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  1. Correct. So when I heard Los Lobos being labeled as Premium and then I see Premium Outdoor Lounge it makes me think the lounge costs money.
  2. I have been to the Bellagio and other casinos during the pandemic. Some casino floors are NOT that big. By the way, the CDC dropped the mask requirement for vaccinated people today. Finally, I'm staying right here. Any pro-CDC people are the warts around here.
  3. 1. Vegas resorts have the following: Guest rooms, bars, restaurants, show lounges, pools, and casino floors. That sounds a WHOLE lot like a cruise ship to me 2. You are Canadian. How are you in any position to defend American agencies? Take your pro-CDC talk elsewhere
  4. Also, they said Indulge will be free for breakfast and lunch FOR NOW. They also refer to Los Lobos as Premium dining so that sounds like $
  5. Can we keep this thread limited to this hearing and the outcome and not Covid in general? 😉
  6. In one of the Ocean Boulevard slides in the NCL presentation on Pr1ma it says: "Premium Outdoor Lounge" Whenever I see the word Premium on a cruise ship that means upcharge. Anyone know what this is about?
  7. Russian owned Aleutian Island could be a new service port of call. 🙂
  8. Looks like 7/31/2021 is the 1st one that is NOT cancelled.
  9. That is the option we had on 7/17/2021 until just within the hour.
  10. 7/17/2021 Mardis Gras now shows cancelled on web page for checking them 😞
  11. There are "revelations" about their own data right now. Their own numbers do not support their own recommendations. For example, implying that healthy college kids are at risk from dying from Covid is not just ignoring your own data but going out of your way to deceive people. These people cannot be trusted.
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