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  1. Haha, who knows! Took 7 years to move from 95 to 98 😉
  2. Sitting at 98 nights with Carnival. I’ll likely never hit Diamond on Carnival. That’s okay, though.
  3. They’re still offering them even after the polar code changes. If Carnival were to do Antarctica, as noted above, it would be drive by so the comparison to Princess is okay.
  4. Antarctica on Princess was very reasonable in price when we did that cruise.
  5. I don’t think you read my post correctly. Then again, I wouldn’t expect you to read the terms and conditions of promotions you agree to.
  6. Shouldn’t. I’ve been on more Princess than Carnival and it was the only time I’ve been disappointed and underwhelmed by the ship. Still had a nice time though — just wouldn’t run to selecting Coral.
  7. Island and Coral are two of the more popular Princess ships. Not sure why as I hated Coral when trapped for 16 nights to Antarctica on that boring ship. It would have to be some killer itinerary to get me on Island or Coral again.
  8. I have done partial disputes before without issue. Once was even with a cruise line that still is happy to accept my bookings.
  9. In an ideal situation, I would choose the Freedom to the Eastern Caribbean. With that said, this past year is less than ideal and a Nov 2022 option is safer than Jan 2022 (right, @skridge?) so I would opt for the Mexican Riviera option. As you’re reserving group space, you have the schedules of many people in play... things might be more normalized towards the end of the year and the restrictions/modified experience in Jan 2022 may still be too much for many people. Is there an Eastern Caribbean option later in the year?
  10. Even I’ll say... the ship does look nice and I have been pleasantly surprised by the interior and some of the features onboard. Even @jimbo5544 is trying to get me onboard.
  11. Agree. For all we know, OP could be the next industry leader.
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