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  1. When I see this I imagine yelling at the band members to stay back and wait for the whistle, of course they didn't. Just like my wife telling her daycare kids to not run in the house, they still do it.
  2. I grew up in Madison, WI and fell in love with this guy. All of my years of going to college football games (go Badgers), the team was not good. But the band put on a show called "The 5th Quarter" and a large portion of the fans stayed and had a ball. I'm getting sentimental just thinking about it.
  3. I wish you luck and only the best in your travels. Since my wife runs a large in-home daycare (24 years), good on you for doing this. It ain't easy.
  4. A lot of good advice above so I won't reiterate anything. Just think of things backwards. Flying? What do you need to get TO the ship? What do you need to get ON the ship? Do you need passports at anytime? What ship credit card are you going to use (and do you have a big enough limit)? Did you properly enter in all of your information when filling out the cruiser information online? I'm sure I missed some, but you get the idea. The non sexy stuff that if you don't have it, you can't replace it and often won't go on the trip. Or a very hard time fixing it. Do your research and you will be fine.
  5. I get all fired up and look at the agenda for the next day, I highlight things of interest for DW and myself. Next day we start on the balcony with a little food from room service, read a little, linger over some coffee and THEN get ready to take in the ship. Of we stop at one of the bars to replenish the soul. By that time a few highlighted items have passed, the musician I wanted to see is playing his last song, or already finished. For some reason, once we get on the ship we turn into bags of lazy bones. And we are perfectly fine with that. 🙂
  6. As others have stated, unless you can get an exemption you need to have one adult in each room based on the age of the kids.
  7. Good thread. We also try to be positive and go with the flow and we see wonderful things each trip. We were in the auditorium waiting to go on our tender, after a bit they let us out to the boats. We were standing waiting for our turn when a kind woman ran up to us and asked if we lost our credit card. My wife had it in her pants pocket and somehow it fell on the auditorium floor. This sharp eyed angel saw and it took the time to save us. We are still amazed how she figured out it was ours, the place was packed and I know I didn't recognize her. Let's just say, she was easy on the eye's and I would of.
  8. YES YOU DO! My wife and I are thinking of going next year, just because we love it so much and how pure it is. We record all of the games.
  9. Oh goodness, how nice of you. No unfortunately I can't claim ownership to "chogs". I hope you have wonderful travels.
  10. Most people, no matter how good a person they are, do things that can be judged by others and looked down upon. Do I think chogs are correct in their actions? Of course not. Some look at speed limits, as speed suggestions. When it's personal, it is easy to justify. And pertaining to cruise lines and chairs, I don't see it changing at the current healthy moment. Prices are going up, not down. So I would think in their view, it isn't that bad and keeping the same "enforcement" is a good choice.
  11. Ever see the show Duck Hunter? On our last cruise two guys looked like they just stepped out of the show. Great guys and had a lot of fun talking with them. They were very popular.
  12. Thank you! Everyone was so dressed up back then. Not for me today, I wore a suit and tie for too many years to dress that way today and I don't think I am alone, but not apposed to doing it a couple of times, just not all the time. It was a different time. It reminds me of pictures of when my mother was a little girl watching the 4th of July parade with her parents and everyone was so dressed up. I'm going to guess back in the 40's. It must have been crazy fun to be at the cutting edge of cruising.
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