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  1. We are staying at HIE, 17th St in February. Was everything OK there?
  2. How many people in the cabin? We upgraded once, when we traveled with 2 grandkids. having the extra room in a suite was heaven. I might not upgrade for only 2.
  3. We were scheduled to leave for San Juan the day before our cruise. the night before our flight, we got a message our flight from BTV had been cancelled, due to weather in NYC. the plane wasn't coming in to Burlington. It was February vacation week and we couldn't get a flight out anywhere on Saturday. We were rebooked for Sunday, out of Albany. we had to drive to Albany, spend the night and then find out, that flight had been cancelled. we did get on another flight to SJU and made It there around 4 PM. I have flown into cities 3 times, the same day as cruising, but the stress level is off the charts.
  4. HAL runs cruises all summer from Boston to Montreal and reverse. Some day I'm going!!
  5. I'm loving this review for two reasons. we're booked to go on the Magic next February with a group of friends. Two years ago we sailed on the Ecstasy with 11 grandkids, 3 kids with their spouses and ourselves. the kids ranged from 18 months to 15. it was a once in a lifetime trip. the oldest will be graduating high school this year, so the probability of getting everyone to vacation together is slim. Were there bumps in the road? sure with that many people and little kids, it's bound to happen. It was the first cruise for the grandkids and I am proud to say all but one are cruise addicted!!
  6. yes, we have saved money flying from Montreal, especially nice if you can find a direct flight. It's just the customs hassle that can wear on you. BTV can be so darn expensive. Haven't ever flown out of Plattsburg, but it's always on my radar.
  7. People think I'm crazy when I book a year out. When I return from one vacation, I book the next! It gives me something to look forward to during our long Vermont winters. We're just down the road from you! My goal is to book Boston to Montreal to cruise the Canadian maritimes. I'd love to not have to fly to ports. Maybe once I retire.......
  8. when we have Cheers, we get a drink to bring into dinner, then order a glass of wine for our meal. the best part is getting cappuccino with our dessert. It used to be included way back when, now you have to pay. That's where I feel Cheers pays dividends, the Coffee Bar.
  9. DD and SIL are on this cruise. Hopefully they’re still enjoying their vacation without their 5 kids! They missed a foot of snow yesterday. There could be worse things than missing a port.
  10. That's the part of assigned dining I like the best! No waiting - just walk in at 6 and your table is ready for you! Not to hijack, but does anyone know which dining room they use for assigned seating for Magic? I saw that there are 2 dining rooms, one mid ship and the other aft. We much prefer the mid ship dining room. I hope that's where our table will be. Is that something I could email the maitre'd about?
  11. We did a family cruise a couple of years back and had 3 ocean view cabins booked this way, along with another ocean view for 4. we knew it would be tight, but had a lot of little children and it was the best configuration for us. Two weeks before cruising we got an offer to upgrade each cabin to a grand suite for $300. Sweet!! We grabbed it so we have no experience with what would have been.
  12. I want to be sure I've got this. We book directly through the cruise line for ourselves and know about the check in process. However, I'm coordinating a group cruise for next winter and I'm probably going through a TA for perks. I know when you book through a TA you can't choose your dining directly with Carnival. the TA has to handle the group's booking to be sure they are all linked. If I remember correctly when checking in, ( giving cc number, passport info and flight info) that's where the select check in time is listed. ( I know 90 days out) Logic tells me I should be able to do that myself and not have to go through the TA for that. Am I correct? TIA
  13. Whew! Glad I didn't book. don't get me wrong, I loved the Golden Girls but I don't think I could take 5 days of people playing dress up and quoting the girls all day, every day. I do know that DH would be even less impressed than me. To all of you who would love this, go and have a great time. it's just not my thing. I am so glad I dodged this bullet. Now, I have to rethink my options.....
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