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  1. You book a guaranty, you roll the dice. We are waiting on a WS for a December 1st cruise. Booked over two months ago and still waiting. We have received a Royal Up email for this sailing with the ability to bid on a GS, OS or Sky Loft. That email says we have a JS though my set sail pass shows no cabin number, muster station or deck. Oh well, we will find out eventually.
  2. Just put it all into a small rolling suitcase so you don't have to carry a box around. You might be stopped at security but just show you have two cabins. With two cabins you can bring 4 750 mil bottles of wine and 24 17 ounce(500 ml) cans or bottles of non alcoholic beverages.
  3. Okay, thanks. I didn't realize it is just an unassigned guaranty.
  4. Anthem did mimosas and champagne at the meet and mingles up until last year. They also did free mimosas at least once a sailing in the WJ.
  5. You will get priority boarding. You don't get double points since you get the points of the cabin you had originally. Cabin will have a bathtub instead of a shower, coffee maker, sofa, chair and ottoman and walk in closet. Not much else on this class of ship. We like the larger sized cabin and are just down the corridor from you. 🙂
  6. We were told no more wine was allowed per corporate.
  7. The showers are not the issue. There is a high wind advisory through tomorrow for the Cape and the Islands. They are seeing gusts close to 50mph on Nantucket right now. Plus there is a high surf advisory. This storm is stalled off shore. We are sailing Serenade to Bermuda from Boston on Sunday and hope this storm moves along so the ship can come down from Canada. We live 15 miles from the port, so we have been watching this storm.
  8. Free coffee on Anthem has been very drinkable in our experience. We do get the refreshment package though as we like lattes and mochas. The freestyles machines on Anthem have Fanta and Fanta Zero like Harmony.
  9. They are leaving port a 9pm according to someone on board. They are headed up the Hudson and are going to go around the Statue of Liberty and then anchoring for the night. Headed out at 5:30 am for a sea day and then Boston on Saturday according to what this person is posting.
  10. Probably the nor'easter stalled off of Cape Cod. Isn't Anthem headed to Canada?
  11. Another site says that it isn't sailing tonight. Going to wait for storm to pass. Anchoring someplace in the harbor tonight.
  12. Were sea pass cards at the cabins or did you get them at check in?
  13. Cheesecake at Jamies is delicious. That picture is a sampler they bring out to larger tables. You can see a scoop of tiramisu, cheesecake, pavlova and the brownie thing that comes with popcorn.
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