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  1. Requirements To further reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise ship operators must: Inform passengers of any mandatory public health measures prior to boarding Place posters in high-traffic areas that encourage hand hygiene to help stop the spread Ensure handwashing facilities are well-stocked with soap and a method to dry hands, such as paper towels or air dryers, in accordance with the 2018 VSP Operations Manual
  2. I am glad to see things may be looking better for cruise lines. One thing popped out right away in the new regulations concerning hand washing. The use of hot air hand dryers has been shown FOR YEARS to be unsanitary yet this CDC statement recommends their use along with disposable paper towels. Several years ago, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, many businesses, universities, and large corporations shunned the stacks and rolls of paper towels for these hot-air and jet dryers. They produced less waste and ultimately could help the compa
  3. Thank you for a logical and polite response to a harmless question.
  4. Whether or not they are residents here they do perform all the functions needed in the restaurant, hotel and transportation industry for U.S. Citizens while in U.S. ports all around the world. Whatever type of visas or work permits they need basically allow them to perform their functions on U.S. soil, or waters just like any foreign workers. ???
  5. I wonder how they are treating vaccine for legal foreign workers in the hospitality industry? Cruise ship staff could fall under that category ?
  6. Must hold a diploma from an accredited school of medicine Minimum two-three years of formal post-graduate/ post-registration clinical training Board certification or equivalent in Emergency Medicine, Family Practice or Internal Medicine. Current certification as an ACLS Provider (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) or its equivalent, unless Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. ATLS (Trauma) Certificate and PALS (Paediatric) Certificate helpful, but not mandatory. Some experience or a willingness to learn simple laboratory and x
  7. Sorry, it was meant to show the diff. between a ship and any other means of transport. -------------------------------- The video shows what only people who have cruised know. 1. They can easily regulate passenger flow to accomplish required distancing. 2. The enormity of today's cruise ships allow more space per passenger than ANY form of travel.
  8. (1) Cruise to Nowhere Singapore||What's Inside ROYAL CARIBBEAN Quantum Of The Seas||3Night Ocean Getaway - YouTube
  9. How many times have people been in need of hospitals or MAJOR medical care on all the many cruises that have been sailing for months and with tens of thousands of passengers?
  10. And if social distancing in cruise terminals, like anywhere else and on ships in dining and theater venues are maintained there is NO ONE sitting next to you, in front of you or behind you. At 50 % capacity or even more the ships that are now sailing look like they are empty. No plane, train or bus affords that huge amount of space.
  11. People must realize that immunity is not like the fictional shields that surrounded and protected the Enterprise on Star Trek. Immunity is based on a battle between your body and an invasion from an infecting army. During the initial battle when the enemy army first invades it will OF COURSE be found present on the battle field. Hopefully when the battle is over your military made up of antibodies, who were enlisted and trained by the vaccine have destroyed the enemy, leaving no survivors. . If tested from the moment of the invasion to when the
  12. You can possibly show an active Covid test after exposure from someone shedding the virus. It may take your immune system a while to get rid of it.
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