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  1. I believe this is the correct answer. It IS all in the wording, not the math. Very clever!
  2. Documentation should have a "watermark" just like our driver's license. Employees who check documentation should be trained in what to observe for.
  3. Maintaining social distancing will help you from getting any virus, including the virus that causes Covid. Plus wear a mask and don't touch your face unless your hands are freshly washed.
  4. This virus has killed young healthy individuals, just not nearly as many as the older population with underlying conditions. Anyone who is a healthy specimen......are you willing to take the chance of not contracting this virus?
  5. The trials are to see if the vaccine "works". In fact, they will know exactly how effective the vaccine will be before it is released to the general population.
  6. I look at it this way.......that "extra caution" just may find you with Covid. I'm not going to take that chance. I will be first in line for the vaccine. As an aside.....I have never had a flu vaccine and I think I may have had the flu once about 30 years ago. I say "think" because what I experienced was cold with a 102 fever for about 3 days.
  7. Covid may get you by then. I guess you are willing to take your chances?
  8. I would hope getting the vaccine will lessen the effects and duration of the virus. Better yet, hope the vaccine will eliminate any symptoms and after effects. Even better would be that the vaccinated person would not be contagious by keeping the viral load very low. I will take any of those outcomes with the vaccine.
  9. Thank goodness there are volunteers who agree to receive the vaccine in trials. Without them, there will be no vaccine for anyone.
  10. Quoting myself here.........not to mention, getting back to cruising. We need herd immunity to do that. More people who receive the vaccine, herd immunity can be achieved. It is a very personal decision to receive the vaccine, I understand that. When the time comes, make your decision and know why you have made that decision.
  11. You are referring to "herd immunity". Without a vaccine, when we reach herd immunity in America, many more people will die. Those people will not have to die if we reach herd immunity with a vaccine.
  12. I had a mild flu response over 30 years ago but I have never had a flu vaccine. Having said that, I will be first in line for the Covid vaccine. The quicker we achieve herd immunity from Covid, the quicker we can go back to a normal life, including being able to cruise and have normal sports with fans in the stands. We need to achieve herd immunity to get the economy back to normal. A vaccine is necessary to achieve herd immunity safely. I surely hope those who are anti-vaccine will look at the big picture with this Covid disease.
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