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  1. Yes, we have a sky loft. No option to L&S yet since the sailing is May 2021. No way we would book they same cabin for May 2022 unless we were price protected since the price is more than double what we paid for May 2021. We won't be making final payment on this sailing in February as we don't want to lay out any more money.
  2. Alaska 2021 is not likely to happen IMO as they are not going to move the ships over here until Canada announces when the ports are going to open.
  3. No, L&S is only through April 2022 at this point. I also have a May 2021 sailing that I would like to L&S. I would try to do yours anyways just in case you can move it to April 2022. My sailing is Alaska and that season doesn't start until May, so there was nothing for me to try to switch to in April. I did try anyway and it said my reservation wasn't eligible. I wish mine was only up $1200 as I would likely just book, mine is more than double what we paid.😳
  4. As long as it doesn't directly touch my skin, I am good. I can't even wear my Fit Bit, I get hives. I wore a Wow band for an hour and started to itch crazy, so don't want to even try these. I will bring a lanyard to hang it from or something like that. I just think they will likely be looking for people having them on, so I think it will need to be visible.
  5. No worries! We are scheduled to sail Quantum in May, so am just trying to see what is up with all the new requirements. I am sure we will find out what is available other than the wrist band way before we possibly sail. Peace. 🙂
  6. No, that is why I asked my question. The bands are used for tracing, so one would expect that they will be looking for all to be wearing them. They won't be able to see it in a pocket, so that is why I asked if there was another option. Where you said you were sure they wouldn't make you strap one on, I figured the only way to know that was if you were on the ship.
  7. Thanks for the link. I will just keep an eye out to see what the options are once we have sailings in the US. I am sure I won't be the only one who can't wear that. I can put it in my pocket, when I have pockets, but I just don't want to be constantly stopped if I am not wearing it.
  8. Happy to hear all went well. The muffled voices are really hard to hear. We hope to run into you guys again on a sailing from Bayonne as soon as it is safe to sail! 🙂
  9. Thanks for posting all this very helpful information. Do you know if there is any alternative to the contact tracing bracelet? I am allergic to the material that most of those bracelets are made of and it looks similar to the wow bands that I definitely react to.
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