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  1. Another vote for Wonder. Your wife will be blown away with Wonder OTS.
  2. We dine in specialty restaurants quite a bit. I have seen many birthday celebrations with the waiters singing to the birthday guest. There is a cake too that is presented in the specialty restaurants.
  3. I actually like the taste of the water from the bathroom faucet than the bottled water that is given to us as Diamond Plus members. I have never become ill from drinking the sink from the bathroom faucet.
  4. Red Lobster has live lobsters in an aquarium in the lobby that you can choose which one you would like for your meal. It doesn't get any fresher than that. Plus Red Lobster has plenty of fresh fish too. We dined in Hooked for dinner on Wonder. The meal was not nearly as good as the meals I have always had at Red Lobster. Hooked Cheddar Bay buscuits were delicious but not quite up to par as Red Lobster's. Hooked served me a very rare piece of salmon. When I showed the server what appeared to be raw salmon from the center of the fish, I was told that is how the salmon is prepared when it is blackened. Really? Ok then.
  5. That does not sound like traditional early seating. This new program they were trying sounds more like My Time Dining than Traditional Dining. NCL started something like this many years ago and they call it "Freestyle Dining". Show up when ever you like and you will be seated but sometimes with a wait. NCL will accept reservations if that is what you want to do but it is not mandatory to make a reservation. You will likely be seated sooner with a reservation though. Maybe Royal is trying that type of dining.experience for everyone. Hubby and I cruise NCL quite a bit and we do like the Freestyle dining very much.
  6. Sorry. I don't agree. I think it is abhorable that kids are taking up seats at a bar coloring with crayons when adults may want those seats to order cocktails sit at the bar.
  7. We are older than parents of teens. Older than dirt? Maybe.
  8. Could it be the method of cooking the filet?
  9. And the crew did nothing about it? There is no excuse for them to allow that to occur.
  10. I was about to bring that up. Hubby and I enjoy a hug here and there and a little kiss when we are in the hot tub or the pool. I would not feel comfortable doing that if young teens were in the solarium. If young teens are present, we don't do that little bit of PDA. I really like the 18+ change in the minimum age. I really enjoy the adults only area on ships.
  11. Yes, there are wide views of the ocean. Enjoy.
  12. I don't know why but I always thought Firefly was a guy. I remember "sparring" with this this poster during the pandemic.
  13. Now that you reminded me, I do recall cookies delivered to our cabin. Agree.....those cookies were not fresh as we had on Wonder last week.
  14. Just off Wonder of the Seas. WHAT a PLEASURE to spend time in the solarium with no kids. Every person who was there was of the proper age. I didn't even see anyone who appeared to be in their 20s in the solarium. It was quiet, serene and relaxing. It is so nice not to have the solarium located on the ship as a "pass through" for everyone, including kids. Good job on this Oasis class ship.
  15. Did you say "stale WJ cookies"? I'm just off Wonder and the cookies every day were fresh, soft and so delicious. Every day (on the kid's buffet section) were chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and coconut ranger cookies. I never saw the kids helping themselves but the adults were always getting those cookies. I have to say, after 60 cruises, these cookies were among the very best I've had on a cruise ship. The ONLY cookies that were better than these were on the NCL Star way back in 2001 when they were served warm right out of the oven in the Blue Lagoon. They were warm because they would no sooner put them out they were gone. Those cookies kept coming though so they always had them.
  16. I don't remember if I admitted to eating a french fry or an onion ring as I walk around the WJ, but I do. I'm very careful not to touch my fingers as I munch. I see nothing wrong with it as long as you do not touch your mouth and that is very easy to do.
  17. I see a desert menu for the kids (Bambinos) but do not see the desertmenu for the adults.
  18. We have a cruise booked on Wonder soon. I can bring up all the menus on the RCCL app. It even tells you when the restaurants are open for lunch.
  19. I ordered Eggplant Parmesan at Jamie's Italian on one of the ships. Jamie does not make this dish "breaded and fried". It was a mushy mess. Just a heads up if you like Eggplant Parmesan.
  20. Oh my, that is not a pretty picture in my head now. I will NEVER eat in a restaurant or on any cruise ship again. Nah, just kidding. LOL.
  21. Actually, the Covid virus is not transmitted via food as it is not a food borne organism. The only possible way to be exposed to Covid when you eat is if you inhale the food into your lungs. I suggest you not do that though. Norovirus is foodborne so it is transmitted via food that you consume. So, when the buffet food was served by the crew, Noro was being contained, not Covid.
  22. Oh, I'll admit it. I also will put a French Fry in my mouth while I'm walking around the buffet. I am very careful though not to touch my fingers to my mouth, just the FF. Actually, that is really easy to do.
  23. What about a sandwich, hot dog, burger? You get the idea.
  24. Regarding eating off of one's plate while traversing the buffet.......people seem to be put off by that but think about this............. After filling their plate at the buffet, people sit at their table, eat off of their plate with utensils and their hands, licking their fingers and such. Then, those same people get up from the table and traverse the buffet again with those contaminated fingers of theirs and pick up the serving utensils. It is just the way it is. That is what dining in a buffet is all about. What can you do besides not eat at a buffet if that stuff really bothers you.
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