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  1. Been directly above the theater once before on Princess and it was a non-issue.
  2. The brand ambassador should have a pretty good understanding, no?
  3. I think the previous poster meant it as ‘two at the most.’ Pretty much the entire Carnival Cruise Line fleet is up for sale at this point but it doesn’t mean anyone will buy. They’ve been trying to get rid of the Carnival Fantasy for years.
  4. Close enough with a couple other cruises mixed in from competitors. The quoted point doesn't change: people remember things and it took me a long time to get back on a Carnival ship. I'm much happier with the cruise lines I actually do sail on. Cheers.
  5. Can vouch. Went from 2012-2019 without sailing on Carnival Cruise Line after cruising once each month with Carnival from 2009-2012.
  6. How often does Carnival require anything beyond the medical questionnaire? I’m going to guess... very rarely. In the past, it was a widespread problem where many would freely book these as they were larger but that practice isn’t as common anymore.
  7. The ADA does not require your disability or diagnosis to be disclosed. They only need to know what reasonable accommodations are needed to provide an equal experience or to assist you.
  8. Princess provides you with the minimum lead-in pricing whenever selecting an accessible stateroom. This process is automatic online but requires a quick phone call to Customer Relations to have the stateroom price protected if reserving by phone.
  9. Not much. Frequent passengers are not as valuable as they are led to believe. Although it's more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one, it comes at a cost that needs to be balanced by the provider. Of course, with Covid, it will only make it harder to attract new clients short term as the overall opinion of cruising is pretty low in the general public's eye. Upper mid-scale to luxury lines that have an even higher percentage of elite passengers than Carnival have this incorporated into their business model and attract a higher ADR and RevPAR. They know their onboard sales percentage will be lower than a cruise line that attracts a different clientele and thus have their lead in pricing adjusted accordingly (for the most part with some exceptions). As a general rule, the more you cruise, the less likely you are to spend money in the cruise line's largest profit centers. You know how to price match your stateroom to get the best deal, you learn to utilize promotions to your advantage and stack onboard credits, you know how to research excursions on your own, formal night isn't as special so you aren't buying the pictures, you have the merchandise or only buy your select items for a collection, you avoid the land based shops the shopping specialist tries to send you to, you don't spend as much time in the spas as you did before, etc.
  10. I thought that provision was only for the status match passengers. Thanks for the correction if it is for everyone.
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