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  1. Many corporations have the same business model. The fines are minuscule to what they profit.
  2. The US Coast Guard said Saturday there are 114 cruise ships, carrying 93,000 crew members, either in or near US ports and waters. This includes 73 cruise ships, with 52,000 crew members, moored or anchored in US ports and anchorages. Another 41 cruise ships, with 41,000 crew members, are underway and still in the vicinity of the United States. The cruise industry has an ongoing obligation for the care, safety and welfare of their seafarers. Link to the article.
  3. Since the virus will mutate several times in the next 12-18 months, just like the flu vaccine, this vaccine will be a bit of a shot in the dark. We still have our January 2021 Reflection cruise booked, data over the next few months will be crucial to our decision.
  4. Not the paper linked above. I'm going back when I used to smoke cigars in the house and tried an ozone generator and a double Hepa filter unit. A friend shared information that the ozone is not good for you. Here is a link to an article from the EPA. I didn't read all of it, but you cam get the drift. It could be as simple as a home version is bad and an industrial version of the generator is better. Who knows for sure.
  5. Thank you for sticking with the great review. More importantly, congratulations on the new addition. Only the best for all.
  6. I have been following the daily updates from Dr. John Campbell on YouTube. Based on daily updates of the numbers across the world, he feels that three weeks is more likely. I highly recommend his updates. No agenda, just facts as far as I can tell.
  7. Boy this is a tough one and I understand the OP's frustration. Just an unfortunate situation. I truly hope you stay healthy and well. Please we all need to understand that on the whole, this is a very fluid situation. We are now learning that it can take three weeks for a person to show symptoms after they are infected. All things can change as we learn more, including the incubation period. A sincere wish health for all.
  8. Hi Maris, just an FYI you have over 9,100 views. So yes, A LOT of people are following along. Thanks again for filling in our cruising void.
  9. Hi Lois, no I don't remember the martini bar, thank you for reminding me.
  10. For nostalgia it would be Celebrity Mercury, as it was our first. We are currently enjoying the Solstice line with Celebrity.
  11. Years ago I realized that there is a segment of people who are intimidated with cruising, so it makes them feel better to put down the whole industry. The more they can get others to agree with them, the more valid they believe their feelings are. I don't look at myself as a defender of cruising, but if I can get a person to have a civil discussion about cruising, I believe I can get "some" to revisit the idea. That said, it isn't for everyone.
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