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  1. My response to wrinkled clothes... Even after my clothes spend a day or so in a suitcase I have more wrinkles than they do. Doesn't bother me in the least. bosco
  2. Sorry for just posting a short 16 word answer to a problem. 🙄
  3. We can fly but being only 3 hours from Cape Liberty flying is a last choice. Flying to a cruise almost always means getting there a day early and sometimes flying home a day after the cruise is over... The first 24 hours after we leave our house for a flight to Florida is spent in airports, a sardine packed plane, cabs, restaurants, hotels and depending on the hotel, flight and restaurant can cost at least $1,000. The first 24 hours after we leave our house for a Cape Liberty cruise, aside from a quick 3 hours in the comfort of our car, is spent enjoying our first day on vacation and spend most of it INSIDE the ship with no thoughts of the weather outside. By the next day we are well to the South and almost always in much warmer weather, We prefer to spend our money ON the cruise rather than GETTING TO the cruise., The same goes for cruises out of Baltimore which involve a few more hours on the road and maybe a nice brunch along the way.
  4. There is an open lot adjacent to the parking garage to accommodate vehicles with height restrictions.
  5. We NEVER pay anything to our TA. The only credit card or other payments we make are submitted to RCCL or separately to our Travel Insurance Agency by our TA.. She uses OUR credit card for all payments and our statements show RCCL or the Insurance agency. .
  6. No real felt effect for us as we earned our Elite on Celebrity and then earned Diamond on RCCL, independent of each other. In the past 20 plus years we have however noticed a widening difference in the entire cruise experience based on category of stateroom, especially with more and more pluses for suite bookings. Back a few years a suite got a larger stateroom, a veranda and a butler. Now there are different "BETTER" dining venues places on private islands only available to suite guests and other perks. All in all after booking everything from an inside up to Royal Suites on both lines there are things that for the most part are really NOT that noticeable whether they are Loyalty based or Category based.
  7. Go on the official website. Search for a cruise When the choices pop up choose one and then click on EXPLORE THIS ITINERARY. You won't get an actual list of the excursions but instead will get a view of different things to do and see at each port of call. There will be excursions based on all of these things to do and see that will be shown once you book and can use the Trip Planner
  8. YES they do. I imagine Churchill's would not risk selling counterfeit cigars as they have a very good reputation to uphold.
  9. Cigars and Cuban rum as well... In almost every NON-USA port there is an official Cuban cigar store where you will not be cheated with fakes. Rum from Cuba is also available in almost all NON-USA ports in all stores..
  10. REAL Fettuccine Alfredo is actually one of the easiest and simplest uncomplicated dishes they could ever be asked to make.\ Aside from the pasta there is only cheese, butter and some of the pasta water.. So simple yet so much better than what is normally served when it is ordered...
  11. We have done this on most of our cruises including the two we have booked for the future. Must be done over the phone.
  12. We have sailed from Cape Liberty and Baltimore about 20 times (almost all cruises were in the first three months of the year; Jan-Feb-Mar.) and prefer it over any other time of the year. Sure there was an occasional rough day or two but nothing like when we sailed the same route during Hurricane season and during a big storm. The weather on the first day on board is no problem from either Baltimore or Jersey as it is usually devoted to things inside the ship and by the next day we are a few hundred miles to the South and for us (also upstate New Yorkers) compared to where we live we are already in shorts by the later hours of the afternoon if not earlier. The same goes for the return trip where our last full day at sea may be chilly, but it does get us re-accustomed to where we live.. LOL Now if we fly down to Florida or San Juan as we have done many times we spend a day or two of misery in airports or hotels just to avoid a day or two on a ship where we are enjoying our vacation from DAY ONE.
  13. About a dozen cruises under our belts on Celebrity and the same on Royal Caribbean going back about 20 years of Caribbean cruises. In the beginning formal on X meant formal and passengers were actually refused entry into the MDR, not only for apparel but also if you were over 15 minutes late for your seating. RC was more relaxed and if you were neat (no shorts) you got in. From one of the first X cruises with their "CHIC" or whatever they called it after the change from "FORMAL" it we saw shorts and flip flops on not only casual nights but on Formal as well.. No one was refused entry into the MDR. You will see Tuxes, suits, jackets, Izod and just about everything now on either line on almost any night. If you look fairly neat and presentable it seems like anything goes.
  14. From the looks of the town I don't think it could handle more than one ship at a time and if it did it would be several years down the line with major improvements and money from both the cruise lines and government of St. Lucia as well. It would be interesting to find out if there were cruises that visited Vieux Fort. I don't think I have ever seen it listed on any itinerary..?? I would love to hear from past passengers about their experience. The only time we ever came within viewing distance to the PITONS from a ship and not on an excursion was on a Holland America cruise to Islands to the South of St. Lucia
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