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  1. Carnival usually secures a permit to Glacier Bay for their first and last Alaska cruise of the season. With that said, I would look into other cruise lines that specialize in Alaska such as Princess and Holland America Line. As they have a greater market share of the available staterooms in the area, you may find that cruise fares are even more affordable than Carnival and deeply discounted last minute. These cruise lines will be able to secure the best itineraries and will have many culturally enriching onboard experiences that you simply will not find on Carnival.
  2. We have made back more than our initial investment. It has been a great buy for us years ago.
  3. It just seems weird to me that people are booking these types of trips but don't readily have a small deposit amount of funds available as disposable income but I guess if it works for you...
  4. Sure, there are some who have the means to do so and unfortunately there are those who do not. With that said, a cruise deposit is not an expensive item and the difference is only a couple of hundred dollars at the most if you reserve the longest itineraries possible. It's certainly different than a car or a house.
  5. Not to sound judgmental or anything but if someone can't afford a higher deposit due to limited disposable income, should they really be planning a cruise?
  6. What is the appeal of a reduced deposit sale? You have to pay the same amount regardless by the final payment date.
  7. For my upcoming Carnival Cruise, I sent it by fax and Carnival confirmed it through email. It seems Carnival’s preferred method of email but the other brands in the family prefer fax.
  8. jheald@carnival.com He also can be reached on social media too He loves assisting with dining requests and if you’re celebrating something special, be sure to let him know so he can send you something to make you smile.
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