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  1. Nothing a $50 million dry dock can't fix (after two years of service..)!
  2. Of course not trying to see things that aren't there and not wanting to start something but where is it? Where is the ancient Greek setting with the ocean snake and stuff? It has to be there, way too much promoted to be left out.
  3. FreestyleNovice here, first congratulations on the new ship all! Second.. did nobody miss the Laser Tag monster stuff not being there?! Pic from NCL's Instagram. Even the crane is painted white, where it's beige in the render to blend in with the whole tag area. Surely there should have been something in place, perhaps it width kept them from installing or some other logistical reason but now it appears troublesome empty...
  4. Public (bus) transport to and from Keukenhof will be very crowded. You could inform with local (tour-/taxi)companies for private transport?
  5. Still have this laying around somewhere, unused.. https://www.startech.com/Networking-IO/Wireless/Portable-Wireless-N-WiFi-Router~R150WN1X1T Keeps me wondering if it will work on board.
  6. Meyer webcam is up, 2AM German local time is 8 hours from this post on. https://www.meyerwerft.de/de/meyerwerft_de/helper/stream.jsp It will be limited views, dark and slow.. Looking down from an angle on to the ship's top deck will reveal what's on deck 20.. will it reveal a complementary Spice H2O?
  7. Cruiser Bruiser, thanks for the insight. Because P&O, Carnival, Costa etc, don't appeal to me I have no clue what they are building. I know it will be huge and LNG powered, I guess we have to wait for the Leonardo class to get us 18 hot tubs on a NCL ship.
  8. NCL probably thought the same thing after the nursery's debut on Escape.
  9. I am asking this for a friend; which suite category were you in?
  10. OP, not NCL but Celebrity does better Behind The Scenes tours, including a bridge visit (roped off part plus one of the bridge wings), laundry room, I95, crew bar, mess, fruit storage, waste management and engine control room with numerous screens with live streams of the engines and showing current nautical and technical information. And photo's were allowed on Celebrity Reflection. Staying in a Concierge Class balcony also tends to lead to an helipad sail away or sail in, which is also an experience! Advertisement off..
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