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  1. If we focused on vulnerable instead ... for example in a many areas a full 50-ish percent of the COVID-19 deaths are in nursing homes/long term care facilities Here are some numbers from our county of 937,166 people (since the beginning of all of this): 208 Confirmed COVID deaths - 14 Maybe = 222 Average Age of Death = 74 Deaths of people below 25 years old = 0 Deaths of people 55 or older = 189 (over 65 = 152) Healthcare Associated* deaths = 106 *"Healthcare associated exposures include hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes and does not include healthcare staff or employees. Data on exposure is not available for probable cases." Finally, co-morbidity stats: 75.5% had existing cardiac issues 35.1% had diabetes 21.2% had existing respiratory issues So if you listen to the news you are just walking around town as a healthy young guy and BAM you're dead from COVID-19 VS. what the data is really saying to us ... one of those things is that if you are old and in a nursing home you are very vulnerable ... but of course your are not in a nursing home because you are healthy and can take care of yourself 😞
  2. I'm not manipulating anything. Simple math. Your method is the equivalent of using how many people died after getting shot in the head to determine how prevalent gun crime is in an area. If you have 100,000 people in an area and 1000 were killed by being shot then 1% of the people were killed by gun violence. It doesn't matter if 3000 were shot and 2000 survived. Using your math 33% of the people are dying from gun violence. That would be trying to manipulate the numbers but doesn't accurately reflect what is going on.
  3. That's not how statistics work. I agree that the number of deaths per number of people confirmed to be infected is a different number. However, we are still dealing with the world population so the number of people who don't get it at all is also a BIG part of the equation. The math is simple and right. Bottom line is how many people on this planet have died from COVID-19? Also, accurate data vs using death certificates would be better
  4. You can "fire" your TA Call Carnival and they will provide you with a means for taking the booking back from the TA and move it to directly with Carnival.
  5. My name is not "Don" but ... um you're welcome ... I guess
  6. Don't trust my math. Simply Google search the world population, number of worldwide COVID deaths, and do some simple division. And they're not even counting the deaths accurately so the % could be even smaller. A little fear and panic is all it takes to start a hysterical over reaction.
  7. Those are the numbers. Not the ones the news is blowing up about the number of cases rising and all that hype but the actual % of people worldwide who have died from this thing. That IS reality ... if you want to live in some artificially created "news" spin that is your choice but that doesn't change the numbers. Bottom line is this is only fatal to a teeny tiny percent of the population and not the masses.
  8. They have free OBC sales all the time. (and other sales) - Almost all businesses have sales. (even Apple) I don't know what business school you went to but most teach that giving a nickel to get back a dollar is a good thing. 🙂
  9. Then I guess that we'll have to admit that we are dealing with something with a worldwide death rate of .0073205128% and move on accordingly. Whereas approximately .2294871795% will die from heart disease/stroke/cardiovascular issues each year. (31x COVID thus far this year) and then maybe we'll figure out that we should focus on protecting that vulnerable .0073205128% of the worldwide population while not destroying the lives of the other 99.9926794872% 😞
  10. This is utterly ridiculous. If all it took was Carnival giving someone $100 to get them to book a cruise and pay the regular cruise fare they would do that all day long.
  11. Not entirely accurate. Profitability of a particular ship has a lot of other factors. Just some examples: Fuel Cost Crew Size Onboard Spend Loan Payments on Vessel etc. The Fantasy class ships haven't hung around this long because they are money losers. 🙂
  12. My prediction: We get the bomb dropped on us tomorrow after the markets close. (although it is possible today too) They are trying to get things figured out. I'm expecting to have 3 of my cruises cancelled and I hate it. 😞
  13. In my opinion the lawsuit is not a factor. 1. Lawsuits like these take years going through the legal process. We're not likely to see anything on that until at least 2022 or 2023 2. The basis of the lawsuit is weak
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