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  1. The point is there are no crown loft suites on Anthem. The suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen are not near each other on Anthem. The suite lounge is across the aft of the ship and Coastal Kitchen is at the aft elevators. While CLS might be a good option on Oasis class, it is not an option on Anthem.
  2. Sounds like you are talking about an Oasis class ship, not Anthem.
  3. It it nice to see that it mentions Quantum coming to Seattle. Fingers crossed.
  4. We had a 2 bedroom GS on Anthem. We had cabin 9234 which is right by the aft elevators and a perfect spot. I think all of them are in that same area and not aft as the other poster mentioned. They sleep eight but that would be tight. There are two bathrooms, one that is like all the Anthem bathrooms we have had when we have sailed a balcony cabin. That bathroom is off the main room, near the small bedroom. The other bathroom is off the master bedroom and has a tub. The small bedroom sleeps four with twin beds that can be pushed together and two pullman beds. There is a tv and vanity and at least one armoire, forget if there is a second. There is a large foyer closet right outside the cabin for additional space. There is a frosted, full length window to the living room that has blinds that can be lowered. The master bedroom is much bigger with tons of storage and a tv. There is a door to the living room that can be closed for privacy. The space is really tight at one corner of the bed as you go around to the bathroom as the other bathroom juts into the space, so if anyone was in a wheelchair or used a walker, it would be tight getting by. There is plenty of room on the end of the bed and other side of the bed, it is just a weird narrow area. The living room has a huge sectional with a sleep sofa for two. There are two chairs also. There is also a whole bunch more storage, tv and refrigerator. Balcony is length of cabin and fairly narrow. There were two lounge chairs and a little table plus a dining table for four. There is also a door to a second section of the balcony that has two chairs and a little table. That door did not latch well at all and banged in the wind. There is a youtube video of this cabin from many years ago and it shows this broken latch and it was still broken in December 2019 when we sailed. With that door on the balcony open, the balcony is a wind tunnel as this cabin is on the end of a hump. It wasn't bad when it was closed. I found the link to the video. If you have any specific questions, please let me know.
  5. Nice job! I had all but given up on this thread.
  6. 1. Quantum Alaska May 2021 2. Next one I think will sail is not Quantum in May. It will be the one I book when Quantum gets cancelled. 3. I won't be devastated if it doesn't sail as it was an impulse booking. My DH thought we should have something to look forward to, so I booked.
  7. We have been on Anthem when there was norovirus and the Freestyle machines were manned by crew. You could still use your chipped cup, you put it on the machine and the crew member pushed all the buttons. The caused lines though, which would not be good. The weird thing was, they did not have a crew member manning the freestyle machine in the Seaplex by the hot dog place. Never understood why they didn't just turn that one off if they weren't going to have crew run it as that machine is used by lots of kids.
  8. I hope you are able to get there, the snack shack chicken sandwiches are delicious, as is the funnel cake. My Mom got cheese sticks when we were there in February and the sea gull that stole them seemed to enjoy them a lot! 😄 The buffet has much better burgers than they used to, all sorts of fajitas, cuban sandwiches, salads, fruit, soft serve, brownies and more. We have been there four times since in various states of construction and fully opened and have enjoyed everything. The pool has been freezing when we have been there, but we haven't been there in the middle of summer. Ocean was warmer than the pool!
  9. She commented that the BBQ went downhill since they added pay options, I disagree. Everything we have tried at the main buffet was much better and there were a lot more options. We also enjoyed everything at the Snack Shacks, which are also free venues. There is a pay venue that has wings and other stuff for a fee, but we have not felt the need to go there as the other options are much improved. Yes, there is also the Beach Club with its upscale buffet which we have not tried yet. We could have gone there for less than $50pp in February.
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