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  1. To go almost anywhere you would have to wear a mask aside from your car. To eat at a restaurant you have to wear a mask until you are seated. To get a haircut, buy a sandwich or go to a Walmart you need a mask. If I have to wear a mask for the 15 minutes it takes me to check in at Cape Liberty and the additional time to get to an area that will have to be changed to allow social distancing as stated by RCCL with up to 50% less passengers until my veranda and cabin are ready NO PROBLEM. If I have to wear a mask in the theater or the Casino or for shopping (just like at home) no problem.' If we have to be masked when getting seated, no problem. I am retired but my wife is still working in the same profession and wears a mask for up to 12 hours a day as well as a face shield for some of those hours. WOULD WE GO ON A CRUISE with certain mask restrictions, at the drop of a hat. We have two booked and have our fingers crossed .. LOL
  2. Fears from the 1970s The 1976 vaccine caused around 10 cases per million vaccinated. Even ordinary flu vaccines, however, are thought to cause one extra case of Guillain-Barré per million, in addition to the 10 to 20 per million who get Guillain-Barré some other way every year. Does this mean it is safer not getting vaccinated? Absolutely not. First, there is the risk of swine flu killing you. Second, what few people know is that flu itself is far more likely to cause Guillain-Barré than any flu vaccine. A 2009 study found that out of every million people who get flu, between 40 and 70 develop Guillain-Barré. So your best chance of avoiding Guillain-Barré is to get vaccinated, a conclusion backed by a 2007 study. AND AS FAR AS GUILLAIN-BARRE syndrome goes...Most people eventually make a full recovery from Guillain-Barré syndrome, but this can sometimes take a long time and around 1 in 5 people have long-term problems. The vast majority of people recover within a year. A few people may have symptoms again years later, but this is rare.
  3. If the vaccine they develop gives you immunity you would not get the flu, even if exposed to it.
  4. Sorry, but she is nothing but an Anti-Vaxxer spreading lies. Her first lie where she states there has been NO animal testing in the Pre-Clinical phase, and she goes on from there. The tests no in Phase THREE have more than 100,000 volunteers in all types of test trials. AS FAR AS ANIMAL TESTS, HERE ARE A FEW ARTICLES ANBD TESTS TO CHECK OUT, "DOCTOR" Madej... August 5, 2020 National Institutes of Health: NIH-Moderna investigational COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in mouse studies Lethbridge News: Canadian company urges human trials after COVID-19 vaccine results in mice August 4, 2020 Texas Standard: The Role Transgenic Mice Play In The Race For A Covid Vaccine University of Washington: HIV vaccine design strategy holds promise for COVID-19 Science Blog: Decoy Receptor Neutralizes Coronavirus In Cell Cultures News Medical: Regeneron antibody cocktail shows promise as potential COVID-19 treatment Drug Target Review: Protease inhibitors with antiviral activity against coronaviruses developed August 03, 2020 Wisconsin News: UW lab partners with North Carolina company on COVID-19 vaccine August 02, 2020 LA Times: Scientists study coronavirus outbreaks among minks in Europe News Medical: The race to a coronavirus vaccine July 31, 2020 Scientific American: Concerns about Waning COVID-19 Immunity Are Likely Overblown GenEng News: Vaccine Effectiveness Could be Boosted in the Elderly July 30, 2020 San Diego Tribune: Several COVID-19 vaccines limit viral growth in monkeys, reports show Science Magazine: Coronavirus Challenges in Primates, Compared WGN Radio: When can we realistically expect a coronavirus vaccine? Knowable Magazine: Getting a Covid-19 vaccine — quickly and safely Star Advertiser: University of Hawaii medical school coronavirus vaccine sparks rapid immunity in mice Washington State University: Bracing for the next pandemic New York Times: Johnson & Johnson’s Coronavirus Vaccine Protects Monkeys, Study Finds July 29, 2020 Triangle Business Journal: Heat Biologics: Covid-19 vaccine candidate shows promise in animal testing July 28, 2020 Seattle Times: Moderna Vaccine Test in Monkeys Shows Promise Bloomberg: New Coronavirus Turns Out to Be Decades Old — in Bats July 27, 2020 Digital Journal: Essential Science: Why coronavirus causes smell loss is revealed GovTech: Kansas State University Lab Pivots to Fight COVID-19 New York Times: Masks May Reduce Viral Dose, Some Experts Say July 24, 2020 News Medical: Experimental mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine elicits protective immune responses in animals July 21, 2020 News Medical: Mouse model of fatal COVID-19 developed for vaccine and drug testing Elemental: A Day in the Life of a Scientist in the Coronavirus Vaccine Race July 20, 2020 News Medical: COVID-19 vaccine displays protective traits in nonhuman primates July 15, 2020 WVUE-TV: Tulane researcher optimistic about a vaccine that is entering advanced stages of testing Interesting Engineering: New Protective COVID-19 Antibodies Tested Effective Bloomberg Businessweek: Covid Vaccine Front-Runner Is Months Ahead of Her Competition Maverick Citizen: Covid-19: Clinical trials steam ahead in the race to find a vaccine July 14, 2020 Montreal Gazette: New molecule attacks COVID-19 on two fronts The Knoxville News Sentinel: Tennessee scientists have partnered on cutting-edge discoveries in a race against COVID-19 Stanford: Pathogens suppress immune response with molecule, a possible drug target, Stanford researchers find July 13, 2020 Harvard: New vaccine platform technology uses red blood cells to generate targeted immune responses in mice Medical News Today: COVID-19: Linking loss of smell, depression, and anxiety through human and animal studies The Scientist: How Social Isolation Affects the Brain Science News: Remdesivir study suggests antiviral can cut death risk in people, stop virus growth in cells and mice July 10, 2020 Medical News Today: Hopeful COVID-19 research: Testing new vaccines, repurposing old ones WZTV: Anti-viral drug potentially inhibits COVID-19 causing virus in human lung cells July 08, 2020 PBS: How a coronavirus vaccine will get to market Tulane University: Tulane researchers find that coronavirus can survive in air for hours Medical Express: Report finds rising trend of viruses jumping from animal hosts to humans Daily Pioneer: How close are we to the silver bullet? Belfast Telegraph: Animal studies could help test for Covid-19 airborne transmission Science: Can boosting interferons, the body’s frontline virus fighters, beat COVID-19? CNN: Even without a Covid-19 vaccine, there’s reason for hope July 7, 2020 Kenosha News: UW drug delivery study uses same method as COVID-19 vaccine candidate GenEng News: COVID-19 Research: Women Are Changing the Face of the Pandemic Futurity: How Air Pollution Makes COVID-19 Worse DBusiness: U-M Researchers Discover How Distracting a White Blood Cell May Stop COVID-19 Deaths July 6, 2020 Precision Vaccinations: Double Coronavirus Antibody Cocktail Launches Phase 3 Study Telegraph: Scientists race to answer six key questions about the coronavirus Biospace: Regeneron launches phase III COVID-19 prevention trial with antibody cocktail following studies in mice. July 04, 2020 VOA: Researchers Launch Large Trials of COVID-19 Candidate Vaccines July 2, 2020 The Tennessean: HBCU scientist working on COVID-19 antiviral July 01, 2020 BGR: The coronavirus is making our cells grow tentacles June 30, 2020 CTV: Canadian-made COVID-19 vaccine ready to start human trials soon Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: INOVIO Reports Positive Interim Phase I Data for COVID-19 DNA Vaccine, Joins “Warp Speed” Primate Study June 26, 2020 Discover Magazine: Deadly Animal Diseases Can Jump to Humans. Is Vaccinating Wildlife the Answer? Medical News Today: COVID-19: Could gut bacteria be involved? June 25, 2020 RTL: Italy study shows mosquitoes cannot transmit coronavirus Oxford Mail: Two doses of Oxford University coronavirus vaccine tested on pigs Stanford Medicine: The race for a COVID-19 vaccine: What’s ahead June 24, 2020 Outside Magazine: How Do We Prevent the Next Pandemic? Nature: Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes June 23, 2020 Newsweek: Nearly 150 Potential Coronavirus Vaccines Are Being Developed Globally Forbes: Progress In Monoclonal Antibodies For The Treatment And Prevention-Of Covid-19 The Independent: Coronavirus: ‘Significant step’ in development of vaccine for animals June 22, 2020 CNN: This super safe lab protects researchers as they race to develop a coronavirus vaccine University of Wisconsin: Hamsters develop protective immunity to COVID-19 and are protected by convalescent sera June 19, 2020 First Post: First Human Trials of COVID-19 RNA-Based Vaccine by Imperial Researchers, Now Underway France 24; In China’s vaccine race, shortage of monkeys and weekends Medical News Today: Duo of antiviral drugs strongly inhibits SARS-CoV-2 in the lab June 18, 2020 Tufts University: Researchers Across Tufts Pivot to Fight COVID-19 June 17, 2020 KPCC Radio: Cows Help With COVID-19 Treatment, No Bull Harvard University: Old Drugs and COVID-19 News Medical: Scientists examine SARS-CoV-2 cell entry in different species KGTV TV: UCSD researchers testing ‘nanosponges’ to fight COVID-19 June 16, 2020 Technology Networks: “Super Potent” COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibodies Isolated and Successfully Tested in Animals Science Daily: Researchers identify potent antibody cocktail to treat COVID-19 June 15, 2020 Boston Herald: Beating back the coronavirus: Harvard researchers look for a cure The Guardian: Coronavirus vaccine trial by Imperial College London begins Pharmaceutical Technology: Daiichi Sankyo to develop Covid-19 vaccine candidate in Japan June 14, 2020 VOA: Alpaca Helps to Make COVID-19 Vaccine June 12, 2020 WKZO Radio: How a vaccine made of mosquito spit could help stop the next epidemic Inverse: Future Covid-19 Treatments Could Be Thanks to Cows, Llamas, and Pangolins International Business Times: Genetically engineered lab mice to boost COVID-19 vaccine and research: Experts BGR: Dr. Fauci delivered more good news about coronavirus vaccines June 11, 2020 The Arizona Republic: Mice can’t catch COVID-19, so a UA lab is making new kind of mouse University of Connecticut: UConn Researcher Talks Vaccine Realities in an Unprecedented Time Fierce Biotech: COVID-19 vaccine from China’s Sinopharm clears animal tests The Economist: An animal model of COVID-19 is now available June 10, 2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mouse model of COVID-19, key in accelerating research, developed by Washington U. Raleigh News and Observer: Here’s how UNC is spending $29 million on coronavirus research Harvard Magazine: Ending an Epidemic June 9, 2020 New York Times: Can a Vaccine for Covid-19 Be Developed in Record Time? ABC News: A list of COVID-19 vaccines that are being studied in clinical trials Daily Mail: Giving coronavirus patients remdesivir early may prevent deadly lung damage, suggests study that showed it blocked respiratory disease in monkeys June 08, 2020 News Medical: New study involving mice shows possible alternative pathway of SARS-CoV-2 infection in overactive bladder Spokesman Review: Letter to the editor: Thank our biomedical researchers June 07, 2020 The Times-Picayune: Could measles vaccine protect some coronavirus patients? Tulane researcher aims to find out News Medical: Mouse research: SARS-CoV-2 invasion of central nervous system through olfactory tract June 05, 2020 Nature: Frozen cells and empty cages: researchers struggle to revive stalled experiments after the lockdown June 4, 2020 Science Magazine: Why coronavirus hits men harder: sex hormones offer clues USA Today: A coronavirus vaccine could require you to get two shots. Here’s why. June 3, 2020 Medium: New Gene-Edited Lab Mice Are Especially Good at Catching Covid-19 Rivard Report: Texas Biomed: Larger Primates Best Model in COVID-19 Vaccine Study Medical News Today: COVID-19: Drug targets enzymes that enable virus to invade cells Vox: Why a vaccine may not be enough to end the pandemic June 2, 2020 Associated Press: Monkeys, ferrets offer needed clues in COVID-19 vaccine race The Tribune-Democrat: Pitt expert: Antibody injections could fight COVID-19 infections June 1, 2020 Science Alert: Scientists Find a Way to Infect Mice With Coronavirus. Here’s Why That’s So Important Medical Express: Antibody injections could fight COVID-19 infections – an infectious disease expert explains the prospects May 31, 2020 The Cavalier Daily: University doctors use previous research to spearhead coronavirus vaccination May 28, 2020 Scientific American: COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Search for Antibodies That ‘First Do No Harm’ AVMA: Researchers look at role of pets in COVID-19 transmission 538.com: COVID-19 Is A Respiratory Disease. So Why Is It Affecting Patients’ Hearts And Brains? Inlander: WSU is testing animals for COVID-19 to learn more about how the virus moves between species KDKA TV: University Of Pittsburgh Researcher Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Take Until Early Next Year May 27, 2020 Speaking of Research: A small number of monkeys could help millions of people: Coronavirus vaccine testing Science Daily: Mouse model mimics SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans May 26, 2020 Medical Express: Coronavirus: why we’re using llamas to help fight the pandemic The Morning Journal (Ohio): Six COVID-19 Research Projects Launched by Cincinnati Children’s Sky News: Coronavirus: Thailand trialling COVID-19 vaccine on monkeys May 25, 2020 East Oregonian: Oregon primate study gives hope for post-infection immunity to COVID-19 VOA News: Thailand Enters Global Race for Vaccine With Trials on Monkeys Minneapolis Star Tribune: US company trials coronavirus vaccine candidate in Australia The Globe and Mail (Canada) : Canadian coronavirus vaccine candidate delivers promising results in animal tests May 23, 2020 Medical News Today: Why we need more research on animal infection with the new coronavirus May 22, 2020 The Australian: The race around the world for an effective coronavirus vaccine Minneapolis Star Tribune: What scientists are learning to try to be ready for what’s after COVID-19 May 21, 2020 STAT: ‘It’s something I have never seen’: How the Covid-19 virus hijacks cells NIH Director’s Blog: Enlisting Monoclonal Antibodies in the Fight Against COVID-19 Fierce Biotech: Harvard animal studies suggest COVID-19 protection can come from previous infection or DNA vaccine New England Journal of Medicine: Developing Covid-19 Vaccines at Pandemic Speed Firstpost: Harvard studies show DNA vaccines provide partial immunity and antibodies prevent reinfection GEN & Biotechnology News: Expediting COVID-19 Research CBS News: Monkey trials show promising COVID-19 vaccine results May 20, 2020 US News: Inovio Says COVID-19 Vaccine Produces Antibodies in Mice, Guinea Pigs TuftsNow: Searching for Ways to Defeat COVID-19 May 19, 2020 KTVT TV: Finding A Cure: Texas Research Lab Confirms Drug Blocks Coronavirus In Human Cells The Telegram & Gazette (Central Massachusetts): COVID-19 from humans to animals ‘highly unlikely,’ study at Tufts finds May 18, 2020 WVUE TV: Tulane scientists discuss ongoing coronavirus research including plans to vaccinate animals STAT: Early data show Moderna Covid-19 vaccine generates immune response Nature: Animal source of the coronavirus continues to elude scientists New York Times: Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Early Results The Guardian: Five organisations in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine May 17, 2020 News Medical: Study involving mice shows human monoclonal antibodies can effectively neutralize SARS-CoV-2 May 16, 2020 The Hawk Eye: Iowa mice key in race for COVID-19 treatments May 15, 2020 NIH: Investigational ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine protects monkeys against COVID-19 pneumonia NBC: Coronavirus vaccine: This week’s updates from Oxford and the NIH WHYY Radio: The great research mouse rescue amid the pandemic The California Aggie: UC Davis research finds strong links between emerging infectious diseases, threatened animal species The California Aggie: Testing of COVID-19 skin patch vaccine begun by Verndari Inc. in collaboration with UC Davis Pharmaceutical Technology: Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine shows promise in animal study May 14, 2020 Science Daily: SARS lessons for COVID-19 vaccine design Knowable Magazine: Building a mouse squad against Covid-19 ABC – Australia: Coronavirus family tree tracing could prove key to controlling new outbreaks Nature: Dogs caught coronavirus from their owners, genetic analysis suggests Bangor Daily News: Cats with no symptoms spread virus to other cats in lab test Scientific American: From Hamsters to Baboons: The Animals Helping Scientists Understand the Coronavirus May 13, 2020 The Salt Lake Tribune: Coronavirus and immunity — what the latest research says about people who already beat the disease Medical Express: Can a drug developed for sickle cell anemia mitigate lung damage in patients with COVID-19? May 11, 2020 Telangana Today: Even animals benefit from social distancing to prevent disease KLEW TV: Researchers investigate how COVID-19 is transmitted from humans to pets Wired: The Search for a Covid-19 Research Animal Model iPolitics: One of Canada’s vaccine hopefuls has shown promise in ferrets – so now what? Science Daily: A close relative of SARS-CoV-2 found in bats offers more evidence it evolved naturally May 10, 2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer: How long immunity lasts after a coronavirus infection and what that means for vaccines Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Opinion: Developing a treatment May 7, 2020 Inverse: An Animal Once Linked to Covid-19 Could Be the Key to Better Treatment Neurology Today: COVID-19 Closes Labs, Slows Data Collection—The Impact on Neurology Research KTRK TV: FDA approves coronavirus vaccine’s next phase in clinical trial May 6, 2020 Washington Post: The urgent quest for a coronavirus treatment involves door-to-door blood collection and a llama named Winter Forbes: Meet The Animal Heroes Of The Coronavirus Pandemic May 5, 2020 The Conversation: Exercise may help reduce risk of deadly COVID-19 complication: ARDS Discover Magazine: COVID-19 Antibody Testing: Tougher Than True/False The Print: Can computers find a potential drug to fight Covid-19? Experts say it’s a long journey Science Magazine: The race is on for antibodies that stop the new coronavirus May 4, 2020 Science Daily: Activation of the SARS coronavirus 2 revealed Chicago Business: Scientists use genetically modified mice to create antibody that defeats coronavirus in lab The Incline: Meet the Pitt researchers working to end the COVID-19 pandemic Sky News: Coronavirus: Scientists hail ‘groundbreaking’ discovery of antibody which prevents infection May 3, 2019 Washington Post: Inside the extraordinary race to invent a coronavirus vaccine May 2, 2020 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The fight for a cure includes animal studies April 29, 2020 UC Davis: COVID-19 Vaccine With Patch Delivery Technology Enters Preclinical Testing at UC Davis Live Science: Why are more men dying from COVID-19? Tri-State Livestock News: MSU researcher examines animal origins of COVID-19 CNN: The Race for a Vaccine: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s coronavirus podcast for April 29 April 28, 2020 NBC: ‘Fogging’ technology used by animal caretakers to clean rooms where animals are housed now helping in the battle against coronavirus April 25, 2020 Business Insider: How studies on everything from monkeys and ferrets to mice, cats, and dogs are helping researchers in the fight against the coronavirus crisis CBC: A race against the disease’: Canadian researchers part of global effort to develop COVID-19 vaccine The Dartmouth: Researchers continue essential work in on-campus labs April 24, 2020 Live Science: New COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in monkeys. Next step: humans April 23, 2020 Scientific American: Three Ways to Make Coronavirus Drugs In a Hurry Science Magazine: COVID-19 vaccine protects monkeys from new coronavirus, Chinese biotech reports The Johns Hopkins News-Letter: Care of research animals remain a priority at Hopkins Medical News Today: Studies in mice and monkeys show faulty blood clotting mechanism may explain COVID-19 severity April 22, 2020 Futurity: Why Do Older People Have More Covid-19 Symptoms? Newsweek: Chimpanzee studies show that ‘social distancing’ may not be the right term for our coronavirus quarantine measures. The Guardian: Coronavirus: what have scientists learned about Covid-19 so far? April 20, 2020 Global News: University of Calgary researchers study risk of COVID-19 transmission from humans to pets April 17, 2020 NIH: Investigational chimp adenovirus MERS-CoV vaccine protects monkeys. Scientists pursuing similar studies with a vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2. NIH: Antiviral remdesivir prevents disease progression in monkeys with COVID-19 April 16, 2020 Live Science: When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready? Montreal Gazette: What science is telling us about COVID-19, from deadly spikes to brain seizures MIT News: Proteins may halt the severe cytokine storms seen in Covid-19 patients April 15, 2020 The Scientist: What Do Antibody Tests For SARS-CoV-2 Tell Us About Immunity? AVMA: Spike protein may contain key weaknesses in COVID-19 virus April 14, 2020 Business Insider: French scientists are using the measles vaccine to develop a ‘Trojan horse’ against the coronavirus Chicago Tribune: At the center of a storm: The search for a proven coronavirus treatment April 13, 2020 Science Magazine: Mice, hamsters, ferrets, monkeys. Which lab animals can help defeat the new coronavirus? Quartz: How monkeys, ferrets, and horses are helping scientists fight Covid-19 The California Aggie: UC Davis researchers work toward developing potential vaccine for COVID-19 Science Daily: Study finds remdesivir effective against a key enzyme of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 KERA TV: Clinical Trials For Promising COVID-19 Drug Underway In North Texas April 10, 2020 Taipei Times: – Virus Outbreak: Team identifies inhibitors in search for drug Scientific American: What Immunity to COVID-19 Really Means WDHN – TV: Auburn Veterinary Medicine begins testing for COVID-19 vaccine candidates April 9, 2020 Science Focus: Ferrets potential ally in the search for coronavirus vaccine April 8, 2020 Popular Science: A new vaccine protects mice from another dangerous coronavirus April 7, 2020 WXIA TV: Emory-discovered coronavirus drug shows promise in mice, heads to human trials Technology Networks: Antiviral Against COVID-19 Reduces Damage in Mouse Lungs The Cedar Rapids Gazette: University of Iowa-led vaccine research shows promise for coronavirus Scientific American: New Coronavirus Drug Shows Promise in Animal Tests Science Daily: Engineered virus might be able to block coronavirus infections, mouse study shows PRI: Can Tulane University’s monkeys help the global fight against the coronavirus? KSAT TV: Local scientists studying levels of immunity in COVID-19 survivors The Scientist: Scientists Around the Globe Pivot Their Research to SARS-CoV-2 April 6, 2020 WCSH TV: Maine lab genetically modifies mice for COVID-19 research
  5. Retired from Pharmacy and in my seventies. Would I get vaccinated against Covid-19 YES, and not just to cruise. I signed up for the Covid-19 vaccine trials just as my parents did for me so I could get the trial vaccination against Polio. My older sisters both contracted Polio before I was born and I didn't.
  6. Got an email today from RCCL. Traditional early seating on the ANTHEM is now at 5:30 and MTD is later at 6:30. Our last sailing on the ANTHEM ( Jan-2019 ) we had MTD and it was at 5:30 (5:15??) and it was in the GRANDE.. I was told the GRANDE is NOW TRADITIONAL at 5:30. I changed my reservations to Traditional at 5:30 in the GRANDE. I will see what we get once on board IF we sail in November??
  7. Not if they alter the dining system in the Windjammer to table dining with waiters??? Everything is in flux especially what will be going on in the Windjammer.
  8. My wife just had a thought, thinking it may have something to do with planning for social distancing with a reduced number of tables and staffing throughout all the dining venues.
  9. What is the EARLIEST time slot for My Time Dining on the Anthem of the Seas ? Called the Cruise Planner today and was told the earliest is 6:30 pm. ??? We have sailed on the Anthem before and know the hours for MTD were earlier than that ??
  10. In 20+ years of cruises with Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, HAL and NCL we think the Anthem is a very good ship. It has just about anything anyone of any age could desire whether you want to be active on your cruise or spend your time just relaxing and enjoying being at sea. The ship was always in excellent condition and staff was always very attentive and capable. Food ?? Sure food quality over the years has gone down in the MDR, making specialty restaurants more and more desirable, however that is true of all the lines including Celebrity. Don't be deceived however, as many a dish in a specialty venue doesn't prove worth the upcharge and on occasion the MDR meals have been equal to or superior to them. Heading towards 30 cruises and with TWO future cruises booked on the ANTHEM it is obvious we find her to be a wonderful way to cruise..
  11. Some people do have a right to express opinions about today's "Quality of Life" issues between those in suites and those in steerage. Does one have to book a suite to dine in a special restaurant where a steak is a steak and not a second or third class hunk of gristle and tendons in one of the MDRs? Just hyperbole but does raise a point or two..
  12. This is the NEWEST OFFICIAL information, National Address by Prime Minister The Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis. JULY 19TH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGc2BOn9_yU&feature=emb_err_woyt Closure to incoming persons: at the 19 minute mark.
  13. Check out Dawn Wells on Facebook. She is still going strong. LOL Did a cruise in March, Had to self quarantine for 2 weeks. We were tested for antibodies 3 weeks ago BOTH negative (-) My wife wears a mask 12 hours a day and when in close contact or any physical contact wears a shield as well. O wear a mask when ever in public. If a mask MUST be part of embarkation or at those times we all know are crowded not a big deal. I am sure the reduced passenger capacity will lead to increased (SOCIAL) distancing in restaurants and other areas like lounges and casinos where masks will NOT be needed
  14. We always get the packages. I get the alcohol and my wife who may have a 1 real cocktail with dinner (COVERED BY DIAMOND STATUS) but loves the MOCK-tails gets the replenish. We book our cruises 10 - 12 months ahead and check prices when we can use the cruise planner. We have 2 cruises coming up and as with all our cruises in the past we are paying $44 and $20 for our packages. I have been able to get them as low as $39 and $19 on occasion. ALWAYS WORTH GETTING since we cruise the Caribbean exclusively and enjoy ALL the beverages included in both plans. For ME anything under 70 a day is fine considering coffees, waters, sodas, juices, wines, beers and liquors add up and besides it's a cruise and the card is just so much more convenient to use. Just an evening in the Theater and a few hours in the Casino will easily involve 3-4 drinks.
  15. After my two older sisters suffered from polio my parents signed for me to be in a test group for the Salk vaccine. I did nit get Polio.. I recently signed up for the Covid-19 test trials. If they need a test subject in my 75+ age category I'm ready..
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