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  1. cot427

    No more evening Deck Dance Parties?

    Correct, there is a dancing under the stars night and then an after party for the 80s (or 70s-can't remember) night, after the party in the Royal Promenade. I actually wish there was one more...but beggars can't be choosers.
  2. Bob, do you know if they will extend the BOGO for D+ specialty dining if you prepurchased the 2-night BOGO package online? That would give me a change to try all 3 on the Navigator.
  3. Sounds like she confirmed that both the fitness center and the blaster slide was open. She said they were moving the treadmills to the gym and that she was on both slides!
  4. cot427

    New Caribbean Phase II Pricing

    The Explorer will be "Amplified" by that 2020 sailing, I could speculate that's why the price increased. However, applying that same logic, I'm sailing Navigator next month, 2 months after her Amplification, and got an inside for about $599+taxes for that same 9-night Southern Caribbean itinerary.
  5. The slide I can understand...but what in the world can be taking so long for the gym?
  6. Also ran into the time limit on Anthem last year at select bars. I know there is no official time limit, but some bartenders/bars are more strict than others. We went to the pub a lot, so that wasn't an issue (even ordered car bombs). But it definitely was by the pool and in the casino. Actually, our first drink order upon embarkation was at the indoor pool (it was raining) and the bartender even joked with us about getting a shot and a drink. We all proceeded to order drinks and then were like, you know what, let's do a shot and then he said oh, no, sorry, you just ordered a drink. Confused, we walked away and never went back to that bar...but why would we...that pool is always filled with kids anyway.
  7. So far, only Mariner and Navigator. The Bamboo Room concept is part of the Royal Amplification the ships are getting. I can see it being added to the remaining 3 Voyager class ships. Independence in the Freedom class was amplified but did not receive it, but perhaps Freedom and Liberty will if it's going over well on the current ships. It's important to note that just because they do it to one or two, they may not do it to the rest. It seems like for the most part, they are taking a look at what works and what doesn't and making necessary adjustments, for this Royal Amp process.
  8. Thanks so much, it was great! Glad you enjoyed your trip and made it home safely!
  9. Not sure they would know...I haven't seen any reports saying the fitness center has opened yet, as it was closed for that cruise. I only saw that Adventure Ocean finally opened. @EmilyJay Can you confirm that the following were still closed on your last day: Blaster Slide, Fitness Center, Splash Pad?
  10. As @CazV stated, it was posted elsewhere that although the compass said til 2 for food for Playmakers and Bamboo Room, they are only serving til 11:30. On Mariner cruise compasses I saw, they were only serving food til 12. Was really hoping they would extend beyond that hour, because I think it would be nice to have an additional option besides the boring Cafe Promenade. But beggars can't be choosers.
  11. Per the cruise compasses, it says first come first serve. No reservations, just show up.
  12. I'm a huge tiki fan and was really looking forward to this bar...obviously, from pictures, the decor is great. Any reason why you prefer cocktails from other bars? Are these from Bamboo Room just not made right or do other bars make better cocktails? Also, any info on Izumi? Are they still doing the $49.99 prix fix?
  13. Sorry to hear about this changes...they obviously impact your cruise but I hope you take advantage of more time in Honolulu or do inter-island flights. I also have heard great things about them...cheap and quick! I'm on the September Hawaii Ovation cruise. Can't see this happening in that time since she'll be sailing from Seattle all summer. I can see taking a bit longer since she's leaving from Vancouver once, but if any delays, they will impact our first Seattle stop, which is fine.
  14. I'm sure it will be open not only for April 12, but for next cruise. Not something they want to keep out of commission, especially heading into spring break for families. It seems like that area of aft deck 12 was not finished, that being the gym and adventure ocean. They are probably working hard to open it as soon as they can, and I can't see them delaying it as far as April.
  15. Thanks! When they first announced and then thereafter advertised L&C, they mentioned it would be a night time venue with stuff going on all night, especially the deck 12 part of the bar. Maybe after a few days or sailings it will change!