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  1. Depends on what you are looking for. Beaches Shopping Excursions Activity level Port of departure Length and dates of cruise Eastern offers the most as far as itineraries, Southern is great if leaving from Puerto Rico is acceptable Western is Okay but not my preference. For the most part the ports and islands are geared to providing all of the above and are basically very similar. Almost all of the ports of call can deliver the above, some more than others. The Ports of call section on this website will give you a good idea as to what each port has to offer and may fit your desires. Search Youtube for ideas. Search "cruise to XXXX" and get a look at what others have experienced. "First time to Caribbean" will be a wonderful experience and be one to cherish. We have been cruising the Caribbean for 20 years and ALWAYS find something new to see or do no matter how many times we visit each port.
  2. This has been true for all of our most recent cruises. REMEMBER, to get one with and one without alcohol you MUST do it over the phone as the cruise planner will NOT allow it.
  3. Best bet would be with the Maitre D.
  4. Make your first stop, once in board, with the seating director at the MDR. Explain your situation and I am sure you will be accommodated. We do MTD and have been able to choose our table at a set time for the entire cruise.
  5. Be careful as some establishments are very lax in how they follow the laws. Dominica allows sale and consumption at 16. Haiti is 16 as well, however Labadee is 21 as far as I know.
  6. 25+ cruises in just about every category from inside to royal suites and when we book a veranda we expect more than a chair to sit on. A nap or just laying out to get some sun in a full sized chaise or a reclining high backed chair with a foot stool is different than just a chair. Bed placement is a non issue for us.
  7. JUST ONE LITTLE THING ( J.O.L.T. ) The JOLT syndrome
  8. Just one little thing at a time. Reason to cancel a cruise?? No. It is somewhat amazing to see how many just one little things are gone. Amazing to see how many scoff at a passenger who mentions the loss of a foot stool or any other of the just one little things. Pointing out another just one little thing is missing is worth hearing about. Now it gives time to buy one of our own so we can sit out on our veranda with our feet up, so we can buy our own sun blocking curtain for our IV cabin. So many unimportant just one little things that many have never seen or experienced are gone forever. One at a time each loss would not be reason to cancel a cruise and the mountain of just one little things we have seen in just 20 years is still not enough to make us cancel a cruise. Best way is to forget what your last cruise experience was like and enjoy each new one as your first and do not look for or mention the loss of just one little thing.. Other than suites, which have actually improved, almost all other stateroom categories have suffered in so many ways from the just one little thing syndrome and those who have been on cruises for 20 or more years can see the changes. Still we are looking forward to many more.
  9. Or if you asked "Do you prefer a room with a window that opens or a traditional balcony?" I don't understand how anyone can call an I.V. stateroom a room with a veranda.
  10. Yes, you are correct. I should gave posted that if you want the ship to prepare both boarding passes then you have to both sign up.
  11. Mother Nature i is predictable. If you tend to suffer from motion sickness START taking a trusted anti-nausea medication BEFORE you need it.
  12. Each person has to sign up if you want the correct amount of airline boarding passes.
  13. Right after 9/11 the port of New York was closed and Celebrity changed the original embarkation to Baltimore. Some flights were able to be changed since the cruise left on 9/29. Passengers were bused to Baltimore in both directions and the departure time was changed to after all the buses arrived. Mustering was done the following morning at sea on the outer promenade deck in a near hurricane on the little but beautiful Zenith..
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