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  1. If you are in the Haven you just have the concierge make all the reservations.
  2. It doesn't seem at all ambiguous. You have access to all the ship has to offer just like non-havenites PLUS you have the concierge and butler. Only designated spa cabins get spa access.
  3. K cups are not instant coffee in a pod. K cups (and Nespresso as well) hold roasted, ground coffee. If you open a K cup after using it, there will still be grounds inside it. Instant coffee disappears when mixed with hot water.
  4. You can also download the NCL app. You will be able to make reservations using the app probably while you are waiting to board and definitely once you are on board. Also, the TV can be used to make reservations.
  5. Enjoying your posts. We r sailing her next week. But best friend and her mom are in haven with you this week. If you see Linda and Eli in the courtyard playing cards, please tell them Beth says hi. It will freak them out lol. Have a wonderful time.
  6. If people cancel at the last minute, odds are the upgrade fairy steps in and moves some lucky people into a better cabin with a trickle "up" effect until the empty cabins are insides. That means the open cabin is not an upgrade now is it. But, heck, why don't you and your money show up early at the pier and be one of the first to check in just in case. I don't think the check in people are going to shoot you just for asking, despite the sign. And, since not being able to bid in the upgrade advantage program is obviously a sore point for you, why not find a TA who participates or book directly through NCL yourself. If you booked through NCL yourself, you could even call them say every day or so and see if anything better opens up for you to pay for....eliminate the middle man.
  7. While you may want to way over err on the side of caution, what you are saying makes no sense for the general public. A passport is good until it expires. Some countries have the rule of it needing to not expire within six months because they do not want you to get stuck in their country. Obviously check with the countries you are going to to be sure you meet the requirements. Proactively renewing an unexpired passport makes no sense. Its not like a drivers license or state practice (career) license that credits you with the time you have left if you renew early. Passports are valid for ten years from the date they are issued. Renewing a year early means you lose a year, and passports are not exactly cheap.
  8. Paid upgrades at embarkation are not a thing, especially with the upgrade advantage program now. There is a reason why those signs are always out.
  9. Just wanted to see other's experiences with what was allowed at Q when using the dining plan. It appears as if one may order as much of everything in the "teasers," sides and dessert sections that they want with a limit to one choice from the sandwiches or pit master or "from the pit" section. Am I correct?
  10. As long as it is from the faucet and not the toilet there is no concern about "it it's safe."
  11. The food on NCL is probably amongst the worst of the mainstream cruise lines. If you did not like royal which has excellent food, service and activities you probably won't like NCL. It you didn't like Carnival, which has better MDR food than NCL, you probably won't like NCL. I think the only way you may enjoy NCL is if you booked a cabin in the Haven on a ship that has an actual Haven area and Haven restaurant (not one that uses Cagney's for breakfast and dinner). The Gem does not fall into that category.
  12. No interior staircase, but the hallway does require your key card to enter. Like the others said, you need to exit the area and take the regular stairs or elevator to the other Haven areas.
  13. I would just tell your bank that this is fraud and they need to process it as such. NCL can claim as much as they want that you authorized this, but if you did not, it is fraud. Just like any other merchant with a fraudulent charge claiming you authorized it. You probably won't get anywhere with NCL.
  14. Bids are supposed to be doubled. When you select "$200" on the slider on the bidding page, you will be charged $200 for the first 2 people in the room, a total of $400. (And if you are going solo, you will still be charged $400 each). If you are saying that you actually bid $100 and were charged the correct $200 total for your upgrade and then charged an additional $200 for another room's upgrade, that is a different story. And, there is no way you would have been able to authorize another room's upgrade unless you were the one filling out their form with your info. So if this is the case, this is fraud and your bank/card needs to deal with it as such.
  15. Those masks won't do anything except make you look paranoid. Unless you are using a medical respirator mask, virus particles can quite easily get in and out of those paper surgical masks.
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