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  1. "Journalism" is garbage these days LOL Here is the Carnival press release that more accurately give the details: https://carnival-news.com/2020/02/20/carnival-cruise-line-signs-five-year-agreement-with-city-of-norfolk/ So basically 12 total sailings from Norfolk in 2021
  2. Yup, very true. I have Ocean Cay Marina and Half Moon Cay coming up on my cruise(s) next month. I bought cabanas on both so again I am part of the problem but the pricing on those aren't seasonable/variable to the best of my knowledge. Of course we go to Aruba and Curacao too so there is that. 🙂
  3. Private islands are nice and all and I certainly like most of the ones I have been to but you kind of become a captive audience with few options other than a beach/lounge day. It feels a little to controlling when you don't have any "public" ports on the itinerary.
  4. Variable pricing sucks but it is what it is. 😞 I'm waiting for them the add PAY toilets on Cococay ... "Upgrade your bathroom experience blah blah blah" Remember "Perfect Day" at Cococay is PERFECT for RCCL and not the customers. I think Royal is heading the direction of trying to grab ALL the money including ports. I'm not going to be surprised when they start releasing itineraries with Labadee, Antigua (their beach club), and Cococay (once or twice) which means that Royal gets all the money on the shore too. LOL With that said ... I'm part of the problem too as I bought those $79 Coco beach club passes and as long as we all keep buying this crap they will continue selling it to us. 🙂
  5. Homewood Suites Airport West or Homewood Suites Blue Lagoon or Embassy Suites MIA Airport Which one and Why? (or Why Not on any of the) GO ... 🙂
  6. Yup, technically not a cove as you don't have the metal infrastructure that cove balconies have but it is a deck 2 balcony and aft facing. 🙂
  7. It is what it is. Not sure what else to tell you.
  8. I debated those corner ones (2480 & 2495) on the Panorama since you get a slighter better balcony and view on the edges but I didn't like the way the rooms were laid out so I went for close to center as possible.
  9. I was on the U.S. inaugural Mardis Gras cruise that was cancelled and did not get an e-mail yet either although I hear they are coming out very soon. (possibly the 15th or sooner) I just found the Sailabration stuff by luck on the morning it was released.
  10. I was very very close to choosing 4230 but we ending up going deck 6 with our friends. 4232, 4241, and 4239 were available but not for only 2 people in the room or I would have went 4241 and had our friends get 4232. We tried but they won't budge this far out. 🙂 4230 is the one that has the connecting door to the Vista suite but it doesn't look like that is an issue. I think you are going to love it. We have 2503 on our upcoming February 2021 Panorama cruise. It is a family harbor aft facing cove balcony and I'm really looking forward to it because it combines the 2 types of cabins I love most. (Coves and Aft-Facing)
  11. OK, just curious. We were down to Mardis Gras vs Pride and the Western itinerary with more ports was actually less appealing to us but 8 days vs 7 and first time on Spirit class won out so we booked the Pride. Plus we are booked on Mardis Gras for this year. You chose wisely on the deck. Deck 4 has covered (private) aft facing balconies lower to the water which I feel are much better. The center ones on deck 4 are cabins for 3 passengers or more otherwise we would have likely chose that spot. 🙂
  12. Curious as to why you chose the Pride vs all the others? Also, did you get a deck 4 aft balcony?
  13. They came out on Friday February 7th. There are 4 separate meetups that are going to happen.These will happen at 3 separate locations: Baja Mexico area, between Cozumel & Costa Maya, and in the Bahamas between Eleuthera and Nassau
  14. NCL has in the past: https://youtu.be/QFxXizA0L3U?t=2285
  15. I booked one of the Sailabration cruises and am definitely looking forward to the meetup. Our meetup is going to include Mardis Gras, Sunrise, Glory, Vista, Breeze, and Pride on on March 7th, 2022. I would bet that there will be a fireworks show or something similar. These cruises are also going to have special things on them in regards to food, drinks, events, etc.
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