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  1. Thank you George C, that is great to hear. I hope we have a chance to meet on one.
  2. I really like the lineup for the Rock and Romance week, and the price surprised me. I thought it would be more. Unfortunately we have plans. If we can find a similar lineup in the future, it is a go.
  3. Years ago on our aft balcony leaving port, watching the sunset behind an active volcano smoking. But there are so many moments that I feel so fortunate to have experienced.
  4. I believe it's important to remember that some folks spend a whole lot more than others and rightly so, they will get better offers and better treatment. If I spent $10,000 pp I would expect more from my TA, than if I spent $2,000 pp. We used to spend a lot of money on our all-inclusive trips and had a very good TA. They would get us room upgrades, private drivers to the resort and other perks at the resort because they knew the staff very well. The trip was seamless. But as time went on they fell into the trap of letting their ego get the best of them (lots of awards and accolades),
  5. The last few years we have stayed at a boutique hotel before the cruise and that has put us in some fun places to have a wonderful local breakfast.
  6. It would have to be our first cruise. It was our anniversary cruise, ten years late. We were both so green as neither of us had traveled before, let alone cruised. But we had a blast and splurged on anything we wanted because, "we'll never do this again!" We knew halfway into the cruise that we were going again the next year.
  7. And just months ago I was half kidding that our January 2022 cruise might not happen. I need to remember that I have no more control on when I cruise again, as I do on changing the weather. I just need to let it happen and see when it will all shake out.
  8. Well I live in the land of: "Nah nah boo boo, we don't believe in you." I am in Minnesota and all states in the upper Midwest in the US are taking off and not in a good way. As has been stated, people are on their death beds and still saying it's just the flu. How do you change that kind of thinking? Our governor is supposed to announce this evening that all bars, gyms, restaurants and so on, will be closed for four weeks. And I'm sure there will be those who will still not wear mask.
  9. Oh I know what I did, I saw the 10 PUP points = 1 and figured that was what this was what this round is worth. My bad.
  10. They must like you more, I only get 10 PUP points. 😉
  11. A guy I new mentioned a group cruise he was putting together, it sounded great but I knew we could never go. A few days later I jokingly asked my wife if she wanted to go. She said yes. I was scared having never traveled before, but in the end we both loved it.
  12. Also it helps to be aware of ALL expenses and not just ship related. For example we drive down to the city our airport is in the night before. We stay at a hotel that allows us to leave our vehicle at the hotel and then take a shuttle to the airport. So you have the hotel fee, possible food & drink and then tips to the shuttle driver (our air was paid months earlier, but still factor in to the grand total). That is just in the first few hours. Then we will most likely get some of that expensive water at the airport and a small bite to eat. You get the idea. All of our cash is counted out
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