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  1. You can only see these things once you've booked. Once you've booked, it will continue to change over and over again so you must keep checking to make sure you get the best price. It only takes a minute each day to check. And don't get too excited when they email you about some amazing sale, it's a lie. I got my drink/Voom package cheaper on a non-sale day than when they announced the fake/phony BOGO sale. I think they just assume people don't check regularly and will just believe it's truly a sale and buy it, and never check again.
  2. I find with Princess, the difference between a standard balcony and a mini suite is vast. So much more living space. The balcony cabins apparently don't even have a sitting chair anymore. We got spoiled with the huge couch, 2 tv's and the curtain to divide the rooms. We really love that as my partner likes to nap and I don't so it gives us both our own space. I think they got us hooked, for sure. But if price was terribly prohibitive on a future cruise, we could slum it back to a balcony (I think).
  3. It is true, after our first mini suite, a balcony seems positively slumming it! Enjoy.
  4. I think maybe you can obtain the Patters at Guest Service? Who knows. I agree with your sentiment however. I wouldn't think to go looking for a Patters prior to arriving at my cabin and I wouldn't be in my cabin before lunch.
  5. I guess everyone's ideas about steak vary a lot. I don't consider Ruth's Chris that big a deal. Honestly it's not that hard to get excellent filet where we live and we find it in most of our favorite restaurants, even ones that are not a proper steakhouse. As long as it's tender, cooked perfectly and well seasoned, I'm happy. I think other cuts of steak are subject to more easily noticeable differences in quality. Porterhouse, NY strip for example. Filet is filet is filet, so long as executed properly. I was impressed with the Crown Grill food quality. Nuff said!
  6. We did the upsell for our Christmas cruise. I did it over the phone and browsed the available cabins while on the phone with CS. As soon as I chose my cabin it was confirmed. Very easy process.
  7. I think the filet is great, just as good as a steakhouse like Ruth's Chris or Mortons which I've eaten at many times. Last cruise I had the veal chop and found it "to die for" good. The servings are big. You won't need two entrees unless you normally eat a ton of food. I recommend reservations. It gets crowded.
  8. Yes it's true you cannot book. However, many on CC have reported they had no problems making reservations once onboard and got the restaurants/days/times they wanted. It seems you should do this right after you board to ensure availability. Personally I'm too uptight for this to work, but I'm sure you can trust what others have said.
  9. Specialty dining at Chops and Jamie's are available. I booked Jamie' for embarkation day. Very excited as when we last cruised in 2015 on Anthem this was not an option. I hated the Windjammer on this ship. So crowded, so chaotic trying to find a seat once you collected food. I'm going to try avoiding it as much as possible during the peak hours of breakfast and lunch. Perhaps it's different now but that's wishful thinking! Solarium Bistro would be another better option that buffet.
  10. If you are booked, it is listed in the cruise planner. I don't know how accurate it is, of course. But they have menus for all the non MDR restaurants in there.
  11. Our Anthem Florida/Bahamas cruise this Sunday is $500 more than we paid for it in January. All suites sold out.
  12. Yes it was listed as an activity in the Patters. Otherwise we'd have missed it mostly likely. I really enjoyed those shows on the Regal, it was a riot. The crew on the Sky are not nearly as talented and we found it hilarious they were totally comfortable just throwing stuff around and often dropping it! They do some crazy stuff and we spoke with the bar manager and she pointed out how hard it is for them to do it at this bar which has a much lower ceiling than on the Regal.
  13. If you enjoy bartender flair shows keep your eye out in the Patters. It was a lot of fun and they only did it once up on the pool deck bar. They gave away a lot of free drinks during the show. It was not very well attended and seemed like nobody knew about it (compared to what we had seen on Regal where people were murdering each other to get a spot!). They like a good rowdy crowd so we all had to yell a lot louder than usual. Several dining venues/lounges make for great quiet reading/game playing/personal space spots during the daytime including the Crown Grill bar and the French restaurant, as well as Take 5. Also the promenade deck loungers were quiet and mostly vacant for our cruise, if you want to get away from everyone but be outside. Cause the main pool deck was very hard to find chairs or loungers, we really had to keep our eye out for people about to vacate in order to score a seat. And the upper pool deck was like a wind tunnel, just not comfortable for any period of time beyond a few minutes.
  14. Sorry I just can’t remember disembarkation on our last Royal Cruise. What time will we be getting off the ship? I need to arrange a car service, not sure what time I should state pickup. Or is using Uber easier? Thanks.
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