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  1. I actually called back and added the VOOM to my Deluxe for only 8 a day.
  2. I should have remembered that since we have purchased the packages many times in the past.. Gratuity is correct.
  3. Just purchased the Deluxe for $48 and the Refreshment for $22. Plus tax of course... Grandeur 3/7/20
  4. We always buy a bag or two for snacking when we get off at a port. If you don't open them the inflated bags keep them from getting crushed in your carry on.
  5. We have always stayed in the Condado area hotels. The cab ride to the ship depending on traffic has been a thrill ride on occasion. LOL
  6. I have found that my wife and I can find everything we desire on any RC ship of any size. We have learned as well that we can avoid those things we are not interested in.
  7. It is amazing how the proper touch of seasoning or a steak cut from the correct end of a primal slab of beef can make all the difference in an evening's meal.
  8. After 20+ years on RCL, Celebrity and HAL we tried a 2 week cruise on the Breakaway due to its very unique itinerary. After the Caribbean was ravaged by the hurricanes they skipped a few of the usual Eastern Islands and delved down farther South to include the ABC Islands and Martinique, which are rarely visited by cruises from the Northeast. Nice ship, decent but not up to any of our other cruises even with specialty dining. Almost everyone sailing has the free bar benefits causing crowding at most bars. and drink servers in the casino, lounges and entertainment venues were far and few to be found. Embarkation as well as the total cluster jam with baggage of the same color being deposited at three different and separate locations at the pier as we disembarked was horrible. (The cruise left from New York City). Smoking was heavy in many places and although it doesn't bother me it was very, very smelly.. LOL Ship was very nice Stateroom was kept clean and neat but sometimes wasn't ready till the afternoons during the cruise. Food was passable Staff was friendly but could have used more at each venue Major mess at embarkation and disembarking from cruise, possibly due to NYC departure Choice of COLORS for disembarkation time and baggage areas was left to the passenger's choice with apparently no limit to any particular color, as our color seemed to have been chosen by everyone on board. What a mess... Itinerary was FANTASTIC and wish RCL or someone ELSE would offer the same for a 2 week sailing from the Northeast, even with 2 usual ports skipped. We sailed in an extra large veranda stateroom and I imagine the experience would have been different if we sailed in the Haven category. Did we enjoy the cruise? Yes, as always, but with some critical points. We would not however do it again with NCL and have sailed from the NYC port several other times on HAL with no trouble.
  9. Right to the dining room and check out our table. Change it if we decide to.
  10. ??? The beverages served on Labadee are all supplied from the ships docked there. I don't think any of the bad press from the DR's poisonings or other problems would have any relevance to the Haiti port. Just an opinion.
  11. Great port for embarkation, Great ship with a Great crew. If you enjoy the feeling of being on an ocean voyage and not an amusement park you will be back for even longer sailings on this most wonderful ship.. We are waiting patiently for our next upcoming 12 night Caribbean cruise on her and looking forward to getting back to one of our favorite ships.
  12. I think the IV balconies are too small to actually contain a BALCONY.
  13. It is sad that today Corporations base customer service on those "LET US KNOW HOW WE DID" email notices printed on your six page register receipts. I would imagine that 99% are ignored except for those who for one reason or another have an issue with their service. How many out there actually take the few minutes to respond with a favorable few words???? AND YES, many head offices if not all accept nothing but a 10 as a positive response, anything less is mark in the negative.
  14. That's it. Sign on and you have 24 hours to use it. We use our 3 hours on an infrequent basis over the entire cruise. And it's one bag of laundry per member. Insert other media.url
  15. Some of the Elite benefits that are not included in RCCL's Diamond are the free laundry, dry cleaning and pressing along with 90 minutes of FREE internet per Elite member. We are very happy to have the free internet since we rarely use up the allotted 3 free hours we get. Just for an occasional email we don't need more. Since we tend to cruise on longer ( 12-14 day ) cruises when available the one free bag of wash and fold (times 2) and the dry cleaning and pressing do come in handy.
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