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  1. Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful trip and an even better recovery. Thank you for sharing the good news, we need to do that more.
  2. The last two trips it was included (along with other perks) with our cruise and at a cruise rate that was less than booking directly. The real question is, "how much would you be spending out of pocket?" And that answer is around $150 a day for the two of us.
  3. If we don't have the drink package, that booze bill will be LARGE.
  4. Well color me one who thinks it "can" work. It is so dependent on the personality of the group. As a family of four who started cruising in one room when our kids were pre-teens, up to their late teens, it "can" work. But we had hard set rules and our rooms were called "the play nice room." AAAaaand, you need to respect each other a heck of a lot more than at home. If this is their first cruise together, it has much potential for stressful situations. Communication is going to be key. We met many people over the years who also had four to a room, and the above rang true. The good and the bad. Have a great trip.
  5. OTJ, do you know if that offer is room classification dependent?
  6. When I get everything I want with no extra cost while enjoy the salt air.
  7. You are welcome. I believe each line has an office you can contact before you leave to help people with these kind of issues.
  8. I can relate, I just had to buy a new set of hearing aids. Talk about $$$$ I believe you can get a handicap room that has a doorbell that will turn on a light in the room so you know that someone is at your door. Per your flight question, if you have a smart phone I suggest you download the airlines app and watch that for any changes. Also keep on eye on the flight boards around the airport. My wife has very good hearing and even then with all of the noise and the lousy audio quality, she can have a hard time making out the announcements. Good on you for enjoying life. Hearing loss often makes people feel they should stay isolated. I hope you have wonderful travels.
  9. I have a bad hip and I'm thinking it would not be a bad idea to pick up a folding cane this year. Last year I thought about getting one for my cruise and chose not to, but this year it has gotten worse. If you have experience with them, do you have any advice or suggestoins? Thank you in advance.
  10. I certainly feel for you, 33% more & on top of these prices.
  11. So very true. And conversely, being a a bad parent is incredibly frustrating.
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