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  1. In theory/concept the Medallion app probably is a great idea. In reality, it has been a nightmare. For someone who is working full time, I have spent countless hours (80+) on the phone with Princess trying to get resolve with numerous issues, many that were idiotic(not accepting my country of origin, crossing identity with my husband's, etc). Much of that time was spent on hold. Shamefully, the problems were too overwhelming for the staff to correct and additional phone calls were required. Some issues were corrected for a time and then resurfaced all over again. Somehow through it all, I maintained my sanity. Bottom line, this is not how a company debuts a new product. This will be my first cruise with Princess, one of many cruises I've taken over the years with other lines. After this annoying waste of my time, energy and personal resources, I highly doubt I will return to Princess. There are too many options who make pre-cruise planning effortless for one's vacation. By the way, my Medallion still does not work, nor do I care ..................
  2. Does anyone know if the BinaxNow "home" test by Abbott Labs is accepted as proof for your Covid test? Many airlines are accepting it for international flights. That would make life so much easier!
  3. Start praying....took me over a month!
  4. About ready to finally give up! Like everyone, spending countless hours turning into days on this Medallion App, with numerous stops and starts, I was thrilled to finally get all my information entered and some of my husbands. When I returned, I could not reopen the app. My password didn't work, my booking# didn't work. Got on the phone and after nearly an hour, Princess resolved that problem but we realized my information had become mixed with my husbands! I now had my husband's middle name and birthdate! 15 more minutes later, that was resolved. Next, I was trying to get him on the Medallion Pay. Couldn't be done as I was told I was not "registered" on Medallion. This made no sense to me as all my information has been successfully downloaded, but after 30 more minutes with someone in the IT dept. and going through several machinations, it was confirmed I was indeed "registered", but my husband could not be added to my credit card at this time, even though it can be done. I was merely told "try again in 6-7 days, it might work"!!!! This was a frustrating experience not to mention a waste of time! Hope it this app works by Aug. 22nd when we sail. I'm bringing all my paperwork....let the Princess people figure this out in person. I've tried my best, spent countless hours on a product that has too many holes in it and can't trust from one day to the next.
  5. We disembarked early once, it was no problem. Just tell your TA in advance and the details will be arranged with O and noted on your itinerary. Confirm details when you board. Of course this was "pre-Covid days".
  6. I'm sorry too...and will not get into a bantering match with you about what I know what occurred to me. This experience with Apple Pay was approx. 5 years ago while traveling internationally. Perhaps their security wasn't as tight back then. Bottom line, my data was scanned and it was a mess to clean up! Needless to say, I do not trust devices that hold my sensitive information especially financial in nature.
  7. Attached is an interesting article about "electronic pick-pocketing" https://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2017/07/04/535518514/there-are-plenty-of-rfid-blocking-products-but-do-you-need-them
  8. My phone was in my back pocket of my jeans and it was scanned! It occurred while not in use. That is the scary part. Learned my lesson...my wallet is now has RFID blocking so this will not happen again. I also have a handbag I use when I travel that is also RFID blocking. Basically, it's foil that blocks the radio waves.
  9. I agree. Used Apple Pay once and had my credit card information unknowingly scanned off my phone at the airport! Might be worth placing the phone in a foil pouch to protect it from that type of activity. I find this very this is very unnerving.....
  10. Our cruise takes place at the end of August. A few days ago in the midst of trying to sort through through this mess I was worried about dinner reservations....Ha! Now I fear for a smooth embarkation and cruise. Princess better get their IT department together fast and fix this app and issue a big apology out to their customers for their patience! If they continue to place all their eggs in one basket with this app with all its flaws, it could be an unpleasant cruise experience for everyone.
  11. Thank you so much! This is very helpful information.
  12. OK....Help me here: This is our 1st cruise with Princess and getting very frustrated with trying to navigate the Medallion App. We have booked a Premium Suite on an Alaska Cruise this August which includes a "free" dinner in the one of the specialty restaurants on the first day of the cruise. When I visited the dining section of the App, it did not recognize this benefit and I was going to book the time we wanted and pay, then have Princess reimburse us. I didn't want to miss out on the time we wanted that evening. Is it safe to say we can really wait until we're onboard and just show up at the time we want to dine? Any comments/advice appreciated!
  13. I am afraid to add up all the hours I have wasted on trying to make this app work....know I am not alone.......that makes me feel a little better. Definitely running out of patience. Emergency contact phone#s won't stay entered.... Completely unable to add my husband as an authorized user to my credit card.... Won't accept reservations for dinner.... Just wish there was another alternative!
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