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  1. Just FWIW, OP: I’d recommend the assumption of the parks staying closed longer than June 1. I’m not sure if you’re aware but a large portion of Disney’s labor comes from the Disney College Program. In fact, nearly everyone in the afternoons and evenings is a CP there. Yesterday, Disney Internships & Programs unfortunately made the decision to cancel the Fall Advantage DCP and contacted everyone due to arrive in June (most arrivals were expected the first week) to advise them of their employment opportunity being denied with a refund of their program fees. They were offered the opportunity to apply with no guarantee of acceptance for another semester. As of now, the Fall program is still expected to continue as planned with arrivals due in August. They usually begin in early August but I don’t remember from my CP a long time ago if the last week of July was included. Oh, and they also furloughed for an unknown amount of time all non-essential executive level employees, all salaried managers and all non-union hourly Cast Members.
  2. Mardi Gras. Jubilee. Carnivale. Tropicale. Sunshine. Sunrise. Radiance — is it official yet?
  3. The company is operating. Employees are working. They are interacting with guests over the phone and by email. We are receiving solicited marketing materials and they are accepting reservations. Their ships are sailing with crew onboard. The crew are being fed and working when necessary. They just aren’t makes leisure cruises available to the public at the moment. Carnival Corporation isn’t a little hotel that closed its door and furloughed everyone.
  4. Let’s be realistic. The ship is not sold out. Have you heard about the leaked NCL email instructing associates for say the other sailings are nearly sold out because everyone with cancelled Asia bookings was changing their cruise?
  5. Having just sailed from Santiago to Buenos Aires to Antarctica, our cruise had less than 20 passengers from Chile and less than 15 from Argentina. This was in the peak of their summer vacation as well so kids were not in school. I’m not sure cruising is part of their culture or within some of their budgets as South America itineraries are usually higher in price than the Caribbean which is often very inexpensive.
  6. And you know more than most just how much I love the Princess brand. Short term though, I just can't foresee them being my preferred cruise operator until the world begins to stabilize.
  7. I could see this happening as it's already happening to me and causing me to sway some of my future bookings. In terms of cleanliness and hygiene, this really brought to my attention one area that a competitor performs much better than my preferred brand within Carnival Corporation: Princess. Even though this competitor is starting to see Covid-19 outbreaks among the crew, they do have some rather exceptional reminders about general cleanliness and proper hygiene such as hand washing. It's very welcoming to see the initiative taken by Royal Caribbean International to have fun kid-friendly videos to remind the importance of hand washing played at the muster drill and throughout various times of the cruise. When reinforced by singers and musicians at the entrance of the buffet singing familiar tunes with the lyrics replaced as different forms of "washy washy" combined with convenient and open hand washing stations, it does get a large majority of passengers in the habit of hand washing. These videos are fun, easy to follow and capture the attention of multiple types of audiences with their flashy colors and catchy tunes. On Princess, my preferred line, they generally only have one sink at the entrances to the buffet which is usually being used or is hidden out of the way (out of sight; out of mind) and a single Purell station at the entrance to the Horizon Court. Despite having an employee stationed next to it, Princess always seems to have an issue confronting passengers and generally doesn't push as much as a certain competitor. They really limit their communication to a single message in the Princess Patter and a brief message in the embarkation paperwork to suggest ways to prevent norovirus. Purell only works when combined with proper hand washing procedures. It's something small but this is something I've noticed a competitor is doing much better. In the near future, I would feel more comfortable sailing on Royal Caribbean over Princess simply due to this.
  8. Just to piggy back on this quote because it's with Amex and based on my personal experience- If you had a replacement card (same account), even with a completely new number, the merchant credit/refund will go to the same account as if it were the same card. This is because of the authorization code/tokenization that was used to process the transaction in the first place. Essentially, they are returning the amount through the same token which knows where it should be routed to. If you have a new card due to an account closure, this will be a little different. In most cases, the payment would be returned to your closed account and your financial institution should mail you a check for the refunded amount. They will eventually get in contact with you or alternatively, you should begin the communication with them prior to requesting the refund and follow up sometime within 7-10 business days. This is how refunds generally work with Amex regardless of it being a cruise line or not. Someone else will probably be along soon to say whether or not all credit card companies operate the same way.
  9. Screenshot it and select the option that says click to choose files or insert other media Or just copy and paste as plain text.
  10. Maybe they didn’t think you still wanted a refund and would instead prefer a FCC?
  11. If you know it’s not included, why would you potentially try to defraud them onboard? They won’t say yes — they will defer the issue to Miami and request a couple days to get back to you. Onboard, they don’t know if you were once at a rate, printed the email, then changed to a less expensive one and trying to do a scam. Not saying you would modify your booking like that, but others would, and it’s the reason they need to research it. What rate program did you book at? Maybe we can help figure out if it’s included. Carnival also states in their Cruise Ticket Contract and website terms that they are not responsible for typos or erroneous fares, emails, or anything they didn’t mean to publish.
  12. If it was before the final payment date, you could have cancelled for a full refund regardless if you weren’t on Early Saver — and even then, it would have just been a small administration fee to move your deposit.
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