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  1. cruisin'tex & d'sdarling: Thanks for checking out the Caribbean Cruising Fashonista thread:cool:!


    When I wrote that 1st post, I had no idea if anyone would respond. It looks like others are interested in clothes, fashion and other girly delights! Keep posting - that way we can talk about our favorite subject without other people being bored and/or rolling their eyes:).


    Favorite Stores: Nordstrom is by far my favorite but I rarely get to one. Talbot's is good but some of their clothes are more appropriate for a work environment rather than cruising. And there's always Macy's. Victoria's Secret has the BEST under garments. Zappos.com is where I can find the best selection in my shoe size (5.5) & you can't beat their return policy.

    I rarely order clothes online. It's so much more fun to try things on in a store!

    We have an independent clothing store in our small downtown and I'm happy to find something there.


    How about the rest of you? Where do you like to shop?


    For Clothes


    Sak's, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf's for dept stores.

    Anthropology, DKNY, Ann Taylor for chain stores.


    For Cosmetics


    Sephora, Space NK + neighborhood specialty shops.

  2. I have found my soul sisters!

    I too, plan every detail of my cruise wear! I try everything on and make a list of what I'll wear each day/night. This takes all the stress out of dressing on the cruise. no decisions to make. Also it prevents overpacking, (except maybe for shoes).

    I just bought 3 dresses this week, all a nice travel knit that will work well for days and even casual nights. I prefer dresses because it's one item vs shorts plus top, and they are comfy and so versatile! Since I am a size 12/14 and too self conscious for bathing suits, I always top one off with a cute sundress. No need to remove unless I'm actually getting in water.


    I'm wearing a formal long skirt with fancy top one formal night. I'm a bit worried because they are black velvet and may be out of place. But my other formal dress is a fun green satin cocktail dress ala MadMen. I confess to bringing at least 3 evening purses, 2 formal and one all purpose one. Plus I'll have a beach/ daytime carry all. Since jewelry is so compact, I bring a different set for each evening. We travel with the same group each cruise so I see the same 12 people each evening.


    Thanks for a fun thread!


    Sound like good choices other than the black velvet.

    Assuming you're going to a tropical climate, you should dress for a tropical climate and black velvet isn't a good choice.

  3. Seriously, most of the cosmetics companies are owned by either L'Oreal or Estee Lauder :p


    I'm a huge fan of Laura Mercier's oil-free primer from Sephora. Not sure what makes it work, but my makeup doesn't budge. Of course, I also use Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray.


    Yes, many makeup companies are owned by L'Oreal and Lauder, however, they still keep their product lines distinct and use different ingredients and formulations in different lines.

  4. Anyone have a really good inexpensive facial moisturizer that you like? I woke up this morning with one side of my face feeling like sand paper it was so dry and I was out of moisturizer. I'd like to find a drug store one that works good.


    I highly recommend Avene.



  5. I read about this a long time ago, but have never tried it before. Nice to know it doesn't irritate your rosacea, I have a bit of it myself and have to be so careful with my skin. Other primers haven't bothered it yet.


    The stuff probably just has the same silicone base...Jane110 would know more, I hope she reads this ;)



    I'm here! :)


    I've heard of this before, although I've never tried it myself.

    The product contains dimethicone (kind of like silicone) as well as aloe, and vitamin E. There's no fragrance and is totally nonirritating. So it makes sense that it's a good primer for those with sensitive skin.


    Between this and Preparation-H around the eyes, and there's a lot of jokes in the pipline. :D:D

  6. I agree with so many of the comments here.


    Aside from the silly granny panties - Gretchen has some extremely saleable looks, and I'd personally like to own some of them (even though I'm a non-granola chewing, high heel wearing city slickah). That said, it's not high fashion, it's everyday stuff, and she didn't deserve to win. If the judges changed the point of the game so that they no longer wanted "runway fashion", it was their obligation to say so.


    I too thought that Mondo was the slam-dunk winner. However, he, and Andy and Michael will definitely have strong careers. Personally I think that Michael deserved to be there more than Andy. For his final looks Any shows the judges an ugly bathing suit??? Oh c'mon!


    iheartbed - thanks so much for posting that Tim Gunn video . So enlightening!

  7. Interesting goings on this week here in Portland. Seth Aaron, Jay Sario and Jonathan Joseph Peters will all be showing collections at Fashion Week.




    Not sure if I will get there Saturday night or not but I do know there will be video available so I will post it here next week.


    Would love to see the show if you can post it. Thanks! I think Seth Aaron is a fabulous designer and would love to see what he's up to.


    I take issue with the writer of this article.....


    >>>>>But let's crack open that mossy stereotype and let in a breath of fresh air: Portland is home to a busy, growing community of fashion-conscious, do-it-yourself designers, and has been for years. That scene has gained national attention, thanks to Portlanders and a Vancourverite competing in recent years on the cable fashion design show, "Project Runway." <<<<<<<



    What are they in her opinion, little homemakers who stay at home and whip up a skirt in order to save money?

    Could the writer of the article insult these designers any more? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

  8. At the end of this show, Gretchen will get offers from the moderate sportswear companies that make clothes for stores like Marshalls, or JC Penney's.


    She makes nice looking weable clothing that the average women would want to wear.

    She doesn't manke anything that's runway or fashion editorial worthy.


    Mondo's clothes are spectacular. If you looked at the seams on the pants you could see how the print matches up perfectly, as if there were no seam there. That takes a lot of skill, and makes the difference between good and great.


    Ivy has that kind of construction skill also.


    However, Mondo has incredible ideas as well, and Ivy didn't.

  9. Would have liked to see Christina Hendricks as the guest instead of January Jones. She didn't have much to say.


    I disagree with both choices.


    Being an actress doesn't make someone a fashion critic. First of all, they don't have any training, and secondly, they can't think of anyone besides themselves. If you notice their comments, it's all about "me", as in "I wouldn't wear that dress", or "That would look great on me".


    For them, it's not about fashion, it's only about "me".


    I think they should only have people in the fashion business - or someone who knows great style - on to discuss fashion.

  10. hey guys, i work 2nd shift and i cant tape the show GRRRRR and im not getting much out of the project runway site. lets have some scoop on the show this week. im dying too see what you all think :D


    You can watch it on your computer. It's up 24 hours after the actual show, meaning you can watch it anytime after Friday at 10:00PM

  11. I didn't get into the Project Runway show.


    Tomorrow I have Cynthia Rowley's show, and I'm so excited to see how they've done up Lincoln Center for Fashion Week. It's the first year, after 17 years in Bryant Park.


    Tonight I'm recovering from Fashion's Night Out in NYC. It was a wild evening! EVERYONE was here -Karl Lagerfeld, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sarah J. Parker, Tim Gunn, Anna Wintour, Oscar de la Renta, NYC ballet dancers. The streets were crazy! So much fun!

  12. I think Cassanova is a good designer but has communication skill issues, and he's finally understanding what the judges want.


    Gretchen, as SeaBunny said, is a Liz Claiborne type. For the most part, her things are wearable, but not much of a 'wow' factor.


    It was awful how they're treating Michael, really throwing him under the bus.


    The show is starting to get more interesting.


    I'm glad they have real designers, like Phillip Tracey and Cynthia Rowley. I think it's ridiculous to have actresses judge clothing. They're not trained in fashion, and besides that, can only view things in terms of if they would want to personally wear them. That's NOT how fashion is judged!


    I'm getting ready for Fashion Week here in NY next week. I've got tickets to the Cynthia Rowley show, Ports 1961, Reem Acra, Carolina Herrera and a few others. I don't have a ticket to the Project Runway show.....yet. A friend of mine is trying to get one for me, so maybe.....

  13. I have to agree. But also we should remember that they only had ONE day; meaning they couldn't get too ambitious or else they wouldn't be able to finish what they made and send it down the Runway. To me, that's the biggest gripe of the last couple of seasons -- they give the contestants just a day rather than so many challenges in the past where they had two days.


    If ever a challenge warranted two days to make a garment worthy of those hats, this was it. :mad:


    Loved, loved, loved Philip Treacy as a judge. Soft-spoken, astute, and not afraid to disagree with Heidi and Michael's opinion. I wish they'd have more judges of his caliber and fewer "celebrity turned designer" judges....


    Yeah.....what she said. :D


    Agree with all your comments!

  14. We need Curt posting pix of the dresses.

    Well, he's busy.


    Gretchen - yes, they edit a few days worth of stuff to make it look worse, but still, there are too many obnoxious statements coming out of her mouth. And she was walking around the workroom giving unwanted opinions to others about their work. Very poor form.


    Gretchen's skirt didn't thrill me. However, the jacket was sensational, and as Nina pointed out, she was the only one to make a 3 piece outfit.


    I loved the winning dress.


    Peach's dress was beautifully made, but again, she plays it too safe. And to say that she wants to keep things understated when the challenge is to make something from a party store, shows that she really can't get out of her safe little niche.

    She's a good dressmaker and a fabulous seamstress for her group of sweet-lady, cookie baking devotee's. She's not a designer. She'd better start opening her brain or she'll be aufed as soon as the really bad ones are gone. The judges will grow bored with her safe looks.

  15. Hey now........I don't belong to a garden club, my thumb does not even approach being green but I do have some Lilly. :D



    I wondered about the pants....he must have been in tears.


    Does anyone know if there's a rerun of the show anytime? I was sewing at the time and couldn't give the show my full attention.


    You can watch full episodes on the internet.

  16. I'm in agreement that the wrong person was sent home. I would have liked to have seen more from McKell.

    Jason turning around a kimono and stapling the back was horrendous, even if he did do a little stitching in the front, and Casnova's piece was ugly and tasteless. I also think Casanova has either a language problem with english or a slight learning disability. We'll see.....


    Ivey did a poor job by taking a pair of butt ugly pants and making them into a pair of.....butt ugly pants. So much more could have been done with that fabric, and she knows how to sew.


    The fact that Peaches brought those as something to wear in NYC, makes me question her taste level. The dress she made was well done and pretty and well within her comfort zone of conservative ladylike clothing. I hope she's not going to be just a Lily Pulitzer-like designer to garden club ladies.


    I thought it was really mean to make Casanove give up a pair of $1100. pants for this challange. I'm hoping that they compensated him the cost behind the scenes.

  17. Jessica Alba made me want to puke! EVERYT statement out of her selfish little mouth was ALL about HER. Not one sentence could be about the designers. I just wanted to slap her....."hey this show isn't all about YOU B**CH"!


    However, her totally "it's all about me, me me me" attitude did one thing, and that is, it gave Anthony a win.

    It's only because Alba wants the dress for herself, that Anthony was a co-winner.


    I really hate when they bring on well known women who are not in the fashion business. They don't know how to look at fashion, they don't understand it, they have no sense of style, and they generally are so self absorbed and self centered, they can only think in terms of how something would look on them. Eva Longoria did the same thing. She made the judging all about *her* taste, and she's no fashion plate.


    I felt bad for Jonathan. He spent 8 hours creating an intricate fabric and then Heidi walked into the workroom, she said it looked like curtains. He was totally stuck.


    I liked Maya's dress, however it was a dinner dress, not a red carpet dress. I'm surprised at her.

  18. Why in the world would you PAY to have someone "blow dry" your hair????? Now, if it's part of a "shampoo, cut, blow dry"...maybe, but just having someone dry your hair for you?

    I don't get it!


    My guess it that you simply take your dryer and blow your hair all over until it's dry.

    If that works for you, great.

    However, most of us *style* our hair with the blow dryer, and not simply use it as a tool to get our hair from wet to dry.


    Most women can't style - or blow dry - their hair as well as a professional can, and so sometimes like to treat themselves to something that's more professional or finished looking.


    If someone in your hometown asks you where the best burger places is, do you answer, "Why would you pay for someone to cook you a burger when all you have to do is throw it in a pan?" :p



    To the OP, I honestly don't think you can get a good answer here because you can find 10 people here who said they had a great stylist, and then you can go and get the worst one. It's all about the person who's doing it. Perhaps you should go to the salon on the ship and ask them who they recommend for your type of hair, and then spend a minute talking to that person before booking an appointment.


    I've had my hair blown out on two different cruiselines, and did it out of laziness. I can blow dry my hair well, but it takes me half and hour and sometimes I just want to sit and let someone else do it. When I came back to the cabin, both times my husband said, that they did it almost as well as I do it myself. 'nuff said, I never had them do it again. But then I know others who rave about how great the stylist was.

    Again, it's all about who does it.

  19. I disagree with the judges this week on who loses.


    Yes, both Ping's and Jesus's were awful, but Jesus really missed the mark. Tim told him beforehand that he wasn't following the challenge and it's about the potato sack, not using other fabric to cover it up.

    He totally ignores Tim's wisdom and continues to cover up too much of the dress with other fabric.

    Last week he was told his brown dress was boring and not to use brown by judge Nina Garcia.

    Yet again, he completely ignores ALL direction and makes another brown dress!

    He definitely should have been auf'd in my opinion. He doesn't listen to anyone!


    Ping's dress was awful in execution, but her design concept is there. She listens and takes direction.


    Ping should have been allowed to stay, IMO, but I think the comment that Heidi didn't like her is very true.

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