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  1. Anthem's AC works really well. If you are one who gets cold easily, I would bring a wrap or a sweater or go long sleeves.
  2. That is a good idea, they could easily have a dedicated parking space in the cabin with an outlet for charging. Might require eliminating the sofa or replacing it with a chair instead.
  3. I get it, we usually cruise in either September or October too. We haven't had a cruise shortened or lengthened but we did run into some really rough weather once when the remnants of a hurricane didn't turn the way it was predicted. Made for 24 hours of rocking and rolling but some fun memories with my Mom. My DH had to escort her anywhere she wanted to go because we were afraid she would fall. We were on Anthem to Bermuda, so once they had decided we weren't headed to Canada, we were committed. They can change your cruise between eastern and western if needed, as long as Port Canaveral is accessible. I hope it stays calm out there for you. We aren't sailing until October 13th out of Boston. Unless there is a late season storm, we should be good. Headed to Bermuda again on Serenade this time, but if we end up in Canada, we can deal with it. You will love Harmony, we just sailed her in May and we loved it. There is a ramp over to the side of the flowrider if you want to go up there and see the beautiful view aft. Mini Bites was a good place to get a made to order omelet for breakfast. Nice to be outside instead of in the craziness of the WJ. They give you a number and deliver it to your table. Good afternoon nachos there too 😄
  4. I always look at this site. Looks good! Nothing developing that they have identified off Africa right now, so that is good. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ You are going to finally cruise an Oasis class ship! Deep breaths 😄
  5. We have it for $20pp for our upcoming Serenade cruise. Booked it about a month ago. I would book and then hope to cancel and rebook over Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.
  6. They make up the bed each day whether it is a pullman or a sofabed. Never heard a pullman not being taken care of each day.
  7. Testing out the quoting tip from above. Works perfectly, thanks! I really wish more ships would carry something different that that stuff. That had Sudafed in it that many people can't take because of high blood pressure or just because it causes their heart to race like me. Plus it has Tylenol in it and many don't realize and take Tylenol on its own. Anthem has a cough suppressant/expectorant syrup last time I went to medical, though had only the Dayquil the time before. We have now added cough syrup to our first aid kit. Hope Laura feels better soon.
  8. There were 57 registered when I did back at the beginning of July, I am sure more registered after that, so there are still a bunch not re-registered. I haven't done it yet because I was waiting until this mess settles down. I know the list has disappeared multiple times in the past, so figured it doesn't hurt to wait, we have time.
  9. Did you look at the video I linked above?
  10. This thread has a video of that cabin from June 2019. Small balcony for a suite.
  11. We were just looking at gift cards and rules this past weekend as my husband gets awards that are in a "bank" that we can use to buy gift cards. The ones that we can purchase can only be used for cruise fare on a new booking through Royal Caribbean directly, not through a TA. We could not use them to buy alcohol packages or OBC. I also read that if you cancel a cruise and file an insurance claim, they are not considered a form of payment that would be refunded, so you are out that money.
  12. Make sure you look at the terms of the gift cards before you buy them. The ones we can get can only be applied to the cruise fare, not onboard purchases. Pretty sure they are more flexible on Carnival but wouldn't want to be stuck with cards that I couldn't apply.
  13. My DH and I got the same combo to share but added another bisque so we each had our own. Was plenty of food for two as the crab leg is big!
  14. 12302 has a sofabed, so bed is by the bathroom, sofabed is by the balcony. There are no coffee tables on Anthem balconies. Anthem does have the vanity table that is not attached to the wall and can be moved out to use as a table if needed. With that configuration, the bed is between the two wardrobes. Probably not need to get rid of the night stand since there is a large space on either side of the bed. If you split the bed, they can put the two night stands side by side between the beds for more separation. Cabin will look like this one.
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