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  1. NY and Cape Liberty NJ as well as NYC. Dozens of choices among Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, NCL and Carnival just to name a few. Cruises that go North and those that go down as far as the Southern Caribbean and every length from 5 to 14 days.
  2. Actually desalinated water from a reverse osmosis system has almost NO detectable sodium in it compared to many bottled waters..
  3. I would do five minutes research on the internet about Brita or many other filters and bacteria in water. Then I would find a new doctor.
  4. We have been on 3 cruises with rescues at sea. Two by returning to a port and one vial helicopter. A lot depends on distance from land and severity of illness.
  5. I'm 73 and I know I am getting old after clearing out 2 driveways of this morning's 4.5 inches of wet heavy snow with my plow and snow blower. But I still have enough sense not to hang anything over the side of a ship.
  6. Words have meaning and this is the typical way cruise ship deaths are described. Yes they FELL, just like the child FELL but that is just misleading. It is sad that opinions are formed without knowing or checking out Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story. One day there will be a warning sign on almost everything there is that we come across in our lives, and lawyers ready to jump on the next injury caused by stupidity or lack of common sense and blame the service provider, manufacturer or WARNING SIGN MAKER. .
  7. So would you push for better warning signs? How about signs on the open decks.. " DO NOT DROP CHILDREN OVER THE SIDE OF THE SHIP " ? Sounds stupid doesn't it? But that is exactly what the GF did. You can't cure STUPID with laws or signs.
  8. In more than 20 years we have ALWAYS been seated at the table size we requested when booking. Have your TA or your RCCL representative make that request. Double check when you get your table number upon boarding and make any change at that time.
  9. Absolutely. Today just a walk down the cough and cold isle in a local pharmacy shows we can deal with things as we were unable to back during the pandemics. Fever reducers, pain relievers, cough treatments and antibiotics that help prevent the more serious secondary infections that the flu symptoms can foster.
  10. The last post that I read this morning says a lot and explains that this brand has been given out on previous cruises. Big M: Yes, they use local suppliers and as they're in Asia that's what they use. They've used that brand for some years at least, nothing to do with the current issue. I like the part of the rocket scientist. Perhaps you know then that one of the biggest and most widely felt current drug recalls comes from a drug made in China that was found to contain a cancer causing ingredient in the production of rocket fuel. The whole China thing just raised an eyebrow or two when considering the safety precautions or lack of them in the production of this brand. No xenophobic racist attitude, just a cautious raised eyebrow when one thinks about China's safety issues.
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