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  1. I’m posting this on my iPhone as a test. I have been unable to post a comment on my laptop using Firefox as my browser for at least two weeks now. Anyone else having a problem with the cruise Critic site with the Firefox browser? It is only this site that I am having issues with posting. The Cruise Critic site functions normally when I post using Safari on my iPhone or using Google Crome on my laptop. Firefox seems to be the problem. Anyone else have problems posting on Cruise Critic using Firefox? Thanks.
  2. Our very first cruise was on the NCL Star in 2001 in Hawaii. I honestly believe it was the (always warm and fresh out of the oven) chocolate chip cookies in the Blue Lagoon that made cruiseaholics out of us. No lie!
  3. Le Bistro Chocolate Napoleon. That is the best desert I have ever tasted (land or sea).
  4. I hear ya. We will wait however long we have to wait to cruise with no masks. OR.......we will cruise on NCL where no masks are required anywhere on the ship of 100% vaccinated crew and passengers.
  5. Why not post a sign with a limitation of time? The life guards should "police" the time limit. How difficult would it be to keep tabs on12 people in one pool?
  6. What are Sixthman charters? Please forgive my ignorance. I just LOVE the water slides and am disappointed they have been removed.
  7. An allergy to vaccine components is not really considered being "unhealthy".....just allergic. Having said that, we have two types of vaccines here in the US. Surely, it would be pretty near impossible for an individual to be allergic to both types of vaccines. Note: I said "near" impossible.
  8. Does RCL offer a full refund when test results can not be obtained in time?
  9. Many thanks for your review and information. Sound like you had a wonderful time. Also sounds like NCL was READY!
  10. The visual just made me chuckle out loud.
  11. I always add Anisette or Sambuca to my Italian Espresso coffee. Always great when feasting on deserts at the holiday table. YUM!
  12. My very first cruise was on the Carnival Mardi Gras in the early 70s when I was single. The ship was just a few months old. I would bet this Carnivale is a sister ship to the Mardi Gras. Both ships were purchased from Canadian Pacific Line, according to Wiki. OMG.......FUN TIMES! I have a photo of a young good looking Italian somalier planting a kiss on my mouth at the main dining room table. My, have times changed!!
  13. Is the Bahamas allowing vaccine medical exemptions? The link in the original post did not mention that. Seems ALL passengers 12 and above must be vaccinated.
  14. I read that a couple of times and that surely does make a lot of sense. The fact that vaccinated people are not contagious as long as unvaccinated people also lends credence to NCL's policy of sailing 100% vaccinated cruises. Kudos to NCL!
  15. Are NCL ships sailing with less safety protocols, primarily no masking or social distancing indoors? Isn't that one of the reasons for the 100% vaccinated cruises; to provide their passengers a cruise experience which is more normal and enjoyable?
  16. I agree. What is it about "all guests" would not be understood? The wording is very specific and should not be confusing at all.
  17. What is the difference between the kids being on a cruise ship or in a classroom with children that do not wear masks?
  18. Two days into the Gem cruise from Miami and not one word from anyone on board? Hubby said, "maybe the internet is out". LOL. Hope that's not the case. Would love to hear about how the experience is onboard lovely NCL Gem. Thanks.
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