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  1. We board April 5 and always have enjoyed Crooners piano entertainment. Who is playing at Crooners now? Many thanks!
  2. Many thanks to all for helpful responses.
  3. Tried new app but not showing my completed info for April cruise. Very frustrating!
  4. Have tried Search function without success. Is there anyway to get Shareholder credit now without phone ap? Used to fax or email. Many thanks!
  5. These are now Collecters items. Currently a thin lotion in a pump, not very moisturizing at all!
  6. Love Alaska! The Alaska board helped us plan a fantastic trip, both land and cruise. Lots of info re tours, etc https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/33-alaska/ One of our best vacations ever!
  7. Agree with sweatshirts and windbreaker for SF and first and last few days. You will also need if going to Volcanos National Park. Altitude and wind make it brisk even if sunny and warm at shore.
  8. October in Salem is very crowded, lots of traffic, etc. It is not that close to Boston (45- 60 min, no traffic) so would imagine that may be why Princess doesn't offer tours there.
  9. The few times cabin was not available, we were able to take carry-ons to MDR and staff showed us were to leave during lunch. No worries!
  10. Yes, the Seaport area in Boston is where ships dock so all hotels in area are nearby. Some passengers may even walk to pier.
  11. I believe there was also a similar tax while in ports in Spain.
  12. We had a lovely UBD on late evening departure from Curacao on a Circle Carribean this March. Since ship didn't leave till after 9pm, we were able to enjoy dinner without fear of windy conditions. Hope that might be an option for you.
  13. We board this Friday and we're wondering who is the entertainer at Crooner's? Many thanks!
  14. Live Chat was a big help to get Medallion app completed. After numerous attempts on various media, I tried Live Chat and was quickly provided a link that worked with booking number. Not a problem last fall, this was so frustrating for March 3 cruise.
  15. Finally Resolved by best CS person ever!! Betty at Princess CS, immediately noticed it was a hold and removed without penalty etc. We had spent a good bit of time yesterday with various CS reps who could not figure this out. Many thanks to all.
  16. Many thanks to all for some helpful info. While I wait for call backs, some responses: There is NO deposit listed on the booking. Found email from John, CVP in spam. It looks legit but not sure, no mention of booking this cruise. Sent him email and vmail re this. No extra charges on cc Not sure how to check if it's a Hold as looks very much like our planned booking Will try going via our TA too. Any contact info for Princess Customer Solutions?
  17. Yes this unrequested cruise appears on my Captains Curcle account. That's when we first noticed it after we had paid for the March 3 cruise.
  18. We never paid a deposit nor did we make request for this cruise.info just appeared today on my account. Last night we did receive cold call from a John who claimed to be from Princess. He mentioned this cruise but we never agreed to it as we are not available for dates etc. He did know our Princess info but we never gave credit card info and no charges related to this booking on our account. Who above customer service at Princess should we contact??
  19. Please direct us to best phone/email to resolve issue. Today we found that we were booked on a cruise with over $7000 due Feb 3. We never requested nor received notification! Tried customer service but they were to charge cancellation fee and said we could request reimbursement from insurance. But we never requested nor paid for this so don't have the insurance! Any help greatly appreciated.
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