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  1. Sounds like someone was given bad information. We sat beside a woman in the MDR at breakfast last morning of the cruise and she was saying how disappointed she was with the diamond drinks as she didn't drink wine or beer. I told her she could get mixed drinks and she said she tried to get a Fuzzy Navel and they wouldn't give her one with her diamond coupons. I told her there is a list of the included alcohol and she said she was told only beer and wine. I told her it was too bad and to ask for the list next time and she really didn't believe me that a list existed.
  2. Just because you were able to get it off the ship doesn't mean it wasn't against the islands agricultural laws. Many of the islands are very strict and ask as you are getting off the ship. Bermuda had a huge table of bags like yours, taken from those who didn't follow the rules stated in the cruise compass. Cozumel is also very strict and has agriculture dogs as you exit the ship. Don't introduce foreign pests to the islands. Look what happened in California with the med fly.
  3. Did you call and try to get the cabin released for just two people? I was trying to book a balcony for two and all of them disappeared overnight but there were plenty for 3 or 4. I was able to get a coveted corner aft cabin released for just two of us. Balconies for two reappeared but I was able to keep my cabin.
  4. I sailed Mariner on February 3rd and were able to get my drinks throughout the ship. Diamond lounge and Ellingtons were over crowded and the only place we chose not to try to get our drinks after first night.
  5. I know they didn't refurbish the cabin we just had on Mariner. We had the same cabin we had in 2007 and sofabed was the same old type. Bathroom was very tired with cracks in the sink glazing and rust on the corner mirror cabinets. The famous stripper pole also needed to be painted.
  6. Going to the pool is still an option since Serenade has a covered Solarium. On cruising days on our Alaska cruise we spent the time watching the scenery go by and looking for wildlife.
  7. First off, best wishes to your Mom. I hope she heals quickly. We have cancelled a cruise due to my husband breaking his ankle but have sailed with him in a full leg brace due to surgery for a ruptured quadricept. He was only six weeks post surgery but was cleared to cruise but wasn't cleared to fly. Luckily, we were driving to port. Getting in and out of the bathroom is the biggest issue. That small step up and crutches in a tight space was tricky. We requested a shower stool for bathing and that helped a lot. He did not want a raised toilet seat but I know those are available. We also had the cabin steward bring a large bucket of ice twice a day so he could ice his leg as he swelled more in the warm weather and more activity. We brought an old fashioned ice bag with the screw top that worked great. Those don't sweat like ziploc bags do. We never got off the ship but was a nice and relaxing cruise. Just wanted to share a few things you might want to consider if she is still able to sail. I know you are supposed to give 30 days notice to the special needs department but I am sure they will be able to deal with a late request once she sees how she is able to get around and makes her decision. Best wishes. 🙂
  8. Anthem also has delicious macaroons in the gluten free section of the Windjammer. We have seen macarons on Oasis in the Suite Lounge.
  9. We have had those blue sea passes on other ships starting early last year but we have not had that same formatting of the information on the cards until our Mariner sailing earlier this month. Maybe they are finally going to standardize how the sea pass cards look so it is easier for crew.
  10. We just got off of Mariner a week ago. We only got off the ship for about an hour in Nassau and were surprised at how many people stayed on the ship. We couldn't get a table on the pool deck or a cabana or seats with a low table. We were at Coco Cay with Grandeur and there were plenty of free lounge chairs and umbrellas available on Chill Island and around the Oasis lagoon. We were there before Grandeur but waited to get off until the sun came out. Both ships were disembarking at the time we finally got off the ship around 10am. It did not feel crowded at all. No lines at food venues. Only wait we had was for the tram coming back but that wasn't long at all. We usually just walk but were travelling with my Mom. Tram is a good way to get a little tour of what is on the island.
  11. No way of knowing how they would handle it until it happens. I know when we were quarantined and had refreshment packages, they would not bring us bottled water without paying for it. Room service was free for us, but not beverages. Whole ship quarantined would be a different story.
  12. Not going to play words games with you. You continue to try to manipulate what I have said.
  13. I said from the beginning that the CDC was in control of the information flow, I never said it was imposed on them by the CDC. Royal Caribbean wanted to wait for all the results and did, I have not said differently.
  14. The above update says they were waiting on results.
  15. I am not a cheerleader, I am a realist. Comparing waiting for CDC findings to a food delivery is ridiculous. What would you be saying if Royal Caribbean did decide to sail earlier and the CDC findings showed that someone did have coronavirus? You would be complaining about them making a rash decision. They were in a no win situation and were not going to please everyone. They erred on the side of caution. If ranting at me makes you feel better, have at it. I know many people who did choose to sail and had a wonderful time in Bermuda. No vacation is ever perfect, sometimes you need to adjust. A 50% refund and a 50% FCC for those who did sail would have had us on that ship looking forward to Bermuda again.
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