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  1. Great review! We are on this cruise in September and never having been to Hawaii, I am confused when reading my guide books. We do not like to do ship excursions, preferring our own itinerary, so I plan to take detailed notes from your review.
  2. Lol Did they take it away or let you keep it?
  3. I always bring a corkscrew onboard the ship, no problem. However, be careful if you are flying with one. Check your airline. Back in the day, I had one in my carry on at Heathrow, and they took it away from me. Now, I make sure it is in my checked luggage.
  4. Also advise you not to take the ship tours. You will see much more with a private company. On our cruise 3 years ago, we did the private route, while our friends stayed with the ship options. We had a much better time. Our company was Alla Tours and I recommend them, but there are others that have high ratings also. Check out the port call for St. Petersburg.
  5. Definitely, the correct place to post this is on your roll call board. If for no other reason than you will get more replies.
  6. No one has mentioned my first priority. The dates I am free. First I look at dates, then destination then price. Ship or cruise line makes no difference to me. I am happy just cruising!
  7. Still don’t like eating and drinking alone, but if I ever cruise solo again, I hope some of you are on my cruise!
  8. I cruised alone once and would never do it again. My daughter and I live on separate coasts. We were to fly to Miami separately and cruise together. Due to severe weather, her plane did not arrive on time. And yes, that was even with flying in a day early! Already being in Miami I took the cruise alone. I am not afraid to travel alone, I love quiet time by myself, and can be an extrovert. My days on the ship alone were wonderful. However, I found it awkward at dinner time when I ate by myself, and evenings when I had to sit in the Schooner drinking by myself! People on cruises are usually in pairs or large groups celebrating something. I found it hard to insert myself into this. Had I been able to find another solo to befriend, it might have been easier.
  9. I always bring magnet hooks. Besides being handy for hats, robes, bathing suits/coverups, etc, they also keep paper clutter organized. Excursion tickets, invitations to ship events, and reminders for ourselves,, are all put in full view and don’t get lost. I also bring a battery operated clock for the room.
  10. After a Viking cruise this past December, we spent two extra days in Budapest. On one of the days, we used Andrea Makkay for an 8 hour tour of Budapest. With her, we had a private van and driver and she was absolutely fantastic. We had contacted her a few months before our trip, and she was very easy to work with online in making our arrangements. Her responses were always prompt. She was extremely helpful in making our plans and yet was always amenable to our wishes. Her knowledge of the country and the city is unparalleled. We learned so much and in those 8 hours saw everything that we wanted to see. We were two couples and by splitting the fee, our cost was extremely reasonable considering we had private transportation and our own guide. I highly recommend her. email her at andrea.makkay@gmail.com
  11. Have not been on the Empress. In fact trying her this May for the first time. But I have been on the New England itinerary 3 times,. Both Royaland Celeb. Cannot imagine what there is to do on that itinerary for a 3 and 5 year old. Especially if it is not a sunny time of the year. Save that for when they are a bit older. I have two adult children of my own, and have been an Elementary teacher for 30 years, would never do that with pre schoolers.
  12. If you want a real beef on weck, (the real name for it), you go to the Buffalo, NY area, where I believe it was invented. Best ever is at the Bar Bell in East Aurora, NY. None compare. Hard roll not only has salt on it, but rye seeds. Roast beef is tender, au jus is perfect, and roll is authentic.
  13. If you have more than one day in Barcelona, then the HOHO bus is the way to do your transportation. We did it and saw everything that we wanted to see in our two extra days in Barcelona. If you are there for only one day, then I would look for a private tour of the city. Finding a local tour can sometimes be as cost effective as cost and time wasted with cabs, etc. We have often teamed up with people on our roll call boards to do this.
  14. I’ve been on both and my choice would be Jewel for all the reasons above, and the fact that I like the Radiance class of ship for its size. But if ports are more important to you, then you should make you decision based on what you want to see.
  15. Absolutely. Never took my children on board when they were young enough to attend the Kids clubs so can't comment on that, but Royal is geared toward family activities. Iceskating, Flo Riders, Movies, Rock climbing, kids activities, etc, all cater to families. Lots of children on board. Having experienced other Lines, I would definitely choose Royal as my cruise line if I still had young children. I’m sure that you will get plenty of feedback from those who do.
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