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  1. 7 hours ago, Tablelamp said:

    Do the Members of the Entertainment team, come to the Retreat to make sure you are enjoying yourself or are you left alone to enjoy your book in the quiet.  Is there piped music being played all the time?


    Usually quiet, with no visits from the Entertainment staff. 

  2. I have only used the Retreat on the Azura. The Britannia, is nicer. 

    We booked for the entire cruise , at the spa desk on our embarkation day. Yes it is massively discounted for entire cruise. You cannot book pre-cruise, however should you pre-book a Spa Package, then the day of your treatments, includes the Retreat for that day.

    As the previous poster stated, it can also be booked day by day, but it is subject to availability, and only on the morning of the day you wish to book. 


    We did enjoy it, very much. On a sea day, if you book, you wont be searching round for a free sunbed, amongst the crowds. Enjoy 🙂


  3. On 7/2/2019 at 5:51 PM, seapals2 said:

    No outside eating area for Epicurean on Britannia.  However if you use the Retreat breakfast is a very nice outdoor experience.  Admittedly no hot food but that suited us.  Fruit plate .. cheese plate .. cold neat plate.  Cereals .. fresh fruit .. pastries.. rolls and preserves.  Yogurts and fruit smoothies and plenty of hot water for tea and fresh coffee and orange juice.  No rush ..plenty of seating ... perfect when the weather is good as it was for us. 

    The food on offer changes at lunch time and is on a help yourself basis from fridges.  

    Tea time sees a selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones with fresh clotted cream and jam.  We loved the relaxed atmosphere so different from the regular buffet.  


    For us we prefer the option of a regular delux balcony and then adding the retreat fee.   


    Yes totally agree about the Retreat. We used it for the entire cruise and it was, as you say, relaxed and a real away from the crowd experience. 

  4. Only once on board. We went straight to the Spa reception, as soon as we got on. We booked the entire cruise. However should you only want to book on a daily basis, its turn up on the day and take a chance they have availability. If you happen to book a spa package on your cruise personaliser, before you set sail, then retreat passes for the treatment day, you've booked, are included. 

    Booking the entire cruise, is heavily discounted. Of course your butler can make the reservation also. 

  5. On 4/16/2019 at 11:27 AM, P-L-B said:

    It depends.

    If you book a select fare as we normally do you get the choice of On Board Spend or free Car Parking (CPS) or free coach travel.

    Now if you get offered minimal OBS say £30 it's a no brainier for us to take the free car parking instead of the OBS.

    Dont get me wrong if we booked a saver fare or were offered lot's of OBC we would certainly consider Parking4Cruises.


    We got fab OBC, much more than the parking, hence our choice this time. Have had the free parking in the past or paid for CPS. Parking4 for us this time. 

  6. On 3/17/2019 at 4:27 PM, majortom10 said:

    For our cruise in May with CPS they want £162 for 14nts where P4C want £120 for premium parking which includes early disembarkation and help with loading car on disembarkation which CPS dont do so would go for Standard which is £115 which includes vehicle spray down on disembarkation which again CPS dont offer so for me a saving of £47 is well worth it.


    We'd always used CPS, but when I too compared prices...same as you have quoted, it is a no brainer. 

  7. On 12/14/2018 at 7:18 PM, Presto2 said:


    I think it is so sad. I remember the days when I used to look at a P&O brochure and think that it was such a special cruise line that we would never be able to afford it. The name 'P&O' meant something !


     Well we were able to afford it and went on Oceana for our first P&O cruise in 2010. It was magical and it felt like a very good 4 star hotel. Since then we have lost: silver service; the champagne fountain (yes it did happen so let's not go there again); the band at sailaway (loved, loved, loved it) ; free cabin service and now the turn down service seems to be following. Being cynical the dress code is next and P&O will become the 'cheap and cheerful line' that Carnival want it to become.


    Agree with all the above. Such a shame. 

  8. I really feel for anyone affected by this. I think it is unfair that P&O have been giving quasi assurance to passengers when they were aware that the ship was going.


    I hope that they are generous to those affected, particulalry anyone who has flights and hotels etc purchased to get to cruises that are now cancelled.


    We've got friends, supposed to be going for their 30th wedding anniversary in July. I don't think they know yet about this

  9. I used to dance on the Ballroom and Latin Open Circuit, with my husband as Over 35 Pre champs, until 2008 and remember Warren well. He and his wife, have run Cruise and Dance trips, in the past. If he is on your sailing, do join in and have fun, whether you know the TV series or not. Go watch anyway, even if you don't feel like learning a dance. Enjoy x

  10. Hey Liz, oh yes, I wish we could do it all again! Loved Trieste and Kotor in particular and have a soft spot for the Majestic. But not enough to chase her halfway across the world!. We're sticking to her sister ships and the Sapphire (our first) plus off on a 2 dayer on P&O Arcadia tomorrow. Got to rack up those qualifying cruises!.



    Hi, good to hear from you Sandra.

    We have just booked a 5 nighter on the P&O Azura. Real good bargain. 28th August...yes, doing it for the points.

    Funny thing is, we got chatting to a couple when out and about on the Majestic. Just the odd conversation, but I added the lady, Jo, on Facebook. Funnily enough, they too are on the same cruise ! Looking forward to seeing them again.


    We did a 2 nighter on Britannia last September. Mark found it too much of a rush.


    Maybe our paths will cross on a cruise one day.

  11. I have moved them over to another host. Most of them now appear in my blog entry for the cruise.




    Hi Sandra


    How are you? I miss the Majestic. Seems only yesterday we were on there.


    We've just booked a 5 dayer end of August on the P&O Azura.


    Haven't been on here in a while and pleased to see you have a blog, so I'll follow that.


    Take care and hope to cross paths with you again some time.



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