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  1. OP, very well stated. You effectively linked the last 5 or so years of increasingly anti consumer cruise line actions, to the set up for and feeding of covid. Could not agree more. Magnificent analysis. Thank you for posting.
  2. Trimone, perfectly said. Yes, people are losing their FCC's, and if and when cruising starts - sorry will be the words from the cruise lines, we only have 50% of your FCC available - pony up the rest of the $. They will do that because they were very successful getting many consumers to advance fund their operations via the FCC scam. Cruise lines have been scamming the consumer for years with the nickle and diming and deterioration combined with price increases. Ought to be interesting to hear the complaining on these boards if this happens. I will stay tuned.
  3. AstoriaPreppy, thank you for posting this information. "Pent up demand" - fascinating reworking of the past customers bookings. Not a good situation. None of my friends have any interest in cruising going forward - all took refunds. None have made a future booking and will not book in the future. We are however, examining Globus tours and other high end tour companies for the future.
  4. Not participating in cruise line only excursions. I also would expect the excursions to be more brief, less attraction stops etc. So the main reason I cruise is to see ports - so cruising is now way down the options. Moving along to customized land tours with planes and trains which I have done before and found them to provide much for value for money and real life experience. Interesting that I received a Globus email yesterday where their New tours are noted, now all over North America and many more in Europe and other places. They obviously see the tea leafs pointing away from cruising and good for them to leap in a provide new travel options. They will definitely have my business in the future.
  5. Will not wear a mask on a cruise ship. I am in the Toronto area and I am disheartened to see so many people Not wearing a mask indoors as required by law - there are many, many who do not - particularly the 20 somethings and very elderly. I also traveled to Ottawa area last week for business, many people with no masks. Stopped at Kempville on the 416 for gas and food (a more rural community), just about half had a mask on. I would say that the mask uptake in these parts of Ontario are no where near 100%. Now that summer is here in Ontario, many reports of crowded beaches with no social distancing and no masks and the Mayor of Ottawa and Public Health Officer scolded young people misbehaving at bars etc with no social distancing and masks. I seems the US gets a bad rap, well I would not support the impression that the area of Canada that I live in is much better. Perhaps we have less people per geography and that is helping the numbers.
  6. Thanks npcl, it is amazing the analysis out there. This virus definitely has placed many deep and complex issues front and centre. Like you said, the struggle is and will be interesting to observe. Thanks for your perspective. Oh my. Take care and be well.
  7. Right on npcl: You are very astute, there are no positive attributes going forward for cruising. Until society decides that we have to Live, Live and accept deaths (like the flu, car crashes, etc), there is no future for cruising. I read yesterday, we accept millions of deaths with the flu, many deaths due to car crashes, many deaths due to alcohol and drug addictions etc - so, so, so, so, so what is the threshold of deaths with this virus? This is the question. Do we want perfection, because we have not had this ever. Most amazing! The ultimate question so far as of 2020. Most interested in the CC members perspective.
  8. Do a credit card dispute, get your $ back. Celebrity is removing most of the few crew left on the Edge - message to all CC folks. Get your $ and run.
  9. Celebrity is taking most remaining staff of their Edge (thread on the Celebrity forum). Message there folks. Purchasing a cruise, which at this point is a totally unknown product, seems inappropriate. Refunds will become less probable and the FCC potentially worthless. Treat yourself as the priority, welfare for cruise lines after the many years of downgrading and increased prices, Not.
  10. From the Canadian Chief Public Health Officer - "even if there is a vaccine, the pandemic may persist for years to come" https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/even-if-there-s-a-vaccine-pandemic-may-persist-for-years-to-come-tam-1.5050584 One quarter of Canadians polled were skeptical a vaccine would be effective. For cruising, guess it comes down to a risk / reward tolerance.
  11. A little tiny bit of public opinion on the website of Canada's national CTV news organization this morning: TODAY'S QUESTION Should cruise ships be allowed to operate? Thanks for your vote Yes 758 (21 %) No 2779 (79 %) Total number of votes: 3537 Back to poll View the latest polls I voted no.
  12. Just now - in Australia, Melbourne and area just announced a state of emergency and is in lock down.
  13. As a consumer, you should put yourself first. Which means a refund, not a FCC. No future bookings for an unknown product. If people want to "float a loan" to a cruise line, go head, but do not complain when the cruise is cancelled or you have difficulty using your FCC in the future. Cruise lines are operating in an irresponsible manner by selling cruises given the world context. But then there is the old saying "there is a sucker born every minute".
  14. I believe it is more than just a mask on the ship. What about shore excursions? Masks on the buses, masks while hiking in a group up a hill, masks touring a museum? How will this work? I concur about masks while taking an 8 hr flight while passengers take the mask off to drink or eat. Many hurdles ahead.
  15. Thank you for your assessment, I concur. It is the quarantine that has occurred which is particularly devastating to the cruise industry - quarantine on the ship or at a port - a significant game changer for sure.
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