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  1. Bumping is definitely what happens with bumper cars, no bumper cars I have ever ridden allow head on collisions. These two morons were targeting people. One would hit head on and then the other would immediately t bone them. Every ride we have ever gone on has everyone going around in a circle and collisions are always on a side or the back.
  2. I agree with the bumper car warning. We have done them a few times on Anthem and we do not like that they just let people go free with no direction of travel. There were way too many head on crashes. Most bumper car rides make people travel in a circle and don't allow head on hits. Last time we rode I ended up being hit head on by one guy and then t boned by the guys friend immediately after. Ended up with a couple of good bruises.
  3. If you then click on see their activity on the right side and then topics on the left side, you will get it. You just have to play around a little bit but you too will be able to get to the link Kroozfoolz provided. 😄
  4. Click on the search box, then more options, then members and you can search on the members list.
  5. Thread was moved here from Royal Caribbean forum.
  6. Royal Caribbean does not take checked cases of water anymore since they changed their policy back in September. The OP is allowed 12 bottles (500 ml each) per cabin and 2 bottles of wine per cabin. All must be carried on.
  7. Split up the water and wine among the carryons you were intending on bringing on. You can hang a bag on each of the wheelchairs if needed. You have four people who are not in wheelchairs that things can be split between. If you are worried about weight, put it in a rolling duffel bag or suitcase and have someone pull it. Backpacks are an option for those who are pushing wheelchairs. Parents can hold a small bag in their laps. I have even seen people put a bag between their feet on the footrests of the wheelchair. Be creative if you want to bring all that on.
  8. We just went to the Loyalty Ambassador to make sure we were on the list. The block was left on our bed one night and the letter that comes with it came another night.
  9. I would keep an eye on it and see if a third show appears. If reservations just opened last night, it should not be full for that time yet, so maybe they are only doing two, but we have gone to a later show that ends after 11pm more than once.
  10. As has also been mentioned, the DDD promotion information is listed under the BOGO terms and conditions and states no Chops. The terms and conditions have been posted multiple times in this thread showing no Chops.
  11. We have always had champagne at the meet and mingles on Anthem too but didn't on our January sailing. They did raffle off a bunch of bottles of wine (4 bottles at least), a bunch of logo stuff, bingo package and a casino package. Just not the champagne and mimosas as they used to do. Not sure if they did the one morning of free mimosas in the WJ.
  12. They are bringing 6 kids, not 3, where are you putting the rest of them?
  13. They definitely have z paks as that is what I was prescribed. Do not know about Levaquin, but I would expect they do as that is not that uncommon of a drug. If you are really concerned, I would just speak to your doctor before you leave and see if they will prescribe something. I have been to medical multiple times and have been very happy with the care I received there. I know they have strict requirements for the doctors they hire, I think it is a minimum of two years emergency medicine experience. Not sure about the nurses.
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