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  1. What di you consider top shelf vs well.
  2. We were there this past February and there was only one monkey guy in the area where they used to hang out. The annoying taxi, cab and scenic tour guys were everywhere and not just in that big area but all over the port and they were aggressive.
  3. I started drinking martinis back in the mid 60's and enjoyed most of the current brands available back then and still love the same brands today. In my bar I made uncountable numbers of martinis and once again (70's) never had a request for anything more exotic than the good old bottle with Queen Victoria on the label and no sapphire mentioned anywhere.. LOL So how do these 40+$ a bottle gins stack up to those made when I first enjoyed them. Would there be some religious epiphany? LOL.
  4. Who is trumpeting a new port and where is it to be...? I didn't notice any signs there in February, but then again I did a lot of taste testing.. LOL If I was a planner I would look into a NEW port to capture cruisers interest in an area (the Caribbean) that is seeing a great increase and could use some new places.
  5. I hope Carnival and Royal Caribbean stagger the visits so there will only be one ship docked at a time, It looks like the town will need a while to get used to handling two ships at once... Back over 10 years ago we visited the Island of Dominica when it wasn't that popular a cruise port and have seen many changes take place over the years each time we returned..
  6. The present dock at that location will for sure need a lot of upgrading as well as the area around the dock. The town looks interesting.. Looks like a well stocked liquor shop..
  7. Yes indeed. We are booked in January 2021 in a Port side veranda on the Anthem that will be visiting St Lucia. Could be seeing them as we pass by.
  8. Carnival and Royal Caribbean have signed on for a new port on the Southern end of St. Lucia. This should give an off shore view of the Pitons during most cruises to St. Lucia and not just to those on excursions, or those passing by from cruises to the South. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21769-carnival-and-royal-ink-port-deal-with-st-lucia.html
  9. A new cruise port in St. Lucia is now official. Located to the SOUTH most sailings will now get an off shore view of the Pitons. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21769-carnival-and-royal-ink-port-deal-with-st-lucia.html
  10. Yes they do have martinis. They will also make pretty much any concoction of ingredients, pour it into a martini glass and call it a martini.
  11. If that was so what else did they put in the glass so it didn't look empty? LOL
  12. The SIZE of the drink depends on how much gin or vodka you dump into the ice. If you put in 3 ounces of liquor you will get out a martini that is just a tiny bit more than 3 ounces The STRENGTH of the drink depends on if you add other things besides the base liquor or allow the gin or vodka to sit in the shaker until the ice melts???? I guess I am having trouble understanding exactly what you are describing as a martini or a drink at the martini bar ??? Whether at the martini bar or any other bar a real martini should be about the same exact strength but possibly different in size.
  13. Cruised out of Bayonne (Cape Liberty NJ), New York City Cruise Port and Baltimore many times, on Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Holland and NCL. Pretty much all three offer cruises for the same places mpost of the time so pick your time and Itinerary. Ports: Bayonne (Cape Liberty NJ) is one of the easiest ports to sail from. Secure parking (two minute walk from terminal), fast check-in and embarkation as well as easy return home. With online check-in boarding is almost as easy as just walking onto the ship. Port is right off a major highway. ---------------------------------- New York City for us is one of the worst. Out door secure parking (40$/day), on all of our cruises from there the process was almost always disorganized no matter the cruise line, port is not that convenient to get to except from the North, dingy and uncomfortable waiting area where we have almost always spent at least an hour waiting to board. --------------------------------- Baltimore is also right off a major highway, parking is secure and close to the terminal and they seem to have the entire check-in and boarding process down to a science. On return normally not a bad process and right back on the road in minutes.
  14. Depends on what you call a martini?? If it's a classic gin or vodka martini it would be almost all gin or vodka (What else would be in it other than a breathe of vermouth?) These are made in 2 sizes so the # of jiggers or shots would vary. Very little ice melt as the liquor should only be in contact with the ices for a very short time. MOSTLY BOOZE.. LOL If it was any of the other hundreds of cocktails that are served in a martini glass and are CALLED martinis the amount of liquor vs all the other junk, like flavorings and liqueurs, would vary from drink to drink.
  15. Especially during the Winter months and on a ship in the Caribbean.. LOL
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