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  1. Oh I would love to hear those stories and those pictures must be amazing. I grew up a child of the 70's & 80's and my family never traveled outside of visiting my mothers parents in the UP of Michigan once a year. I loved watching the Love Boat and wondering what kind of people could actually cruise, let alone travel outside of the UP. Fast forward to my 30's and I jokingly asked my wife if she wanted to go on a cruise for our 10th anniversary (we still had not had our honeymoon) and she said yes. I was shocked and I must say it was well worth the wait. Just wonderful memories.
  2. There have been so many, but like many others it would have to be our first cruise. I had never traveled before, it was such an exciting and different world. Still to this day, I never tire of that feeling when you know you are on the ship safe and sound.
  3. We renewed our vows, kind of. There was a priest on board to do a blessing with as many couples who showed up at a specific time. I think there was a dozen couples and no priest. We waited for a long time and finally one of the priests helpers found him who knows where. He joked around a bit and that was it. We all got up confused and went on with our day.
  4. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I spend extra to book the seats I want and then they always change. Flying out of MSP/Minnneapolis it is always Delta and we pay for comfort plus and specific seats...next to each other. The last several trips we always get different seats in the same class and in different rows.
  5. I have the same hope, unfortunately based on history the answer is no they will not learn.
  6. Thank you for your replies, I should have been more clear. I am not talking in the next year or two. I just wanted to hear from folks that have done it and how it worked for them.
  7. I have heard folks will book their air for a decent price and then keep an eye out for cruise specials during your flight dates. I have never done it and it seems risky, especially since we fly from Minnesota to Florida in January. As far as I can tell, the prices don't go down as January gets closer. How about you?
  8. Agree with others that planning is part of the trip for me and I enjoy it. We moved our January trip to 2022 and that is hard, since we wont be getting away this winter. We are currently 48º with rain, way to early.
  9. I believe there is a fair amount of money that is made in the advertisements and 'features' of products. The more they mail, the more they can charge. And who knows, maybe they get a booking or two
  10. Topics to be, or not to be discussed at a large dinner table. Saving chairs. Tipping extra at the bar. Giving trinkets to staff. Skipping lines at ______. Entitled people. The class system on ships. Bringing booze on the ship. Wasting food at the buffet. Game players hogging the tables at the buffet/library... Parents forgetting they actually have kids.
  11. Selfishly I hope more folks add to this wonderful thread. Such a breath of fresh air. Thank you to all who have shared their wonderful stories.
  12. I don't think I am going to get accused of looking great on the outside. 😄 I have always been gravitationaly challenged and grew up loving to play sports. Somewhere in my mid-teens I hurt my left hip. When I was 18 I went to a famous surgeon who dismissed it as nothing. So from then on until I was 34 I dealt with the pain and then finally pulled the plug because I was bone on bone and finally had it replaced. It was fantastic! I made sure to do all of the physical therapy (hint-hint) and that was huge. Now twenty years later, my right hip is getting close to needing a replacement. I believe it was compensating for my left hip for so many years that did it in. I'm due for another cortisone shot in the next few months and depending how that goes, will determine when I get the surgery for my right hip. As for drinking, I AGREE. After the surgery on my left hip, I went back for my two week follow up and my doctor started writing a prescription for more Percocet and Vicodin, I told him I didn't need it. He looked at me and said, what are you doing for pain? I said, whiskey. He told me he did the same when he had his ankle redone and would prefer booze over pills for all his patients.
  13. Heck, lets get a group of us on the floor and play twister! Wait, with my hips I'll be lucky to get back off the floor.
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