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  1. We also do not want to file a dispute with our cc since the cruise was paid for a long time ago and the deposit is on another card. Thankfully we can float the money as long as necessary and will take our motorhome on the road more to replace the HAL Alaska Cruise/Tour and Morocco trip with Gate 1 Travel (who refunded us the same week). We will also be spending a lot more time in our new pool that was finished last June.
  2. We are at about 67 days so hopefully something will post soon. The deposit and final payment are on two different credit cards for a total of three transactions. I don't think we will pay for the cruise in advance before final payment going forward. It is nice having things paid for several months in advance but you get burnt in a situation like this.
  3. We cancelled our June cruise/tour about the 14th and have not heard anything. It does seem they are making headway so hopefully our refunds will process soon. The good thing if you can call that is this is fun/vacation money and set aside for eating or paying bills.
  4. It is great to see refunds being processed.
  5. This is a bit off topic, but I was surprised how quickly and politely Alaska Air refunded our airfare. I called in yesterday and they offered a full refund and it showed up as pending on my credit card this morning. West Jet only offered a credit but it is good for two years.
  6. This is good news! Congratulations.
  7. Things do not look for me after speaking to my travel agent. He was nice but just came out of a meeting and it appears HAL is not processing refunds at this time. He did not have a lot of information but told me to contact the credit card company and see if they can assist. I'm not sure they can in my case because I paid for the cruise/tour in full when booking it a year ago. I know it was stupid on my part but we like paying things off early. We may be out $7K but thankfully it won't break us and was just vacation money and not anything critical to our survival.
  8. We paid upfront for a cruise/tour months ago (I know, stupid on my part). HAL via the TA said they are processing the refund but nothing has happened in over a month. I haven't contacted my credit card company but don't think there is anything they can do for me in this case. This may be a costly mistake on my part. Thankfully we will be okay without the money if it isn't returned, but it still stings.
  9. We are in the same boat and are hoping HAL eventually refunds our money. I made the mistake of paying for the entire cruise/tour months in advance. I know this is always a bad idea but like doing it so the vacation is largely paid for while booked. I don't think we will take this approach going forward though as we could have only had $600 at risk versus $6,800. I hope everyone eventually gets their refunds.
  10. We canceled on 3/14 and have not received anything yet. We paid for the entire cruise/tour months in advance as we like having it paid for early. We have done that on several vacations over the years but will change our strategy after this. We learned a lesson putting $6,800 in limbo instead of $600. Thankfully we are in a position where not getting the money back will not cause a financial catastrophe if HAL is unable to process all of the refunds. Hopefully they are able to fulfill their deposit returns obligation though or their reputation will be damaged for a long time.
  11. I paid for a cruise in full way in advance as it is nice not having to worry about it. It has never backfired before but did this time. My TA informed me it is an automated process for the cruise lines to process refunds and a delay is probably due to cash flow issues. I have $6,100 due to come back to the credit card and booked a different vacation later on in the year for about the same amount. I figured the credit would post before 4/15 when my credit card is due. Thankfully I have the available cash to pay for the other vacation or would otherwise be in big trouble. I am not able to dispute the charge with the credit card company as it was completed months ago. I may be out of $6,000 which is an expensive lesson to learn. I'm still hoping for a refund but it is not looking too hopeful at this point or not at least before my credit card is due. I don't think it is worth trying to go through their arbitration process and I'm not sure small a small court claim is an option. HAL may be bruised by these type of actions for years to come. My wife and I have another 10 to 20 years of active vacations left and will have a hard time supporting a company who did not honor their refund policy in a timely manner. Good luck to the rest of you waiting for refunds.
  12. I believe we can cancel before 75 days out and get everything back.
  13. We would like to book the same cruise for 2021 but already have a two-week vacation planned. Plus we have a motorhome and try to use it frequently. I think we can get everything back as cash if canceling before the deadline unless I read something wrong.
  14. My wife and I have an Alaska cruise tour scheduled on HAL departing 6/10/2020. It appears that Canada has or will close their ports until July and the cruise will be canceled. We have about 11 days left to cancel and get our money back before the deadline. The entire cruise was paid for months ago. The question is should I just go ahead and cancel or let it stay and have it converted into a future cruise credit? We are not loyal to any one line or travel option and always pick what the better trip is. I'm leaning towards canceling as the Alaska trip may be pushed back a few years now due to a full travel schedule and working. I'm pretty sure we will be out the airfare at this point as we had two different one way tickets on different airlines (Alaska and West Jet). I can cancel the pre-cruise hotels and rental car with no cost. I know others are in similar situations and am just curious on how to proceed. We were just going to ride it out and go on the cruise but now do not appeal to have that option.
  15. Thanks, I have seen Road Scholar Groups at National Parks and they seem to be fairly small not exceeding 50 people.
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