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  1. Actually After Midnight is not dueling pianos. It is old obscure Duke Ellington tunes with a tiny bit of tap dancing. Personally we hated it. It replaced the Brat Pack. Choir of Men used to be a dinner theater show but was switched to the main theater about 6 months or so ago. But, for some reason they don't let you reserve it on line.
  2. With regards to the half and half, the ship will certainly have heavy cream since it is used in cooking, and will have light cream and/or half and half for coffee. I like heavy cream for my coffee, so I have always requested a carton of it for my Haven cabin and have always had that request accommodated.
  3. You should probably tell her that you have heard how afraid she is and think maybe it's best she not go. At her age she is well aware of how safe travel is these days and is almost certainly trying to manipulate you. The best way to put an and to manipulative behavior is to call the teen out on it. Manipulative teenagers grow up into entitled uncompassionate adults. Best you and her parents nip this issue in the bud.
  4. You can actually leave the passport part blank and add it once you have the new number. You can complete the entire check in questionnaire and still leave that out without any problems. The info you put in will be saved. No need to even provide the birth certificate info at this time.
  5. When you book a guarantee, there is no saying where you will end up. The chances of getting a less than optimal location are probably higher since you are going to usually get a "left over" cabin that no one outright chose. There is still a chance you may get a good location because someone upgraded or cancelled. But you are still gambling that you won't end up under the pool or buffet, over the theater or too close to the kids camp area for comfort.
  6. FYI, if the water in the bottled water package is NCL's own brand, it is "purified water." That is exactly what you are drawing from the tap in your room and what is available for free at all restaurants and drink stations. To clarify what is available in the lounge for free, you may find M & M's and gummi bears either there or at the pool area. There are also infused water dispensers, coffee and tea at the pool area, and in the afternoon there may be some kind of brownies or cake. Also, regarding the post stating they "usually have a full bar..." There are no included alcoholic beverages in the Haven (unless you have a package that includes it) other than at the officers party which takes place one evening and includes bar service.
  7. Many years ago when we last traveled on Carnival, calzones were an option at the 24 hour pizza area. They were more like stuffed pizzas and always had to be made to order (not pre-made like the pizzas). Do they still offer this?
  8. Carnival is not going to care what you do. No need to get their permission. However, obviously if you wish to have a space reserved for it, of course discuss it with guest services.
  9. The mini fridge IS a fridge. If you leave the cabinet slightly open, the fridge will function as a fridge. I have left milk, cream, desserts with whipped cream, etc., in it with no problems. If it were just a cooler, NCL (and all the cruise lines for that matter) would warn you about that. It is certainly more temperature stable than a bucket of melting ice.
  10. Depends on ship/itinerary. On Escape in March, it was the Italian restaurant that was free on the first day for lunch.
  11. Do they show these movies in the cabin for free as well?
  12. The Haven restaurant on the Escape seems a bit smaller than the one on Breakaway. But, there is the outdoor eating area on Escape allowing for some extra space...if you want to eat outdoors.
  13. Also consider that when you renew your passport early, the new expiration date will be early too. In other words, if you renew six months early, you are losing the six months left of the valid passport you already had. Not a big deal over the 10 years they are good for, but if you don't want to give the government those six months worth of what you already paid for, something to think about.
  14. If you would use the spa pass and don't mind the noise above you than it is worth it since it is less than the cost of purchasing spa passes on their own.
  15. It isn't carnival that requires. Its US customs. And with a question as specific as this, you should check with the source, as you don't want to get to the pier and not be able to board. Here is a link to customs: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/74/~/documents-needed-to-take-a-cruise A plain copy of the birth certificate will not be accepted. "An U.S. citizen under the age of 16 will be able to present either an original, notarized or certified copy of his or her birth certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad issues by Department of State, (DOS) and/or Certificate of Naturalization issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services." (Lol love the use is "an" before U.S...)
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