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  1. Is that $1400 per room? And what are the gratutites? 20%? Has anybody booked using this revised promo?
  2. https://skift.com/2020/08/06/even-norwegian-cruise-lines-ceo-is-surprised-people-are-booking-cruises/
  3. I completely agree. It seems that the expression is mainly used when there is a change in prices, upward of course. The bottom line is buy what you think is worthwhile. If you don't like the value for money choose another cruise line or another type of vacation. Supply and demand will always decide how many nickels and dimes!
  4. I am afraid I won't be seeing you as all ports in Canada are now closed for the year! Just remember...22,000 days.....is all we got.....not a lot. If that isn't familiar, change your t-shirt! 😆
  5. What they don't say is what happens when your temp is taken and it is over the limit. If that is at embarkation, does it mean you get turned away. That would mean every time you book a cruise in advance and run a temp on boarding day you would end up with an FCC and a wasted airfare. What about when they find you have a high temp on board? And if someone contracts the virus what happens to the cruise? Lots of questions still. Many may not be answered until cruises start and reviews are posted. A wait and see approach is best methinks, especially when you are travelling by plane and crossing the border. No masks maybe on ship but planes are requiring them and that too is a showstopper for many. The beat goes on! 🤣
  6. That's ideal or those close to a port but for those of us who need to fly a long way, not so ideal. Especially for those who may get turned away at the airport with a fever. Too late to cancel cruise. Travel and cruise must be in sync or a lot of money could be lost. Same in reverse. Fly to port and then not able to board. Actually, I AM close to a port, living in a port of call but that is so frustrating seeing ships come and go but needing to fly to cruise! 😝
  7. I had the September cruise on the Encore to New England/Canada booked as well. I cancelled before the May deadline because of the many uncertainties especially in it being round trip from NYC. Being in the high risk age sector there are just too many cons compared to the pros and I did not want my full payment tied up until the winter either. One of the pros (time in NYC) may be a con as well now. It would hardly be a relaxing experience visiting NYC anytime soon. And we just don't know the policies when cruises return. I hope that I can still sail on the Encore next year after we know what the terms and conditions are in the new cruise world. I don't want the stress that keeping the booking entails. Being able to cancel for an FCC does not give me "peace of mind" at all.
  8. I cancelled a September cruise 2 weeks ago. Only my deposit. Was told I would get refund in 7-10 days and then when my actual invoice was sent it said up to 90 days. So they are saving every dollar they can, even our worthless Canadian ones. 😄
  9. Well, I made the deposit long time ago so it would seem the $100 would be the amount concerned, one way or the other.
  10. So I have $100 US refundable deposit paid with a final payment date of May 8. If I let the date go by do I lose the deposit, get it refunded or get an FCC. I am thinking that if I get it refunded it is better than an FCC for cancelling. Or maybe I just forfeit it in that case? I realize things are changing fast and who knows where we will be in 6 weeks but wondering what the policy would be today. I am happy that it is just the deposit and not the whole fare that is affected.,
  11. Thank you, Bird. And Hallux, I heard that same question on WTC on Carnival Horizon, However, between my hearing and the accent, I heard "doors" not "floors" so my answer was a little bit off🤣
  12. Never been on Princess but just came off RC Harmony which had no screen in either venue they used.
  13. I have always enjoyed the trivia and games in the newer NCL ships as the atrium is used along with a screen where the questions are displayed, which is helpful for we passengers with reduced hearing. This has not been my experience with other cruise lines and I often quit early in frustration. My question: When I cruise on the Encore, can I expect the same policy with the screen display?
  14. What were the Corona procedures this week. Was it still the 3 questions method or was there any temperature taking etc?
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