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  1. Thank you!! Great pic....... thank you for sharing.
  2. I’m sorry but the picture didn’t show up for me.
  3. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions either. Meal suggestion sounds good but I’m not really a fan of chicken on it’s own (I like it if it is mixed with other ingredients, like pot pie or casseroles). However I do like chicken drumsticks and wings if they are crispy. I’m going to check out the freezer for inspiration. I think I might have some wings hidden in there. One of my favorite ways to make them is to marinate them in a zip lock bag with taco seasoning, no oil, that way they get crispy when you bake them. I serve them with sour cream b
  4. Oh dear! Parking lots are the worst!! I fell at work one day walking to my car. Six years later my hip still hurts. But I saved my phone and my purse!
  5. I bought fingerprint proof appliances just for that reason. But now that there are no fingerprints all I see is dust. How can a refrigerator accumulate so much dust?
  6. Wow, it really does sound easy. Thank you for the recipe Gerry!
  7. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your list Roy. Love your pictures of your meal suggestion and two servings of the gelato. My DH would have done the same thing. The closest thing to dragons that I’ve ever seen is a Gila Monster. I saw it in our neighborhood while on a walk, not this one though, unfortunately I didn’t have my phone with me to take a picture. It was in one of the washes that run through our neighborhood. They move really slow and it’s rare to see one in nature like I did. @ger_77 you always are so crea
  8. Oh dear Jacqui. Praying for her and your family.
  9. Roy, no worries. Looking forward to seeing the Bolognese tomorrow!
  10. I watched on both webcams, one on my iPhone and the other on my iPad. Beautiful, just beautiful.
  11. Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your list Roy. I don’t have much to contribute today but all the days are interesting as usual. I’m not a fan of the meal suggestion. We are either having meatloaf and mashed potatoes or clam chowder and grill cheese. I’ll see what I feel like later. @StLouisCruisers praying for your MIL. @kazu hoping Marley is healing and praying for a good biopsy result. Have a great day everyone!
  12. Roy, your meal description and photos don’t match. The pictures look like a steak and a crisp of some kind. Any way you can post the Bolognese and gelato?
  13. Enjoy your prime rib! Sounds yummy! And I love your Chavela, wish I knew how to pronounce her name!
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