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  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo! And also my little puppy's birthday, 3 yrs today, and he is a Mexican at heart...... he is a Mexican hairless. Someday I'll post a photo. I pre-cooked some chicken and am thinking of making an enchilada casserole just to make something fast. It's late and we had a new dishwasher installed today so I've been busy. I started back at work yesterday after being on furlough for 4 weeks so need to get dinner going. Have a great day everyone!
  2. Oh Jacqui!!!! My heartfelt understanding about your foot! I broke my hand almost 2 yrs ago and what an experience that was! Showering, washing hair, drying hair, OMG, just way too much. I got to where I wouldn't do my hair for days. Crazy but I could still type, I figured out how to not use those two fingers involved with the hand fracture. Take care, and maybe go outside, sit on a bench or stool with your foot up (when you can) and enjoy your garden.
  3. They actually came out really good! So surprised because baking is not my forte. And I did some google research and did discover I had to proof it first, so I did, but since I'm bad with fractions had some trouble converting active to regular yeast. I did make them a bit larger than a tennis ball, but all is well! Turned out okay and tasted great! Now I have more in the freezer and looking forward to mastering this recipe! Thanks Gerry!
  4. Not having beef tips today even though I have some in the freezer. We might have hamburgers tonight, might is the key word..... attempting to make Gerry's hamburger buns today. Right now I'm at the forming the bun stage, so we will see. I did not have instant yeast, I had expired active yeast that turned out to be very active even though it was expired. LOL I had to do some conversion, which I am really horrible at.... I was horrible with fractions in the 8th grade so why would I be good with them now? Since I live in a desert climate I've been able to garden earlier than most of you. It's very small, tiny probably compared to most gardens. I have a variety of peppers planted along with parsley, dill, tarragon, oregano, basil. I really do enjoy going outside several times a day and meditate while checking the garden. Thanks Rich for another daily report!
  5. WOW, this is something I never knew about! Thanks for the picture.
  6. Thank you for the daily report Rich. We are having chicken today just not chicken minestrone. 🙂 I have the chicken marinating right now, it's a Greek version with red wine vinegar, garlic, oregano, olive oil, then just grill or pan fry the chicken and serve with a Greek Salad. When we were on our Med cruise on the Rotterdam May 2001 there was a change in ports due to a transportation strike and we went to the tiny port of Potmos, lovely lovely. We went to lunch at a little outdoor cafe and salad was on the menu, my husband joked that you don't have to call Greek salad Greek salad while you are in Greece. Have a great day and happy brother sister day!
  7. Thank you so much for your bun recipe Gerry! I love to cook, but I'm not much of a baker. I've tried and tried, but I'm determined....I'm going to make your buns!
  8. This ship, what I call the old Noordam, was our first cruise in Feb 1987. A 7 day Caribbean. I only remember St Thomas, St Martin and Bermuda as ports, but I'm sure my husband would remember the rest. We rented a jeep in St Martin and I felt like my husband was a crazy man on those wrong sided roads, then our fellow table mates, and now our back seat passengers, told him that he was the best driver ever. But it was the best cruise ever for sure! Even though we were in an inside cabin in the bow, the most forward cabin you could have, it was fantastic. We were hooked. I'm going to have to look up some pictures.............
  9. What a great picture! Thank you so much for posting your review and photos. I am really enjoying tagging along with you on your cruise.
  10. My husband and I go to same hairdresser. When she texted us that we would have to postpone our April appointments my husband said we might just get to see the real color of my hair. She texted back that Craig's hair will be in a ponytail and I'll be sparkling! Sparkling is right! If only everyone could be more honest! We had turkey last night so don't think we will have it again. Thinking of some type of chicken though! Everyone enjoy their Thursday and best wishes and safe travels to the ships transporting crew!
  11. OMG, those buns look amazing Gerry! Can you share the recipe?
  12. Thank you so much for your excellent review and wonderful photographs! Going on the Koningsdam, hopefully, in late September so I'm enjoying your photos of the ship. I was on a Southern Caribbean itinerary long time ago, think it was 2001, and loved it, been to Martinique twice and it is a wonderful island but gosh, what is that new huge building in your picture? Thanks so much for posting and looking forward to more!
  13. Thanks for the photos of the Noordam Copper!
  14. Thank you for the daily report Rich. I might have some shrimp in the freezer so I'll have to check and look up a recipe for scampi. Don't have any eggplant so won't have that even though I love a great eggplant dish, although eggplant with lentils really doesn't sound appetizing to me. Eggplant parm is my fave and Trader Joe's has a great frozen version that is great. Heck, they even have frozen fried eggplant ready to bake off for anything you might want to make. I've bought both and love both and try to keep one in the freezer. From what little experience I have with cooking eggplant, you have to salt it and let it drain for a while before you cook it to release the "wateriness" that it has. I've tried this but it sure is time consuming so I just use TJ's!
  15. Congrats on your booked cruises! Your excitement is wonderful. I was looking at those holiday cruises myself and the Have it all promo. I'll have to look at them again.
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