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  1. Unless it has changed, you'll have to call HAL (or I believe that a TA you use can also access that information).
  2. The only charge at the Pub Lunch is for adult beverages, e.g. beer.
  3. I had this cruise booked, too and also booked the Enchanted TA for 2020 as a back up. I did not cancel the 2021 due to discussions here and today noticed a $15 goodwill OBC on my personalizer to be used by June next year, and the cruise is now gone of course.
  4. On our last Princess cruise we experienced the "shared" jelly. It meant there appeared to be one jelly tray with 3 flavors shared by an area of the dining room since the waiter had to hunt for it each morning to then put a dollop on our plate.
  5. Can I add FCD to cruise later to get additional OBC?
  6. Yes, I always do the cost/benefit analysis. The only thing I don't like so much is waiting for the bus to return home, they often don't leave port until 11 am. But it's nice to sit back and have someone else do the driving, the bus is comfortable.
  7. Cruiseconnection.travel has the schedule and fares.
  8. I could not tell for sure, is this promo for new bookings only?
  9. Thank you everyone for your input. I plan to book a Signature Suite on my next, not yet decided, HAL cruise. They sound terrific.
  10. Are there benefits to booking a SSuite besides extra space and double points? I'm especially curious about in room Breakfast Menu. Thanks.
  11. We tried that a few years ago and were told that you cannot do that. Cruises and cruise/tours are two separate entities and have to booked as one or the other. But, yes call Princess to confirm, things may have changed.
  12. Count me as a fan, I'm looking forward to your reports. Did you have ISK to pay for the shuttle and hot dogs or did they take credit cards?
  13. Just ask your steward, it sometimes takes a day to receive your robes because they may still be in the laundry from the prior cruise.
  14. Our cruise on the Koningsdam last year went to all of these countries except Slovenia, R/T from Italy. We are US passport holders and did not need any visa.
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