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  1. If you win a bid to Aurea or YC you will get everything that goes with that experience level. If there are any cabins in undesirable areas within the experience you are bidding to upgrade to, there is absolutely a chance you may be assigned one. And once your bid is accepted, you will be stuck with whatever cabin they have assigned to you. So you should look at the deck plans to be sure there are no cabins in areas that would be a deal breaker. You can't rely on only looking at available cabins since that can change.
  2. Technically the flavored waters are sweetened but sugar free. I believe the two flavors are kiwi/strawberry and mango/peach.
  3. Well now that you have explained that it's not really a surprise, the whole thing sounds lovely. I have a feeling your mom may have an inkling since she is bringing a formal gown for formal night which is not a thing on NCL, and the whole dad can't see it yet thing lol. I hope everything goes beautifully.
  4. I am sure the exotic trip part of it would thrill her. But the part where you read your vows to her, and then because it's a surprise, she stands there tongue tied, will almost certainly not thrill her. The whole point of a vow renewal is that the two of you read your vows to each other. If it's a surprise for one of you, it kinda turns into a surprise quiz in a class they didn't take. Don't know about you, but decades out of school, and I still have that recurrent nightmare.
  5. 'Since a vow renewal is something that both spouses generally participate in, surprising ones wife with it is probably not a good idea. Most women would really want to be prepared with their own vows for something like that. From personal experience, DH was going to surprise me with a vow renewal on our 25th anniversary cruise. Luckily he realised the error of his ways, and I was able to write my vows to him. Our family and the both of us were able to truly enjoy a beautiful ceremony instead of me just being embarrassed by having nothing to say on the spur of the moment like that. May I humbly suggest that he tell her about the ceremony so she can prepare, and then maybe make the surprise a heartfelt gift?
  6. Since no one said it, I will go ahead and do so. There is absolutely no reason to bribe your butler the first day. Handing them a bribe with a note listing requests seems as if you think the butler is not willing to do their job. While no one is ever going to say no to free money, the butler's are professionals and may be insulted by your bribe. Just tip at the end of the cruise. We have never bribed anyone and have always received stellar service.
  7. The buffet closes early for your convenience. Well no, actually cutting out food options saves NCL money. Let's call it what it is. As an alternative example, MSC offers food in the buffet area for at least nineteen or twenty hours a day.
  8. gizfish

    YC Tips

    The butler is included in the service charge.
  9. The ship is stocked with either not both options. So unless they are in the midst of changing the brand available or they have some older leftovers in stock, this probably won't work.
  10. The dress code for Cagneys is the same as the less formal MDR, and the same as everywhere on the first night. As long as you are wearing clothing and shoes, you will have no issue.
  11. Not sure what being sapphire has to do with this? So it would only be okay to charge more onboard compared to purchasing before one cruises (which is the norm for pretty much everything from specialty dining packages, to internet, to drink packages, and yes to spa passes) to gold or platinum? Besides, the spa is not an NCL entity and could care less even if you were crimson with polka dot flecks.
  12. That sucks. It's a good idea if you know you will be arriving more than a few hours after check in time, to call the hotel and have them note a late arrival on your reservation so they will hold your room.
  13. Your butler delivers your room service order. Since you will most likely be tipping your butler at the end of the cruise, tipping for room service is not necessary. If you get food delivered by the on call butler over night when your regular butler is off for the day, you may consider tipping them. Food delivery to the Haven or suites from any restaurant that is open on the ship does not incur a gratuity or service charge. If you order alcohol or from a specialty restaurant, you will be charged a gratuity and for what you order (unless you are using a specialty dinning credit).
  14. Um how do you propose they chlorinate or add whatever disinfectant to a tub on a private balcony? They are not the same as public tubs and pools which are kept filled with water that has the proper amount of additive until it's draining and cleaning time. The private tubs get filled with the same water you would fill an in suite bath tub with. Just like the indoor spa tubs in spa rooms, the private tubs are filled by the cabin occupants. Well, they were till the housekeeping fill empty clean thing was put in place. I have yet to hear of a butler explaining how to use the Nespresso machine and then going on to explain how to add the proper chemicals to the spa tub. So yes. I am telling you private tubs are NOT chlorinated.
  15. Just to add, NY strip was one of the regular (not steakhouse additional charge selections) always available items in the MDR, and was also offered twice in the "daily specials" section on our 8 night Meraviglia cruise in September. It was quite good.
  16. The bacteria is not something that one catches from another person. It is not something that "comes off" you or anyone else in the hot tub. It isn't spread through body fluids (BTW, for the people writing about others peeling in the hot tubs, unless one has a UTI, urine is sterile. I certainly don't want to swim or soak in it, but it won't make you sick.) Legionella can be in the air. The problem is it grows wonderfully in moist environments like a hot tub that is not kept at a high enough temperature. The other problem is it spreads through air that is aerosolized and inhaled, like what's pumping through the jets and bubbling out of the water. So limiting the amount of time for the bacteria to grow and thoroughly cleaning the tub to kill any bacteria that has grown keeps you from getting very sick or dieing. Public hot tubs are certainly NOT more of a risk because they are chlorinated. Chlorine kills all the nasty stuff people are bringing in there, and it prevents legionella from growing.
  17. I believe the packages now tell you exactly which restaurants they are for, no longer giving you the choice of where to use them. Also be aware that each restaurant in the package has a special, limited, menu from which you may order.
  18. I can understand how inconvenient it is to not be able to use the spa tub when and for how long you want to. However, Legionaires disease, which is what these procedures are preventing, is a whole lot more inconvenient. The temperature of the spa is ideal for growth of legionella, and the jets are ideal for aerosolizing it. The one hour limit followed by the thorough cleaning prevents this. NCL is just following CDC protocol and they are paying you generously for your inconvenience.
  19. Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it is true. In my over 30 cruises on practically every mainstream line, the majority being out of NY, I have never seen anything like this. I think you are already in danger of ruining a big part of your cruise, the anticipation, with your worrying and over thinking. Relax, breath and just try to enjoy looking forward to your vacation.
  20. Disney cruise lines had free soda, don't know if they still do. Free beverages on NCL include all day hot coffee and tea and unsweetened iced tea, and juices and milk in the morning. You can get milk in the MDRs at all meals, and can request it at the buffet if it is not out.at other times. Hot cocoa packets used to be available at the buffet, but I don't know if that is the case now. After breakfast, the buffet juice machines change to sugar free sweetened flavored water, I believe it's peach/mango and kiwi/strawberry. I think lemonade may be available, but I'm not sure.
  21. No one is bringing the TV out onto the balcony and imposing their viewing choices on the other balconies near them. Playing your music on the balcony is an imposition on those around you. Watching TV or listening to music in your cabin at an excessively loud volume is also an imposition. But no one here was saying listening to music in your cabin at normal levels was impacting other's peace and quiet.
  22. The only reason I knew that Baltic Linen was in Lake Success despite growing up nearby and DH working nearby was because we so liked the Haven towels that I searched the brand on line. They had a factory, not a store there and dealt with the hospitality industry. In 2014 I paid about $28 for a pack of 6 hand towels. At some point I purchased a three pack of bath sheets on eBay for some similarly reasonable cost. However, that $19.99 sale seems too good to be true, and that line of towels is not the same one as the Haven. And I have no idea what to do with "finger tip" towels lol.
  23. Sharing your meal with someone else is a lot different when the restaurant basically offers unlimited meat than in a restaurant where you get one of each course. Just like on land, sharing at an all you can eat restaurant is not allowed.
  24. Just so you know, the 5% discount is not applicable on flash sale rates. Other sale bookings accept the discount.
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