairs on Joy, a bit hard to find on the deck plans:
  6. NCL could easily have stopped with Studios at any time with any new build in the design stage I think, designating them as standard insides and swapping the Lounge for a kids club or something similar. Not so sure that NCL will stop as other lines are stepping in to the single traveler niche and if there's one thing is that NCL loves it's lots and lots of different cabin categories..
  7. Don't forget the entertainment/nightlife on NCL. X has very little of that.
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