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  1. NY and Cape Liberty NJ as well as NYC. Dozens of choices among Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, NCL and Carnival just to name a few. Cruises that go North and those that go down as far as the Southern Caribbean and every length from 5 to 14 days.
  2. Actually desalinated water from a reverse osmosis system has almost NO detectable sodium in it compared to many bottled waters..
  3. I would do five minutes research on the internet about Brita or many other filters and bacteria in water. Then I would find a new doctor.
  4. We have been on 3 cruises with rescues at sea. Two by returning to a port and one vial helicopter. A lot depends on distance from land and severity of illness.
  5. I'm 73 and I know I am getting old after clearing out 2 driveways of this morning's 4.5 inches of wet heavy snow with my plow and snow blower. But I still have enough sense not to hang anything over the side of a ship.
  6. Words have meaning and this is the typical way cruise ship deaths are described. Yes they FELL, just like the child FELL but that is just misleading. It is sad that opinions are formed without knowing or checking out Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story. One day there will be a warning sign on almost everything there is that we come across in our lives, and lawyers ready to jump on the next injury caused by stupidity or lack of common sense and blame the service provider, manufacturer or WARNING SIGN MAKER. .
  7. So would you push for better warning signs? How about signs on the open decks.. " DO NOT DROP CHILDREN OVER THE SIDE OF THE SHIP " ? Sounds stupid doesn't it? But that is exactly what the GF did. You can't cure STUPID with laws or signs.
  8. In more than 20 years we have ALWAYS been seated at the table size we requested when booking. Have your TA or your RCCL representative make that request. Double check when you get your table number upon boarding and make any change at that time.
  9. Absolutely. Today just a walk down the cough and cold isle in a local pharmacy shows we can deal with things as we were unable to back during the pandemics. Fever reducers, pain relievers, cough treatments and antibiotics that help prevent the more serious secondary infections that the flu symptoms can foster.
  10. The last post that I read this morning says a lot and explains that this brand has been given out on previous cruises. Big M: Yes, they use local suppliers and as they're in Asia that's what they use. They've used that brand for some years at least, nothing to do with the current issue. I like the part of the rocket scientist. Perhaps you know then that one of the biggest and most widely felt current drug recalls comes from a drug made in China that was found to contain a cancer causing ingredient in the production of rocket fuel. The whole China thing just raised an eyebrow or two when considering the safety precautions or lack of them in the production of this brand. No xenophobic racist attitude, just a cautious raised eyebrow when one thinks about China's safety issues.
  11. Good.. Unspecified dissolved solids and Silicic acid are not on most bottled water labels. Most bottled water can be researched for more specific content. NOT THIS ONE.. Please take a look at the labels on your clothes, electronics, iPhones.....a ton of items we all use could be contaminated? That’s not how it work by any stretch. How about most of the latest drug recalls. Longest and most recent was the cancer causinbg rocket fuel found in a VERT popular blood pressure med. Finally getting back on the market after months and months. I deal in drug recalls and you would e surprised how many and how frequent they are and a lot originate in China, since most of our drugs (base ingredients) are produced there.
  12. Just a side note from what I read on a social media forum that Celebrity is now serving on the Millennium Acqua Ale in place of Evian. It is according to the label a spring water bottled in China?? If true it just seems a little odd. And what is on the label raises a few questions.
  13. If any of them had any sense they would just accept the fact he did a very reckless act which caused her death. Shut up and let the court slap him on the wrist. But no. It is more sense to put the blame on someone else. ??????????
  14. THE WORD HOMICIDE IS THE ISSUE... Granted the following is only the law in one State but it is pretty much the same in the entire US. If gramps caused the death by his reckless and negligent actions it is a negligent HOMICIDE... HOMICIDE Criminally negligent homicide in New York is outlined under the state’s criminal statute 125.10. It occurs when a person causing the death of a human being in a way that was careless, reckless or inattentive. This means an individual accused of a crime didn’t mean to kill the alleged victim. However, their actions were so bad that a person died. A person can be accused of criminally negligent homicide if they fail to act. Their failure to act such as the failure to provide care for someone results in death of that person.
  15. HOMICIDE IS A BROAD TERM, Negligent homicide is the killing of another person through gross negligence or without malice. It often includes death that is the result of the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, which includes the operation of a boat or snowmobile.
  16. As you can see from post 1032 just above , some people don't understand how broad a range of offenses homicide covers. I am sorry if I worded my response the wrong way. It is like dropping an air conditioner out a window accidently and it beans and kills someone. It is still a homicide but one without criminal intent to kill someone..
  17. Several offenses all fall under the main heading of HOMICIDE. Legal Definition of homicide 1 : a person who kills another. 2 : the killing of one human being by another (as intentionally, with premeditation, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence) Criminal negligence refers to a mental state of disregarding known or obvious risks to human life and safety.
  18. Remember the package includes bottled waters, soda, shakes, special coffees, smoothies and juices. I will drink at least 3 draft Newcastles a day (2 with dinner) along with a bottle of Pellegrino and one or more in the schooner lounge. At least one mixed drink at a show and one (or more) in the casino to end the day. There is also one or two fresh OJ 's in the AM and a bottle or two of water during the day. Might seem like a lot but we cruise the Caribbean and seem to drink a lot more than when at home. My wife rarely if ever has any alcohol so she gets the Replenishment package and enjoys her frozen MOCKTAILS and other beverages as well. If she wants a real drink she gets one of the three at happy hour for Diamond. It is really good for us and easy to use with no receipts etc.
  19. Been on that ship and many others many times. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall and have NO TROUBLE looking out to the sides and down from the clearly open windows on the pool decks on any of the dozens of ships we have sailed over the last 20+ years. I have watched pier runners, fuel bunkering, pilots getting on and off and dozens of other events out of those windows. The attached photo is from a video shot on the FREEDOM OTS along the bank of windows where the homicide took place. Notice the woman looking out the window to the right.. Does she look like a giant? Does it look like she can't tell the window was open? Does ot look like she would have the slightest bit of trouble poking her head and even part of her shoulders to the outside of the window frame?? The lawyer should be disbarred and forced to pay all court costs and legal fees encountered by RCCL.
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