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  1. Go pick an excursion from here: https://www.yucatancenote.com/ I've been wanting to go to a cenote for years and I recently went and was blown away by the experience.
  2. Just got back from our most recent cruise and we did the Burrito Grande tour with Yucatan Cenote. They were awesome and I would highly recommend them. if you have any specific questions ask away. 🙂
  3. Wanted to add: Case in point: Anyone hear the "press" presenting RCCL's side of the story when this happened? Ever see any media outlet do any real investigation and blame the family vs the cruise line? Nope, they all ran with the crying family interview and their lawyer's statements. 😞
  4. I'm saying the whole "Americans are mysteriously dying in the DR" was a totally made up BS story that was not given even the most basic amount of research. I'm also saying that the press is not going to be admitting they were full of it any time soon. There is nothing to sweep under the rug because nothing happened.Meanwhile they cause like a 75% drop in tourism to DR which means their BS has a large impact on a lot of people. Finally, I guess I am really saying that we have the worst press/media in the history of the world at the present time and they aren't worth paying attention to 90% of the time.
  5. Our press doesn't do their job and they never admit when they got it wrong or made it all up. Case in point is the DR deaths which I knew in my heart was a total BS story from the get go. Some quiet info on that lately: Dominican Republic Announces New Safety Measures After Deaths of 11 American Tourists where they still try to spin in so that don't look like the idiots they really are
  6. Arincini, Nonna's Meatballs, Chicken Parmigiana, and a custom Tiramasu dessert all from Cucina del Capitano
  7. It is primarily Heroes/Heroines and while a lot of it (majority?) is American not all of it is. (as you have pointed out) Colors are subjective 🙂
  8. I always park at the port in New Orleans. At Erato it means using the garage entrance, stopping on deck 3-ish where they take your checked bag, and then proceeding to your parking deck. Usually 4 or 5 for us. Therefore we don't use the drive through drop off lanes at the bottom. However, they seem to move fine. The problem at Julia street is that you have to pull front first into and angled spot, unload, and then be directed to back out by security so that you can proceed to the parking lot across the streets (diagonally), park and walk back. There are no drive thru lanes. It is is a total pain on top of causing that loading lane to backup something fierce. It makes me want to park offsite but the shuttles are even more of a pain. LOL
  9. Norwegian uses Julia Street terminal and Carnival uses Erato Street terminal. Completely different experience in my opinion (Erato is much better)
  10. I have used Cheryl's without issue and would recommend them
  11. Superior how? Both food and entertainment are subjective so we can eliminate those as a factor.
  12. Vista class ships do have smaller comedy clubs but that was part of the original design. The Sunshine series of ships are more of a re-design and rename vs a refurb. I thought you were referring to the general drydock work the ships go through every 5 years or so. 🙂
  13. What Carnival ships got smaller comedy clubs with refurb? and which ships got smaller main showrooms with refurbs?
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