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  1. I’m sure seasoned cruisers will find this post a “duh” post but perhaps it will help others. this past Saturday the rains came and went at Port Everglades during boarding the Adventure. Many, many of us ended up with drenched suitcases that were on the racks waiting to be loaded on the ship. As it turned out even though our suitcase was extremely wet our clothing stayed dry because we always line our suitcases with plastic garbage bags cut to fit unlike most people I’ve talked to. It has taken 2 days for the suitcase to dry. Yes, Royal has helped those with wet clothing but if you can avoid that, why not. My suggestion is take the time to line your suitcase. You never know when a shower will appear and disrupt your cruise.
  2. From my experience this is what I have seen: Under the area CRUISE FARE where it lists the type of cruise, BOGO or what ever you booked under, it will NOT have NRD after it if it is refundable. In the area of PROMOTIONS APPLIED if there are terms under that and NRD isn’t listed there then it Is refundable. if you see NRD then it is not refundable.
  3. If the cabin is booked for 2 passengers and one doesn’t show, will I receive 7 or 14 points on a 7 night cruise?
  4. Is the sky pad on the Independence open? We are on the Independence in November and would like to try it. However we couldn’t find it on the reservations area of the website.
  5. Oops . . . I thought this was the cruise director. Sorry.
  6. Navigator . . . Cory (dont remember last name) is on about a month more.
  7. We were there in April, 2019. $25 for two comfortable loungers, 2 drinks per person, an umbrella between the 2 loungers. The beach was nice, there wasn’t a huge drop off getting in and out of the water. It was an easy walk from the water taxi.
  8. All to often people rush into an elevator with no consideration for those who are on scooters and require more space. Here’s a hint ...if an empty elevator stops where you are and there is space, get on it. Sometimes you have to go up to go down or down to go up. At least you have your space!
  9. FYI. We always do Paradise Beach Club on our own. I don’t know what you are paying through Trip Advisor but here’s a break down of doing it on our own . . . $15 taxi each way (up to 6 in the taxi) $3.00 per person entrance fee they ask each person spend $10 on food/drinks.
  10. Kay’s Jewelers ( down on your left) and Majesty Jewelers(closest to the ships on your right) in the port area both carry Alex & Ani bracelets. I shop at Kay’s most often.
  11. We were there a few months ago . . . Paid at the outside bar. There were 4 ships in port and we didn’t have a problem finding loungers. We took the water taxi over about 10:00, walked to the right and were there in 5 minutes. Paid at the bar, found our loungers and spent a nice day at the beach. They seem to have enough loungers. There are umbrellas for every 2 loungers and are included in the cost.
  12. We’ve left our car for 8 nights and other than it being dusty and dirty there wasn’t a problem. I guess it’s a chance you take. We don’t have a highly desirable car. We’d do anything to avoid Miami congestion and crazy drivers. Another idea is to Uber or Lyft over to the station if you are in WPB. We are in Jupiter and hate to ask friends to drive us down to Brightline.
  13. I’m local and use Brightline every time we go to Miami for a cruise out of Miami. We reserve on line and watch for rate decreases. The new offer is the cruise special which includes parking ( in the parking garage), your round trip fare, and Lyft to and from the port. Lyft is about $12 however, the last time we took a taxi from the port to Brightline the taxi driver Flat Rated us and it was $22. He did not receive a tip! It’s cheaper to use the cruise package than the most expensive seating. There are 3 different seating choices/prices. The only difference is a snack and beverage is offered for the most expensive seating. Not worth it for an hour ten minute train ride. Just a hint . . . Only 1 person needs to reserve the cruise package and the other person can reserve the cheaper ticket. At least that’s what we did the last time we used Brightline.
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