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  1. When we have booked cruises that require flying we've had our checked bags sent ahead using Luggage Forward. Picked up at our house and delivered right to the ship. And with Luggage Valet on the return, our luggage is no longer a problem even when flying..
  2. At 73 with a temperamental back and knees I do not worry about a couple of bucks spent so I don't have to load or unload my 50 pound or heavier checked bags from the back of my car or any other place.
  3. That's why I would rather see it done, if done at all, at a place like the fresh egg omelet station and not far removed from the table like a ship's galley, or sitting in a tray for who knows how long at the buffet. It might take a minute or two longer to make than an omelet but it would be nice and fresh, served right from the pan.
  4. It is a prime example of advertising and image over quality.
  5. On some Saturday nights my bar would easily go through two or more cases of that (ugh) "Tennessee Whiskey." Could never understand its popularity, but to each his own. I never complained, LOL.
  6. Jack Daniels is unique and in my opinion can't be categorized other than it's "Jack Daniels".
  7. I bet they could make fried bread at the omelet station? Ask one of the food managers at the buffet. They have skillets, bread and oil and butter so why not???
  8. Same basic product but they have differences in taste.
  9. I check out all the smaller liquor shops in Phillipsburg and have found a number of hard to, if not impossible to, find items.... Prices may not be super special but the selection is often very very good.
  10. Seems like what many large corporations do these days. Treat the clients like lab rats and see just how much they can take before they start jumping around on the hot plate..
  11. And after partaking in all of the above that you list how about a nightcap in bed watching a movie to fall asleep by.
  12. On the Grandeur I have seen pretty much everything but NOT kippers or true fried bread..
  13. It's only been 7 months since we were on the Anthem and I just couldn't remember. I know we ate at the Icon but forgot if we chose MTD or traditional.. LOL Thanks for the response.
  14. If you have assigned traditional dining can you still eat in the American Icon?
  15. Our first cruise was in a suite on Celebrity's Zenith. We had a well appointed suite, sitting area and a lovely large WINDOW, that didn't open like the new modern IV staterooms. At that time there were no verandas on the Zenith. True there were no "specialty or better" restaurants, BUT who needed them. The service, food quality, presentation and variety was as good as you would find in many land based restaurants serving EXCELLENT cuisine. Your waiter was your WAITER, and he had an assistant. You had a wine steward and a bar steward. Formal nights made today's "specialty" restaurants look like a Friday's. The special details to ambiance (live music), candles, white glove service, table setting and everything including the menu was a true experience "exceeding expectations". LOL Gloved waiters in the buffet would direct you to a freshly cleaned table and even carry your meal if you wanted. They would get your drinks and whatever else you might have needed. It seemed like the Buffet had enough seating for all unlike today. There was no such thing as the "Suite Life" and service at all venues was the same for all. Our Butler, Zenobio, did bring coffee and snacks at 4 pm. and he brought us room service when we ordered it. The bathroom was stocked with some of the finest toiletries and had just about ANY odds and ends you might have in your own at home. Bathrobes were thick in all categories. There were fairly new movies shown in a theater with hot popcorn served. There was never a problem getting served drinks when in a lounge, by the pool, the casino, in the theater or the MDR or buffet. When boarding you were given your token champagne, mimosa or whatever and were escorted to you stateroom by a steward who would carry your bags. Staterooms were ready when you boarded. Nightly turndown featured the Godiva chocolates on the bed and printed notices about the next day including the weather. Daily News printed up showing articles of interest from around the world was printed up each day.. Yup... We didn't have any verandas back then but it was still OKAY with us. OKAY --before the flames begin this is what cruising was like when we first experienced it. It was what hooked us into a few decades of cruising the Caribbean. Sure cruising has changed as we all have changed but it doesn't mean that we can't look at how it has changed and maybe express our opinions as to whether the changes are good or bad.
  16. My wife and I felt the American Icon was the best of the complimentary venues. Granted the menu for all is the same but the general layout and ambiance of the Icon felt more like a dining room than the others.
  17. The units should be stored in the carrier tube provided at a temperature of 20-25 °C (68-77 °F); however, temperature swings between 15-30 ºC (59-86 ºF) are permitted.
  18. Wow... I knew my Beverage Packages were a great deal.. THANKS LOL.
  19. You should get about 9 average strength drinks from that bottle. I don't have any idea as to what that would cost since we have had drink packages for a while now.
  20. When you book on the RC website and get to select the type of stateroom and you choose VERANDA You get 2 selections 1. WE PICK YOUR ROOM 2. YOU PICK YOUR ROOM ====================== PICK # 1. And you go directly to the SUMMARY for the cruise. The stateroom description on the summary reads: "Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony Guarantee". This COULD be a lovely view of a LIFEBOAT. This could be very deceptive to new cruisers since from start to finish all the way to the summary and payment page there is NO MENTION OF THE POSSIBILITY that this might be an obstructed view. Sure buyer beware but somewhere in the above process there should be a little warning... JMHO GUARANTEE Based on your previous selection, you are guaranteed a stateroom at minimum in the category selected.
  21. Although her influence in the "New" Celebrity is profound, changes began before her move to X. The one change that I couldn't understand was the elimination of a slightly larger stateroom and veranda in Concierge class when the new S class ships hit the water. We always booked Concierge just for the small amount of space both in and out of the stateroom. The other little perks were ok but not why we chose C category. ..
  22. Just a few months ago we sailed on the Anthem of the seas Large ocean view balcony stateroom 4-C 12 night Southern Caribbean We had a Real veranda Two recliners with foot stools Small table for drinks The combination table/desk was easy to move out and use as a large coffee table in the stateroom or on the veranda for a full room service meal. And after 20+ years on both X and RC the MDR and Specialty meals as well as buffet are now just about equal in every way. (We have independently earned both Elite as well as Diamond) TOTAL COST= $3,044.00 WHY would we even consider a cruise on the EDGE? 9 Night Southern Caribbean in an IV (ocean view with a window) TOTAL COST= $4,130.94 Even a 9 night comparable cruise on the Silhouette (We sailed on her first cruise out of Cape Liberty) is TOTAL COST= $4,139.40 The Silhouette does have recliners as well as a decent sized table on the veranda, but NO footstools?? We would gladly pay MORE to cruise on Celebrity BUT NOT FOR LESS of a cruise experience... We also have 2 RC cruises lined up and booked for 2020.
  23. I love the travel experience, however to me it includes a few, shall we say creature comforts. A comfortable chair with a footstool or a lounge chair on my veramda where I can kick back with a drink or two after an active day port hopping or donating in the casino. Maybe a late night snack without having to run out in pajamas for a few cookies and a pot of coffee. I don't know how many times my wife and I have enjoyed a full breakfast on a decent sized table while docked in the Caribbean as we watch the beauty around us or the early birds leaving for their excursions, from our veranda, while still in our bathrobes. I guess some would consider being towed behind a cruise ship in a dinghy a travel experience... LOL Enjoy your cruises .
  24. Don't forget LLP's Dynamic Dining at Royal Caribbean. Two ships now with separate restaurants serving the same menu?? ...
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