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  1. I've always used the website by logging in and going to my bookings. I don't think there is even an option to reserve on the Navigator app until you are actually onboard.
  2. Quite a difference I think. The colors seem more vibrant in the iPhone one.
  3. Good Sunday morning! Thank you for the Daily Rich and thank you for your lists Roy. Safe travels to you today. I will pass on the days today but butterscotch pudding reminds me of my DM because she made a lot of pudding back in my childhood. We weren’t allowed sweets very often, probably why I can take it or leave it when it comes to desserts. CC won’t let me log out and I was having the same problems as I’ve mentioned before but I tried getting to the HAL board a different way and it seems better. We’ll see. DGD is here, she spent the night and we watched a movie last night, Jumanji. It’s getting harder and harder to find movies that the three of us will all enjoy. Teenagers. 🙃 We board the Koningsdam 3 weeks from today and still don’t know what the exact itinerary will be. I just saw on FB that Seth Wayne will be onboard. I hope everyone has a great day today!
  4. Good to hear you have a diagnosis and treatment plan. Praying for you! Get well fast!
  5. Good evening! I had no problems with CC gremlins this morning but later this afternoon and evening have not been able to post, still getting a whole page of posts in my reply and doing the same things @erewhonsaid. So I'm trying the PC, hopefully it works. @rafinmd, Roy, your reunion sounds like it was very nice. I loved your high school picture. Have a safe journey tomorrow and take your time getting home. Hopefully the rest stops are frequent.
  6. No, no folder type thingy for us. And I save every piece of paper unless it's for the shops.
  7. Vanessa, @JazzyV your pictures today are spectacular! The rainbow, the water, the sunset, oh my! Thank you!
  8. No, I knew that so it's not bad news to me that's why I said I hope something works out for Santa Barbara. Weird but it's still on the itinerary and not really sure what port could be substituted. What I would really like is an overnight in San Fran, Craig and I have a long list of things we want to do there.
  9. Bruce, I've never heard of an overnight at Half Moon Key! How fun though!
  10. I also never got a printed RS menu and I also looked at it on the TV, even though we never ordered from it. I never could find it on the Navigator app. We sail again in 3 weeks on the Koningsdam and will ask for a printed version.
  11. Jane @lazey1, I replied to your post yesterday but it went poof due to all the problems I was having on CC. Anyway I wanted to tell you that we are on the same cruise October 10th and can’t wait. It will be our first time on a Pinnacle class ship so really looking forward to this sailing even though Monterey was canceled. I’m hoping something gets worked out for Santa Barbara. The roll call isn’t very active and no one has set up a meet and greet yet. BTW I know you are in Arizona, are you in the Phoenix area?
  12. Good morning everyone and Happy Saturday! Thank you for the Daily Rich and thank you for your lists Roy. Extra prayers for those on the Care list and Sam. Plus Happy Anniversary to Sam and @mamaofami for their 62nd Anniversary tomorrow. I’m hoping CC doesn’t act up while I’m trying to post! I’ve been so frustrated lately with all the glitches and gremlins. I love cheeseburgers but not sure if I can convince Craig to have one while he’s on his diet. I’ll take a cheeseburger over cheeseburger Mac and Cheese any day. I was in Curaçao in October 2001 on the Zaandam with my DM. It was shortly after 9/11 and we were both really nervous about traveling but it ended up being a wonderful cruise. We took a trolley tour which gave a good overview. I don’t remember much else except the sail away was after dinner and there were fireworks at the port. Not sure if they do that any longer. We will be there in December on our Holiday cruise so we shall see. My pictures are too hard to find and all the ones already posted are much better than the ones that I took 20 years ago anyway. Have a great day everyone!
  13. Great pictures Graham!! So nice you and Pauline were able to cruise. The ship is beautiful but the two of you are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your pictures.
  14. Jim, sounds like you are progressing well and I hope everything goes smoothly over the next few weeks. Prayers to you!
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