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  1. @Beeline Cruiser What was your screen name on Cruise Critic prior to rejoining in May? Your posts seem very similar to someone who used to post here a lot, but I can't remember the screen name.
  2. Bonus points only helped those with more than 7 credits. If you had 7 credits or less it still required two more cruises to get to diamond. Conversion from old cruise credits to cruise points: If credits were 1-4, points = credits * 7 + 1 If credits were 5-7, points = credits * 7 + 3 If credits were > 7, points = credits * 7 + 13
  3. Absolutely! It isn't bad but it is an obstruction.
  4. This is the view from Anthem 7272 looking aft. It is not that bad but it does obstruct a bit. Looking forward.
  5. I am looking through my pictures to see if I took one of the obstruction beside us. There was a davit top that obstructed some of the view.
  6. I would want a couch too, that is good to know for the future.
  7. It is accurate. When you got one credit for a cruise, it took ten cruises to get to diamond. With points, ten seven nights cruises is 70 points, you are not diamond. To get past that 80 point diamond requirement, the cruiser who sails seven night cruises needs to take twelve cruises to attain diamond.
  8. We have sailed Anthem many times but only once on deck 7, we had cabin 7272. Cabin was fine but it overlooked the outdoor seating area of Jamie's on deck 5. That area isn't usually all that busy but it is lit up at night causing a lot of light pollution. That outdoor area probably won't be used much but it can be very noisy if there is a big group out there. There was an obstruction immediately to the left of our balcony, it was the upper part of the davits for the lifeboats. It is no where near the deck 6 obstruction, but it does exist. We would have no problem booking deck 7 again, but just not above Jamie's or whatever it will be called once it sails again. We find the balconies to have plenty of space on this class of ship, so I wouldn't pay extra for a larger one. They have two reclining chairs on them with foot rests and a little table. As far as watching Alaska from your balcony, many say you should go to the upper deck so you can go back and forth and see more. We had an aft facing balcony on Radiance when we went to Alaska and spent most of out time out there. We have an aft facing cabin on Quantum in May for Alaska and plan on spending most of out time out there too, if it sails. I would probably book 7254 and 7258 because they are farther away from Jamie's or keep what you have but have not sailed those specifically. Being by the aft elevators is our preferred location on Anthem as we found we felt a lot of motion the one time we booked forward of the forward elevators.
  9. I was able to get 1688 on Mariner this past February for just two of us but it took a little finagling. At the time I booked, there were no balconies showing for two but a ton for 3 and 4. The rep in the next cruise office booked it for three, she put herself in the cabin with us, and then contacted corporate to get it released for two. They released the cabin for two the next day and she removed herself from the cabin.
  10. We book suites because we enjoy them and the amenities. We book balconies because we enjoy them too. There are many good deals out there if you look for them or if you watch posts in this forum. Just because someone books a suite doesn't mean money doesn't matter to them or money is no object. It is a personal choice. I would rather a suite than wasting my money in the casino or on a drink package or buying a fancy piece of jewelry or a new car every year. We aren't obsessed with a loyalty level on a cruise line as some on here who have to tell everyone there status on a daily basis. We cruise the way we do because it makes us happy, everyone else should do the same and not worry about what others are doing.
  11. We sail in suites but we also will sail in a balcony cabin if the suite prices are too high. When we sail ships that don't have Royal Suite Class we will only book a JS if it has a really good price and have yet to book a full suite on those ships as we do not feel the amenities are worth it. Royal Suite Class is what makes booking a full suite worth it to us and we typically book in sky class for access to Coastal Kitchen for all meals and free Voom for both of us. It is doubtful we will ever book a star class unless it is at sky class pricing levels. We enjoy the larger cabins and larger balconies to just relax without all the crowds but can easily go back to just balconies if suite pricing gets too high. We aren't into it for the points, we have just come to enjoy Coastal Kitchen over the MDR and WJ, especially on Anthem. We have Quantum next, which we hope is as good as Anthem's CK. Hoping for Symphony after that and will likely end up in a balcony.
  12. There are also a lot of people who couldn't vote at all because there wasn't an appropriate choice.
  13. Had three cruises last year alone that had two sea days at the end, they were on Anthem and Serenade. Have never sailed Grandeur or anything else in that class.
  14. We have had many cruises that ended in two sea days. Not hard to find at all.
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