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  1. Really? We book staterooms that sometimes have larger verandas than some suites such as aft or hump cabins. We enjoy our verandas for a few hours in the sun as well as late night drinks and snacks. We go ashore when in ports, drink as much as most others, spend several hours every afternoon (when at sea) as well as nights in the casino and do enjoy on board shopping as well as specialty restaurants. If as you say Celebrity is NOT building ships on that model, one of which is in my opinion the Edge, than so be it. There are other lines much less edgy. And although we are Elite on Celebrity we have just about the same status on other lines as well.. I am sure Celebrity won't miss me and I will not miss Celebrity since over the past almost 20 years they are NOT what they used to be even in the slightest.
  2. My wife and I will be on the wonderful Grandeur for the third time, sadly about 300 days from now, for a 12 days sailing to the Caribbean. On the Anthem we had a veranda room that was angled by the hump and faced forward. Was quite large and a pleasure to get plenty of sun. We were on deck 7 and had no overhang to block the sun and if you looked down you could see the lifeboats, however they were NOT visible when lounging. The ANTHEM is more modern, larger and has amusement activities like rock walls, bumper cars and on-board surfing which may or may not be your cup of tea. No matter or no worries as you can find everything you liked about the Grandeur on he Anthem plus a lot more bells and whistles. One difference we noticed was that the Schooner Bar, our favorite watering hole on Grandeur, seemed a bit less cozy on the Anthem. The bathroom on the Anthem seemed very tight but functional. As usual the housekeeping steward (Rosnet) was wonderful and attentive to all our needs. Our MDR dining was in the GRANDE restaurant and was very enjoyable with ambiance almost equal to that in the Olympic specialty venue on the Celebrity Millennial. Service was very good and meals were satisfactory although chosen from a fairly limited menu. We sailed to the Caribbean for 12 days on the Anthem just a few months ago and had a wonderful time. Our prior sailings on the Grandeur were also to the Caribbean for 12 day cruises and we are booked once again on her for yet another 12 days to the Caribbean, sadly about 300 days from now.. The Anthem cruise from Cape Liberty (Bayonne NJ) provided a very easy embarkation process and return as well. We do prefer the smaller ships but would not hesitate one second from another on the Anthem if the dates and itinerary were right. Bermuda is a great port and after at least 4 visits there we found it has everything you could want from an Island, from beaches to bars, food, shopping, history and architecture. I know you will have a great cruise and remember to take the meclizine at least 12 or so hours before the cruise if you are worried.. LOL HAPPY SAILING
  3. I imagine living in Florida where most of Celebrity's cruises originate will be a plus and with the large pool of retirees in Florida to draw on, they will fill up at the last minute with no problems. Heavily discounted cruise prices will be a bonus to retired folks who have no work or time off schedules, they are close to the port and can avoid last minute high air fares making their last minute vacations much easier to take advantage of.
  4. This could easily be yet another negative against Celebrity. Although dropping prices to fill a ship AFTER the final payment date is not that uncommon, making it a practice on the scale of what the above vacancies chart shows would be seen as a rip off for those who booked early. For 20 years we have always booked a year or longer in advance in order to get the stateroom and category we want. Over the time before the cruise we check to see if there is a reduction and take advantage of it. If there is none and the prices remain the same or go up we are happy with our choice in either case.. If we see a mass price reduction on a large number of cabins post final payment date it might just make us think about our choices in the future. Getting a meal at a restaurant with reservations and then seeing the same meal for a walk in at half the price would leave me with a bad taste EVEN if I got what I originally bargained for. It may be just me, but it doesn't seem to be a good business practice.
  5. I am just wondering how this number of empty staterooms on just two decks will affect the staff who depend on tips for most of their earnings? I am no bean counter but if the above number of vacancies on decks 7 and 8 stays the same the stateroom stewards and wait staff could suffer a loss of at least $14,000. in standard tips, not counting the extra amount most people add, for a 7 day cruise. Just a thought when considering the number of empty cabins???
  6. If you are sitting next to your open window (IV) relaxing and someone is holding a conversation at their open window (IV) just a few feet from yours I imagine the conversation could be annoying.. That is how I interpreted the situation where the parties were sitting on their regular verandas, one trying to relax and the other holding a loud conversation ? Just my thoughts... from the OP's post, "... I did shut the bifold doors in the early morning while I worked on my laptop while my DH slept. It was quieter for him to have the doors closed while I worked (and quieter for me as it cut the snoring noises down 🙂). "
  7. If you are sitting next to your open IV window and the same person was in the next stateroom with their window open and was holding a conversation just a foot or so from your open window, how would that be any different than if you were on normal verandas?
  8. First, to be truthful we have not sailed on the Edge. We started back in 2001 in a suite on the Zenith (stateroom 1008) There were no verandas on the zenith. Our next 2 dozen cruises have all been in staterooms with verandas aside from one in an inside (last minute booking to sail with friends). We earned our Elite status on X in a few years booking staterooms from Royal suites down to afts with extended verandas. We switched to Royal Caribbean on and off and then mostly on due to itineraries offered and time of year schedules. We again chose only suites or extended verandas on Royal and quickly earned Diamond status independent of our X status. Obviously we love the verandas and do use them more possibly, than many others. Our last cruise in February this year was on The Anthem of The Seas and we stayed in a cabin with the largest of the angled verandas that looked towards the front of the ship. The veranda was huge with 2 reclining chairs, 2 footstools and an adequate table for drinks or what not. For the entire 12 days there wasn't one that I can think of where there wasn't a period of full sun balanced with times of partial to full shade. There was one day of passing showers where we sat out and enjoyed the warm Caribbean air and still kept dry enjoying drinks on the veranda. My wife is a vacation sun worshiper and enjoys her time in the sun whereas I manage to get enough for just enough tan to prove to our neighbors that I didn't stay at home for my vacation. Our verandas offer chair hog free time in the sun, time where we can both be together with her in the full sun and I in partial shade if I want or both pretending we are stretched out in the Caribbean broiler.. We are always just seconds away from anything we need like room service, our ice bucket, fridge or bathroom. Sorry but there is NO way an IV can offer what our TRUE verandas have offered us on our many cruises, almost all of which had at least two full length loungers, drink or dining table, fresh air, breezes both day and night and all that separated from our spacious staterooms (TINY BATH HOWEVER on the Anthem) by a door and a light proof curtain and some with sheers. As far as the rest of the Edge goes I am sure we could avoid what we wanted to and still find what we enjoy on her just like on Royal's Anthem. Then comes the price issue. Our cruise was a pittance compared to what 12 nights on the Edge would cost in a room with a motorized picture window and two CHAIRS that would be impossible to recline in let alone take a nap or get a full body sun tan. PS. Dining in The Grande dining room was a wonderful experience with decor reminiscent to the original Olympic dining room on X when specialty dining was truly an event. Food was very good but the menu wasn't as varied as in the past either on Royal or X. Buffet was the same as on X and was fine. Boarding from Cape Liberty and returning back was a matter of simply walking on and off with NO waiting, possibly aided by facial recognition on our return, which took 3 seconds. If the next in the build offered a deck or two of the more traditional verandas it would be tempting but until then it's a no go for us. Just like Dynamic Dining there were those who loved it and others who didn't and it was phased out.
  9. Two months ago on Royal Caribbean there were no longer any plastic straws. My wife who tends towards the frozen drinks had no problems as far as taste. The straws held up pretty well but did seem to get a little limp if she nursed the drinks too long.
  10. Our first in 2001 on the Zenith. Suite 1008. Butler, Zenobio. Ocean view, no verandas on Zenith at that time. Dining room, beautiful, luxurious. Waiter and assistant, excellent, knew your every need but never hung over us. Live music during dinner. Food was excellent in quality, variety and appearance, Michele Roux influenced. Sommelier for wines and bar attendant for other drinks. Formal nights, Suits and tuxedos, waiters with white gloves with chairs dressed for the occasion. There was no need for a special dining venue. Buffet, trays, gloved waiters to carry your tray or at least bring you to an open and clean table. Stewards escorted you to your stateroom on boarding and carried your bags. Stateroom amenities, there was everything you could need or think of. Room steward and assistant, almost invisible but seemed to always be there to open your stateroom door. A true chocolate treat from Godiva on your pillows at turn down. Not a five cent wafer. Never heard the words "nickel and dime". Each night the desserts for the evening were presented on a tray and were true delights. Probably even more that I can't remember after all these years. Easy to see why we were hooked on cruising and even now 20 years later with things so very different we will still cruise as often as possible.
  11. Thanks for the info. I always thought they were fresh made and not outsourced like on another cruise line where they were disgusting 50% of the time. On Celebrity it was amazing to see how ALL the bread from loaves of white to all those different rolls were produced on a daily basis..
  12. I have seen the baking area and can say they bake just about all their breads and rolls on board. I think certain items like bagels and hamburger / hot dog rolls are purchased due to the difficulty. I have no answer for croissants since they are fairly difficult to produce however they are very expensive to buy pre-made and their are thousands on every ship.
  13. Try googling ( celebrity summit window washing ) and click on images. There are a few photos that may help. From what I remember from our sailings on the Summit they are almost always positioned at the ends of the ship and I believe they are categorized as partially obstructed cabins. Hope that helps.
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