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  1. A bit of positive news... We cancelled our June cruise on March 13, before final pay date. Our refund for deposits to 2 cabins was on my CC today. Also, our prepaid internet package was refunded within a couple of days of cancelling our cruise. Thank you RCCL for doing what you said you would do and when you set sail again, we will be waiting to board!
  2. Check clubroyaleoffers.com as both hubby’s and mine was there when I checked today. No email, just on link above. I bet yours will be there or coming soon!
  3. Agreed! I love seas days and would do a “cruise to nowhere” in a heartbeat!
  4. This 7 night Sept sailing to Barbados from SJU has NO sea days. I am hoping it will change, but if not, we will simply stay onboard as for the other ports we have been to multiple times.
  5. Wow! That was an awesome deal....congrats! We are also very happy to have a “replacement” cruise booked for September...we had to cancel our early summer cruise from Barcelona with our granddaughters but will rebook it for next summer. Our September cruise is something we are really looking forward to, and somewhat replaces the disappointment of our cancelled summer cruise. We love to cruise and appreciate the comp offers RCCL extends to us. Comps give us an opportunity to fill the gaps in our regular cruising plans, and more to spend onboard and in the casino. Our main land based casino brand is grouped with NCL ☹️ and as many offers as we have received from them because we are VIP with Caesars group, we have never sailed with NCL. We are staunch “loyal to royal” and hope they will re-emerge stronger than ever...know it will take awhile, but we have hope! Keep the offers coming RCCL, we will help to keep you “afloat”. 😊 Also, an offer that includes European ports would be awesome!
  6. We actually have 3 offers currently, but not one that is for ANY destination...maybe it will still come. What is interesting is we are “loyal to royal” (D+) but have sailed with Carnival twice in the past 20 years. The last being 3 years ago with an invite from our son and his family. We received an offer today from Carnival, for a free balcony, free drinks package, several hundred dollars free play, with a 3rd and 4th guest sailing for $10 each! It’s just the two us, but it was a very nice offer...actually better than most of the offers we get from RCL! To be honest, after the first Carnival cruise 20 years ago, I said I would NEVER sail with them again. However, the one 3 years ago was on the “Magic” and it was absolutely awesome in every way! Wake up Royal, there is serious competition for “sailors” right now. Up your ante! 😅
  7. We just booked a late September Caribbean this week. We cancelled our Med/ Greek Isles that was to sail in June. I am sure it would have been cancelled anyway as it was sailing from Barcelona. Just hoping before September that ships will be sailing again and our country and our people recovering from this epidemic.
  8. After thinking about this and wondering why we haven’t received this offer.... Perhaps it is because we are already booked on another cruise, so they know we are coming back? Just a thought... but, I keep hoping for this offer too 😉
  9. I agree! Thanks for the response!
  10. And, I am hoping they change again! 😅 I am praying the world will have recovered enough that we can sail...to anywhere! Thanks for the response, we always can rely on your expertise info and advice!
  11. It is a southern Carib, and we have been to all of the ports except Barbados several times. Not once on any of our Caribbean cruises have we had ports everyday. I love sea days, and would do a cruise to “nowhere” any time! We will definitely stay onboard for some of the ports, and for others, shop with local merchants we have gotten to know on our previous voyages. Barbados is the one port we have missed in the Caribbean and it is the only reason we decided to book this cruise. That being said, I am well aware that ports can, and often do, change. It’s always an adventure! Thanks for the response Starry Eyes, I was just curious to know if I had just never noticed a “ no sea day” cruise before. I am hoping it will change to add at least one sea day, but if not, it’s OK.
  12. We just booked a September cruise and for the first time ever (from our experiences) there are NO sea days! The original itinerary I saw had 2, but recently must have changed to zero. I LOVE sea days, hubby, not so much. I will miss them.... I am assuming perhaps no sea day’s will allow them to make up for lost revenue (while shutdown) with excursions, etc. That being said, on sea days the bars, bingo, and casino are raking in the cash! I am thinking that this could change again....if by September this epidemic has passed and things are back to or closer to “business as usual” (and ports are allowing ships to dock). Has anyone ever cruised with NO sea days? Just curious....
  13. RCCL has extended to GLOBAL suspension for now....NO cruising after the ones that are out now disembark. Hoping things will be back to “business as usual” in 30 days....but, not looking good.
  14. My TA cancelled ours and I received a cancellation confirmation number right away. She advised me to make sure I kept the confirmation. RCCL said our refund would be within 7 to 10 business days. If you haven’t already, print out your cancellation request email, and hang onto it. At least you have something to prove you requested your refund.
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