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  1. Royal Caribbean has an awesome indoor pool on many of their ships Freedom Class and higher. I remember the coffee was pretty good, though Cafe Al Bacio was not good on our last Equinox sail, first time that happened. Royal tends to have some really good shows onboard and it's a fun, relaxed ship. The Bamboo Room tiki bar was one of our favorite stops each night, great craft cocktails along the lines of World Class Bar but more cheeky. NCL has the best entertainment, but no indoor pools. In fact they don't even have an adult pool on most ships, just in that Haven area. We were told the Epic is one of the few that has an actual adult pool in the back of the ship. Princess Royal Class ships are quite nice, especially if you go Club Level. You get some really nice dining perks in the main dining room with that level. We had a fresh dinner prepared nightly near our table when we sailed Crown Princess a few months ago. Royal Class ships are much nicer than the Crown. New Carnival Vista and Horizon are a major step up for that line in terms of the ships themselves and dining options. MSC Seaside and Meriviglia both look outstanding and I know from friends who have sailed both the food and especially coffee are top notch.
  2. I didn't mention the beer or soft drink issues because I never heard about them. I rarely drink beer and neither my wife nor I drink soda. With everyone we met on board not a single person mentioned an issue with beer or sodas during the entire 11 nights. That's a very strange issue to have on a ship. Glad the following 10 night cruise was a good one for you.
  3. Yes, Grease is a perfect show for a cruise. We saw Million Dollar Quartet on NCL and it was awesome.
  4. 100% agree. It's good to have the facts correct than throw a blanket statement like "murder capital of the world."
  5. Because school holidays are one week. If you book 10 or more days you're less likely to get the Spring Break holiday crowd and lower amount of kids overall.
  6. I'm not sure about the other bars but at the World Class Bar on Equinox a few weeks ago they were serving Bulleit Bourbon.
  7. I don't know about in advance but I know that once onboard, they'll let you choose only the restaurants you want. Probably best to give Celebrity a call directly to ask this question.
  8. Yep, to select a specific cabin, calling Virgin is the way to go or the online chat feature. We called and selected our Sea Terrace cabin.
  9. Stay out on South Beach at pretty much any of the older Art Deco hotels. If I could afford to live anywhere in the US it would be South Beach. No need for a car because you can walk to so many restaurants, things to do and of course the beach. We're doing the 5 night Mayan Sol in August and have tacked on 3 nights in South Beach before the cruise to make it more like a 7 night normal cruise. We've stayed at Villa Italia and the El Paseo hotels lately. El Paseo is nice because it's on a closed street with about 10 restaurants right outside the door and another 20 or so in short walking distance. The outdoor mall is only about 5 blocks from that hotel as well. Like you, we're only onboard for the ship and Bimini does look like a fun stop. Will be nice to literally be able to spend the entire day into the evening on the island.
  10. So true. We met folks on board who LOVED some of the shows in the theater that we had to walk out on and who LOVED LPC. Every person is different and all I can do is present our honest feedback on the cruise. Enjoy your next sail!
  11. Yeah I don't know how to change the post title or have it deleted. sorry for the mistake.
  12. Whoops, I thought it said St. Croix. St Lucia makes more sense actually!
  13. You and my wife are kindred spirits. She just added a little splash of teal to hers.
  14. We haven't heard about that yet. The cabins were already made and are ready for the Equinox since she was ready to go in and those suites were actually sold prior the dry dock mishap. Easy to cancel the changes for Silhouette as those cabins may not have been built yet. Will be interesting to see what happens with Equinox when she comes out of her second drydock next year.
  15. Yep and it's basically 100% sun from what I saw onboard earlier this month. Not a value add in my book, especially in the Caribbean. Maybe in Alaska. 🙂
  16. I found this article very interesting as we just visited St. Croix a month ago aboard the Equinox. During our food tour our host was excited to tell us that only about 40 cruise ships per year visit the island compared to about 30 cruise ships per week in some of the more busy Caribbean islands during busy season. She said they like that the island is not overgrown to keep up with the cruise tourism. Royal Caribbean (Celebrity's owner) and Carnival have signed an agreement to improve the existing port and build a new pier. "Additionally, the joint venture would design, finance, construct and operate a new cruise port in Vieux Fort on the southern part of the island that will be able to accommodate the latest and most innovative ships in the cruise industry, the companies said." "latest and most innovate" is cruise speak for "larger and even larger ships." We've cruised the Caribbean 10 times and this last one was the first time we visited St. Croix. Expect it to start appearing on more itineraries soon. https://worldmaritimenews.com/archives/285183/carnival-royal-caribbean-sign-saint-lucia-deal/
  17. Wow, thank you very much! I like to write. 🙂 I have a few other reviews here in CC for the NCL Getaway, the Disney Fantasy and I believe the Celebrity Silhouette.
  18. That's exactly what I'm saying, isn't it awesome! The cabins are open for dropoff only. When you board the ship, go directly to your cabin, your Sea Pass cards will be waiting outside the cabin. Drop off your stuff, use the restroom and go explore the ship. enjoy! The cabins will be fully ready for your return after 1 or 1:30.
  19. Actually they are at first glance. The 5 night Mayan Sol sail we're doing in August is a comparable price to a 7 night sail on any other line we've sailed. But then you factor in no specialty dining fees, no WiFi fees and no soft drink fees in theory it should all even out. But to the original post, the gratuities are all factored into the Virgin pricing. It's not like we're not paying those fees, they're just buried in the cost of the cabins. Impossible to call Virgin a 'winner' until they actually start sailing. REALLY easy to hype hype hype now (I work in Marketing) when no ships are sailing. The launch will have to be near flawless for Virgin to live up to all the hype they are building. Every other cruise line and fans of other cruise lines will take any opportunity to knock Virgin down. Any stumble, misstep, negative review will be pounced on "See I told you so!" That's actually the main reason we did not book until August so Virgin can work out some of the kinks before we sail. No launch is perfect or flawless, especially for a brand new cruise line launching their first ship. I do not envy the marketing team who will undoubtedly have to do some crisis management next April / May once real people sail with a real crew on a real ship and start writing their own reviews.
  20. Edge is not even close to the Oasis class ships. The crew on Harmony of the Seas is only 600 less than Edge's sailing capacity Harmony / Oasis class is almost twice as wide as Edge and over 100,000lbs more gross tonnage. To say that Edge is like an Oasis class ship really is a minsomer, not to mention Celebrity has none of the family friend entertainment around the ship (flowriders, minigolf, rope courses, adventure pools, etc.......) The only thing close between these two classes of ship is the length. Other than that, really cannot compare and say "If you like Oasis you'll like Edge" because there are SO MANY things to do on an Oasis class ship that are absent on any Celebrity ship, even the Edge. I really loved the Silhouette on our very first Celebrity sail. Now after four cruises on the Solstice class ships, we're finding them very stale. Same shows, same menus, same everything, even after the Equinox revolution. We would like to try one of the smaller ships because they seem to be the most interesting ships in the Celebrity lineup today.
  21. Better yet, I would love to get a survey that allows us to grade fellow passengers. 🙂
  22. I think cruising, more than most any other form of vacationing relies the most on word of mouth today. Still so many misconceptions about cruising and ships that can only dispelled by people you know personally. We have many conversations with people who have never considered cruising because of outdated information or just plain not understanding what value a cruise brings to a vacation. And yes, if you give awesome scores, Celebrity will love you. Course that's true of any company in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  23. Not sure what the big deal is nor why you expected the survey to be completely anonymous. If someone is pouty or complaining that I didn't give them a good enough score on the previous cruise, do you think I'm going to score them higher? No, the score is going to go down. Please, let them see my scores and if they would like to receive a perfect 10, then address the issues I presented in the survey and earn it.
  24. As others have mentioned, longer sailings generally equal fewer kids. Off season (when kids are in school) general equal fewer kids. Our recent 11 night sailing to the Southern Caribbean had less than 12 kids. Honestly we never recommend Celebrity to friends who have children because, aside from the lack of other children to play with, there's just not a lot to 'do' for the kids. No water slides, no water park, no rope course, not even a mini golf course. There's not a whole lot the family can do together as all the 'kid friendly stuff' is locked away in the camp and teen areas. Aside the pool, not a whole lot of family activity areas onboard Celebrity. RCCL, NCL and Disney all much better lines for kids along with some of the newer MSC ships that have the aqua park and boardwalk.
  25. There is an extra fee for some of the items you make. My wife and I made two tumblers and we had to pay an additional fee on top of the class price to make them. Quite fun to do once and it's definitely a one of a kind souvenir to take home. I use my tumbler for my Old Fashioned most evenings. Most of the work is done by the instructors, you'll blow into the pipe, use the paddles to square it up and a few other things. But keep in mind the glass is over 1000 degrees so there's a good reason your hands on work is limited. Here's our glasses. Totally worth doing one time, how many cruises can you take where you actually get to create a glass item?
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