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  1. It is long gone on Radiance, just used for WJ seating though Mexican vibe still there.
  2. They are headquartered in Stratham, New Hampshire. I drive by the entrance quite frequently on the way to my Mom’s house. They used to have a factory store in the plant with chocolate seconds, like empty truffle shells or broken bars etc. I think we just had too much of it. πŸ™‚
  3. Lindt is made in the US now and just doesn’t seem to be as good. I would get something different if I went to Switzerland, not something I can buy here in BJ’s.
  4. LOL The "first thing that popped up" is likely a company that you have to pay to file your passport, otherwise known as click bait. Hopefully, that isn't where you are sending your daughter for information too. The official site states 6-8 weeks processing time. It also has information on Special Passport Acceptance Fairs that are happening all over the country. For the OP, here is the link that will help you apply for their passports. Much easier to fill out the form online and print it than doing it by hand. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html
  5. Royal Caribbean's website does not allow more than five on one reservation, no matter the capacity of the cabin. It is archaic, but it is just how the system "works". It is better to just call and book directly since you need to make sure you can book five in the cabin. Sometimes larger capacity rooms, like the one you have booked, are limited to how many that can be booked because the lifeboat assigned to that cabin has reached capacity.
  6. Birth certificate and government issued picture ID is all that is needed on a closed loop cruise for those 16 years old and up. If you kids are under 16 years old, they are fine with their birth certificates. You will need your picture ID as well as your sea pass in Nassau as they check both. The port area in Nassau was just rebuilt, not sure when the prior poster was there but obviously not recently. Passports are coming back much faster than in recent years. I saw a post today that it only took three weeks, which is amazing. It would depend on the kids ages and whether you have more plans to travel in the near future if I were to try to get passports. If the kids are almost 16, I would wait as once they are 16, they get a 10 year passport, not the 5 year for younger kids.
  7. It is more just a CYA just in case the homeowner is upset. With all the Ring cameras these days, someone likely saw it happen.
  8. I am glad you weren’t hurt but I would at least report it to the police so they aren’t investigating a hit and run. The homeowner could have contacted them since you didn’t leave a note.
  9. My DH and son both worked from home today because we were supposed to get that mess too. We figured it would be a shoveling storm and too much for me to do alone. I usually clear enough for them to get into the driveway and they do the rest.
  10. Storm decided to shift low and miss us almost completely. Schools around here announced closings last night, winter parking bans in effect, some businesses didn't open and it was all for nothing. My deck and lawn has a dusting and the street is wet and that is it! Careful shoveling that cement, I hate that kind of snow.
  11. Not impressed by any of the commercials. Lots of religious commercials which is different for a Superbowl. Not an exciting game. See what happens with the halftime show......
  12. My Mom and I had to clean out and sell my aunt's house and her condo when we had to move her to assisted living. She had no kids and her husband had told my Mom, just before he died, now she is your problem. 😲 My aunt was legally blind and was overwhelmed with the whole project, so we had to do most of it once we had moved her. We cleared all the personal items out and sold the Florida condo furnished, so that helped, but the house took us a long time. We sold some stuff and when people came to pickup what they bought, offered other stuff for free. That moved a lot of stuff but we threw away a lot of stuff that wasn't worth keeping and donated a lot of furniture too. I look at all the stuff my Mom has in her condo and try not to think about the house she has down in Florida that we will have to deal with too. Someone asked about my Mom's house in Florida because they are interested in buying it, but she wants to keep it just in case. At least everyone has stopped giving my Mom "stuff". We try to give her stuff that she needs. One of the grandkids sends ice cream. She is the new favorite. πŸ˜„
  13. My son is an only child and we do not want to leave him dealing with all our stuff either. We have been purging stuff for the last couple of years but have a long way to go. When we moved into this house, my mother in law also moved in with us. A lot of stuff was put in the attic to deal with later and still sits there over twenty years later. The plan was to clear that stuff out as we were clearing out my son's stuff when he bought his house. Well, housing prices has my son still here. At this rate, he might end up buying this house from us when his Dad retires in five years. Then, he might just get stuck with it all. πŸ˜„
  14. I like Flightaware if I am looking for a specific flight as I am tracking someone flying. Flightradar24 is great for what just buzzed my house right now.
  15. I just click on the blue dot or blue star in front of the thread title and it brings me to where I last left off in a thread. It is a blue dot if you haven't posted in the thread or a blue star if you have posted. If there is no blue dot or star, you are all caught up on the thread.
  16. Flightradar24 is a good app to see what is over your house now. You can click on the plane or helicopter and see what it is and its flight path. We have a lot of med flights that go over our house on the way to a major trauma center near us.
  17. It was an annoyance because we didn't want our clothing stained. We could clean our glasses and our ipads easily but we didn't want black spots on our clothing. We didn't look at 720 or 320 since we weren't sailing star class. We picked this cabin as it was the only sky loft left when we booked.
  18. We sailed in cabin 10722 on Quantum, a Sky Loft suite directly below the Concierge Lounge. We never heard any noise from above. We never heard any noise from any of the cabins near us. It was a very quiet cabin with great views for Alaska. Our only complaint was we had a lot of soot on the balcony. They did wipe it down every day but we could see it on our glasses or our ipads when we sat out there.
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