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  1. Yes, if your land portion is seven days, you would get seven points for that. If it is a 4 day tour, you get 4 points. If your cabin on the ship is a suite, you also get 2 points per night for the land portion as you do for the sea portion.
  2. Is the refresh button in the app when you aren't on the ship or is it only available on ship? None of my sailings are soon enough to see it in the app currently. Using the refresh button on the ship was very helpful. Maybe that would help you.
  3. Deck 6 is our preferred deck on Oasis class ships. The elevator issue at the aft elevators on deck 7 is not a big deal, you just have to remember which side your cabin is on or just get off a deck earlier and walk one flight of stairs if you are on the wrong side.
  4. Congrats on the GS! We have had a GS on Oasis deck 7 and it is a great location. One thing to know, because of the Boardwalk sign over the entrance to the Boardwalk, you can't cross over from the elevator lobbies at the deck 7 elevator banks, so make sure you know what side you need to be on. We only messed up once all week and we just had to go down one floor, cross over and then go back up.
  5. Top Tier Event and Welcome Aboard were combined on our sailing also, so was open to all. If you didn't get there early, there were no seats to be had. We prefer the events to be split.
  6. You can get a refreshment package for her, but you have to call and purchase your packages over the phone.
  7. The Royal Caribbean ships sailing 7 days from Port Canaveral historically attractions large numbers of retirees in addition to families. Port Canaveral is located near a lot of more affordable areas where people relocate to, including lots of retirement communities. Expect the loyalty cruiser totals to remain high.
  8. There is no telling when reservations will open up for MTD, just keep checking. We just sailed Harmony and had MTD. Dining opened at 5:15pm, there is a line for reservations and one for no reservations. First night the line was crazy but was fine rest of week. There are chairs at the top of the ramp in the middle, so I wouldn't bother bringing the camp chair, just send him up to sit while you are in line, greeter will help you with that. We were able to get the same table and wait staff for the entire week. I would go to the dining room on the first day after boarding and ask for the same table. There was also a podium set up outside the Windjammer buffet the first day where you could also make reservations for dinner. If you end up with a group of 8, they will assign you a table in MTD likely anyway, we were beside 3 large tables that had the same groups at the same time every night. We thought Harmony did a great job managing my time dining, better than any ship we have sailed in recent years.
  9. I would pick 6258 solely based on location. 6658 is too close to the smoking bus stop on deck 5. It is the rectangle between the lifeboats. The other cabins are too far forward for me on Anthem. We find Anthem has a lot of movement forward. We have found it is a lot smooth ride aft. Edit: I would google 6258 and 6658, there are videos of both. I change my mind, I wouldn't book 6258, it only has a chair, not a sofa. Really nice balcony though.
  10. I pointed out that there were computer issues. Obviously, they aren't the same issue, but they could easily both be computer issues.
  11. Could be there system having issues. I tried to price a beverage package last night for my October cruise and it told me I could not buy anything because my cruise was 1 day away and purchases were closed. 😱😄 Today, my cruise is just fine and I can see sale prices on beverage packages.
  12. Thanks for sharing but I was not referring to you specifically. If you read my post again, I said make Pinnacle 700 nights at sea, not points, 700 actual nights on a ship. Having had many conversations with various Pinnacles, very few we spoke to actual had 700 actual nights on a ship. Many benefited from Diamonds in December promo, 7 points for 1 credit pre conversion cruises, extra point for suites and extra point for solo. What would the numbers be if you only got Pinnacle for 700 actual nights on a ship? Would be interesting to see how many still have a ways to go.
  13. Maybe the solution is to make Pinnacle 700 nights at sea, not 700 points attained by you or your significant other. Wonder what that would do to the numbers.
  14. It is easy to get on and off if you want to, but there could be lines depending on your timing. There are security buildings as you leave the island and head to the pier. There are the typical scanners there and they check your sea pass. When we were there a few weeks ago, there were short lines there around noontime as we passed through. Two gangways were open and there were no lines to get back on. At about 3pm when we reboarded the ship, there were long lines at both the security buildings and the ships gangways but they moved quickly.
  15. We booked a suite guarantee and about a month later, my DH got an email saying welcome to Sky Class and it detailed out the benefits. I immediately logged in and looked at our reservation and it showed no assigned cabin. About a month before our sailing, we got our cabin assignment, it was a JS, so sea class. I wouldn't get too excited until you see an actual cabin number. Good luck!
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