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  1. today I could not access my account, my bid from Jr suite to grand suite was accepted this afternoon, my cls and os said expired
  2. we had a cls last year, we did not complain but were issued a fcc. we usually book suites and the concierge asked us why we were not ck or suite lounge we said no worth it.I was going to book a suite and my husband said no way after last year fiasco. also suites did not get an invite to Bolton ‘s concert.
  3. if you stop in Portland me, buy yourself a pair of llbean boots, they will keep your feet dry.
  4. Ok, I have a question if you bought the key, would you be invited to the aqua theater? Alison the Aqua theatre holds less then the main theater why the change?
  5. My last cruise was on celebrity.plenty of on demand movies for free and a few pay movies.
  6. We did, my husband and son went and really enjoyed it but no shopping time.
  7. We did it in November , it was fun. Short ride via boat to another island. We spent about 45 minutes swimming with the pigs. We were given apples on a stick to feed them.
  8. yes I am looking forward to more
  9. I was going to say your review was too long, but I read every word of it and enjoyed it. Thanks for posting
  10. We ordered specialty dining in cls had to pay but delivered hot on the allure
  11. On the Oasis class ships yes the pins get treated better. On the Allure the first lunch on ci, we had to wait while the pins got served, after waiting a long time I was served raw salmon. I feel it is like entering an established club were every one knows each other and you are the out sider. Not a welcoming experienced. Also vacations are precious to us since time off is hard to get, while pins this is a lifestyle. We are interested in the cruise experience while for the pins it is a social event.This changes the experience
  12. After our experience on the Harmony suite cruiser we are now exploring other options such as Celebrity and MSC, that being said it looks like RCCL is not having any problems booking the suites. This thread is good for people to realize getting suites perks are being shared with pinnacles
  13. 25% is too low, in my town they have cooling stations for people without ac. I would think the ship should have done the same. I feel for the family with the sick baby.
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