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  1. NightOne

    Best Beach Club?

    Nachi will generally be very quiet and have less people there. It is not lively by any means but more serene. If you are happy with Mr. Sanchos then I recommend going back. You don't technically have to try a new place. I've been to Nachi twice and Mr Sanchos twice and I like both but they are different experiences.
  2. NightOne

    Shareholder credit.

    Per cruise. $100 is for a 7 day cruise. 6 Days or less is $50. 14 Days or more is $250.
  3. NightOne

    Gluten Free

    If you are willing to wait a bit you can have them make you a gluten free bun and bring your burger from the back. (10-15 minutes normally) You can also bring your own GF buns on board if you plan to eat a lot of Guy's Burgers and don't want to wait.
  4. NightOne

    Cruise director list? Where to find?

    Latest one I have personally seen: https://airtable.com/shrowheYeozlqz6jF/tblYvmZ0AEX9AiCK8
  5. NightOne

    Best Beach Club?

    Needs some editing but close. Corrected: Do you want AI? If so Paradise Beach is not for you Do you not want AI? If so Nachi Cocom is not for you. Do you want water toys? If so, Nachi Cocom is not for you Do you want music and a lively atmosphere? If so, Nachi Cocom is not for you Mr Sanchos has AI and Pay as You Go. I believe you had music and lively atmosphere switched. My opinion: based on the OPs desires I would recommend Nachi Cocom
  6. Seems like I've heard December or January they will release the Summer/Fall 2020 itineraries but I'm looking for details myself.
  7. NightOne

    Any recent reviews from these members?

    I noticed that you moved back to Illinois. Did not like Florida? Any details you want to share? :)
  8. NightOne

    Upsell fairy sent me an email

    I pretty much got the same offer for the same cruise and didn't think it was that great a deal being that the normal everyday price difference was like $42 per person and it puts me in the front of the ship as opposed to the aft where we are now. I called and they offered me 2 other rooms but I stayed where I was at.
  9. Disney Cruise Lines to start sailing from New Orleans in 2020
  10. NightOne

    Cruise before the Triumph goes into Dry Dock

    Try the Fish & Chips at the Seafood Shack. :)
  11. NightOne

    Cruise before the Triumph goes into Dry Dock

    You are not reading this anyway since I am blocked by you but I said 3 posters (technically I said 3 complainers) and NOT 3 posts. You have chosen to not care about facts and have decided you rather whine and cry instead of listen to reason. Frankly, I don't think you should cruise at all based on your expectations and character traits in that regard. I will say this ONE MORE TIME ... one of the loudest complainers has NOT even been on the cruise yet. (MediumB) One of the other complainers gave me a list of 6 or 7 complaints. 1-3 all happened BEFORE sail away. (late embarkation, muster drill, and kid's wristband having wrong muster station on it). The 4th was a noise complaint about construction which she is an expert on. (according to her). The last ones were staff complaints saying the staff was rude, slow, and treated her badly. Oh, and apparently the water in the MDR tastes like "mold" to her. Sorry, I don't buy that at all. This is all about perspective people. It MATTERS WHO is saying it when it comes to feedback on a cruise. Some people choose to find misery in everything and others choose to find joy. Knowing who is speaking is important. For example. I know that I am personally going to believe what JAMMAN54 (Jeff --- and others) says over some random poster who only showed up to complain and whine.
  12. NightOne

    Cruise before the Triumph goes into Dry Dock

    So I joined that Facebook group that was mentioned earlier in this thread to find out about all this hard evidence of issues and once I started asking simple questions over there the 3 chief complainers started flying off the handle, acting like crybabies, and got the thread deleted. (and were calling for my ban because I dared to question there dramatic stories of what happened in an area I was right next to for 4 days_ Needless to say I recommend anyone here to take these complaints with a grain of salt (or a whole bag) and go see for yourself. I didn't find any reasonable evidence or proof that anyone had there cruise ruined by any of these pre-drydock activities. That is just MY opinion. Some people live to complain...and they normally start out by saying "I never complain" ... OH yes you do. LOL
  13. NightOne

    Cruise before the Triumph goes into Dry Dock

    Lunch is being served until 4pm on the sailings that leave at 5 so you won't miss lunch. Over dramatic much ?
  14. NightOne

    Cruise before the Triumph goes into Dry Dock

    I don't know all the things that are happening at my company right now either. You think the customer service reps know everything about every sailing. They do not. I'm sure they were not told anything because it doesn't have an impact on the sailings. (save leaving an hour later) I'm not "wrapped up" in my own opinion. I was just ON the ship. You were not. I talked to tons of people on the ship and there were those that chose to find the negative in everything and those that did not. Our friends were on the sailing a couple of weeks ago when they started to the construction on the port side deck 7 cabins (one that we ended up staying in) and told us all about that sailing. Of course we're not a bunch of crybabies either. Yeah, your are starting to sound like one of those whiners that just want to be miserable about everything (and possibly some sort of mental case) so no matter what someone who was actually just on the ship tells you you've already made up your mind to be negative and listen to a few other whiners who do nothing buy complain. Ok then ... have a miserable cruise like you want and let's leave it at that.
  15. NightOne

    Cruise before the Triumph goes into Dry Dock

    Maybe because it has no impact on your cruise