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  1. It is customary to tip the butler at the end of the cruise. Any good butler will view a tip at the beginning or at another time before the end as a bribe.
  2. Haven't been on the Bliss, but was directly over the theater on BA. We didn't hear actual noise, but did get the bass when they were rehearsing. I am nuts when it comes to noise (and light) for sleeping and relaxing. I would not be worried at all with a whole deck between you and the theater. As long as you book a cabin with cabins both below and above you, you won't hear the usual things people complain about. You do need to keep an eye for "empty" areas on deck plans near your room since they may be crew areas for maintenance, ice making areas, etc.
  3. Lol, just like NCL to realize that people really like an angled balcony, so now they should charge more for it...
  4. Best advice is gather all the things you want to pack and then remove half. Then gather all the money you think you may spend and double it.
  5. Although Choir of Men takes place in a pub and does center around breakups and drinking, it isn't raunchy or inappropriate, and the music is current. The cast is quite talented. I would skip After Midnight as it wasn't interesting to us adults, and unless your granddaughter has a thing for obscure Duke Ellington hits, she ain't gonna like that one. With regards to the comedy club, they will have a family friendly show. The other main theater shows (welcome aboard and headliners) will be appropriate for all ages. Other shows like dinner shows or comedy shows will state if they are not appropriate in the dailies.
  6. We love the Haven. I can't imagine having to be in "just" a regular balcony on NCL again. That being said, $3,000 more for two is NOT worth it. I know the only way I will end up in the Haven is if the bidding fairy smiles upon me. We only do NY cruises and have yet to see the Haven prices fall to a point where its economical to pay outright to upgrade as opposed to bidding and crossing fingers. Our way of thinking about how much to spend total for a Haven room goes something like this. We have found that the experience in a regular balcony room as a whole on Royal Caribbean is much better than that on NCL. The most we have spent (before tax and fees) on that RCCL room is about $1500 a person. So when it comes to how much total we are willing to spend on a Haven room including our initial price plus the amount we will bid up to, we figure that value is worth maybe $100-200 more per person than RCCL. So for us, the most we are willing to spend for any category of Haven room is up to $1700 a person. It is a wonderful experience, but it simply is not worth more than that to us.
  7. Haven't been in the mini, but have been near the kids club. You almost certainly do not want to be that close to the kids club. Children waiting to go into the club or waiting outside the club to go places with the counselors are VERY noisy. Children running down your hallway to get to and from the club sound VERY disruptive. You would need that bathtub, because it may be the only place you would be able to get some peace ; )
  8. There is no sodium in the ship's water. There is plenty in the food.
  9. While you can each have a plan in your name and therefore be able to each be online at the same time, look into just upgrading to the unlimited plan once you are on board. It costs much less than getting a whole other plan (sorry don't remember how much), and if you have unlimited, there shouldn't be a problem getting all your wifi time in, even if you can't both be on at the same time.
  10. I doubt you could fit even half the stuff from the fridge in the safe. You can't even fit a laptop in them.
  11. You can also book it using the NCL app or your stateroom tv. Also, keep an eye on your NCL page to see if it shows up as bookable in the entertainment section before you cruise. It was only in the past couple of months that they moved it from the dinner theater to the main stage. So, maybe they will sometime soon offer regular reservations like they do for After Midnight.
  12. They appear to be the same price as other cabins within their category.
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