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  1. I cancelled a May cruise on March 10th under the cruise with confidence policy when they were still giving a combination of refund and FCC. We received our FCC in a timely manner but did not receive any refunds of cruise planner items or cruise fare. I called again on March 26th and the rep I spoke to looked at my account and said she needed to speak to a supervisor. Once she came back on the call, she verified the amounts I was waiting for and said that refunds were taking about 30 days, not the 7 to 10 I was told. I received my cruise planner refunds on April 2nd and am now just waiting on the cruise fare. I really think there was something wrong with how the cruise was originally cancelled and expect the cruise fare at the beginning of the week. The rep really seemed confused with what she was seeing when she first looked at the account but after talking to the supervisor, she really seemed to know what was up. I know I originally called when policy was constantly changing. We shall see.
  2. I cancelled on March 10th and just got the cruise planner refunds yesterday. I have not received our cruise fare refund yet.
  3. Bingo! We have a credit card we use for travel that had flights and cruise planner purchases on it. Had the refunds come in the time frame the cruise line had said they would, I would not have had to pay the balance that was due a few days ago. Some of the credits posted yesterday but they are in the new billing cycle. Ours is nowhere close to $15,000, but more than we will spend in the next few months, especially since we are locked down.
  4. That is not the case. You keep referring to the two rounds of cancellations, there are those of us that have cancelled cruises that do not fall into those cancellations. We cancelled cruises prior to the cruise line cancelling them and were told we would received refunds in 7 to 10 days. When that didn't happen, we began to question whether there had been a problem.
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