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  1. I always park at the port in New Orleans. At Erato it means using the garage entrance, stopping on deck 3-ish where they take your checked bag, and then proceeding to your parking deck. Usually 4 or 5 for us. Therefore we don't use the drive through drop off lanes at the bottom. However, they seem to move fine. The problem at Julia street is that you have to pull front first into and angled spot, unload, and then be directed to back out by security so that you can proceed to the parking lot across the streets (diagonally), park and walk back. There are no drive thru lanes. It is is a total pain on top of causing that loading lane to backup something fierce. It makes me want to park offsite but the shuttles are even more of a pain. LOL
  2. Norwegian uses Julia Street terminal and Carnival uses Erato Street terminal. Completely different experience in my opinion (Erato is much better)
  3. I have used Cheryl's without issue and would recommend them
  4. Superior how? Both food and entertainment are subjective so we can eliminate those as a factor.
  5. Vista class ships do have smaller comedy clubs but that was part of the original design. The Sunshine series of ships are more of a re-design and rename vs a refurb. I thought you were referring to the general drydock work the ships go through every 5 years or so. 🙂
  6. What Carnival ships got smaller comedy clubs with refurb? and which ships got smaller main showrooms with refurbs?
  7. Plus that means they will probably replace the IMAX theaters on the Vista and Horizon on some future dry dock. I hope not as I prefer the IMAX theater over a bouncing venue.
  8. They post them on a monthly basis so I would guess monthly for the most part $12.95 I believe It could possibly sell out but that would be the only reason to get them earlier than walking in near showtime Yes, they will play a few different movies multiple times during the cruis
  9. Probably because of higher commissions for the TA. :)
  10. They have been extending the Take All every time it has expired for the last month or so. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets extended again.
  11. They charge the gratuities on the free stuff right up front as part of the booking. The daily gratuities can be prepaid or they charge them daily on the ship. As far as entertainment: if your idea of great entertainment is a 1.5 hour long musical in the main theater then NCL and RCCL are awesome. If not, then not so much. 🙂 I sat through Rock of Ages and it nearly killed me. LOL
  12. Majesty of the Seas is in Cozumel the 11th and not the 12th thus the error on cruise port insider. 🙂
  13. Carnival owns Puerta Maya so you won't be docking there unless some craziness happens. The schedules show you will be at International Pier which is where all the Royal ships dock for the most part. NCL, MSC, and Disney normally dock at the downtown pier (Punta Langosta). Count on being at International Pier 😉
  14. I've been on Vista class and Breakaway Plus class and I would NOT agree that Breakway Plus has much better venues. Some are better and some are worse. I ran the numbers for 4 people in a balcony mid-March 2020 and they are about the same (around $3300) for Panorama and Joy with the Joy including the perks so I agree that would be the better option on these but not because one is a better ship. 🙂
  15. A better ship eh? So you've been on the Panorama and Joy? And Joy is so much better why? 🙂
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