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  1. Thankfully when I disembarked yesterday, there were plenty of taxis. I guess they sorted the security issue up.
  2. Were there taxis at the pier?
  3. Miss G, I'm on that deck as well. I didn't notice a musty smell but I agree that the decore needs updating as it is tired. My room was comfortable (about 72F) when I got in. All the cabin were ready before they started embarkation which was a first for me. I had one issue with the room which was fixed (a very loose grab bar which left rust in the tub). They only had done half the job as I had to clean the tub before showering but I told my Steward. I didn't have issues with the light switches in bed. Other than that it was good. I did feel/hear the thrusters this morning but that didn't wake me up. (I sleep with earplugs). Lij
  4. I've got my cabin card and I'm waiting to board!
  5. Its for the upcoming cruise on Saturday. I was notified yesterday by my TA and today by HAL. I don't know when the upsell offer came in.
  6. Apparently with my upgrade, my TA was originally offered an upsell but decide to hold off. I was the upgraded from an Interior J category to an outside D category at no cost.
  7. I'm on this cruise too! I just got notification from my TA that the cabin I booked, an inside cabin (not a guarantee) has been upgraded to an oceanview. It's not on a deck that I would have chosen (on the Dolphon deck) but I'll see how I like it. 3 more sleeps! Lisa
  8. It gives me hope that when I'm on this cruise next week that it will make it to Montreal and I won't have to worry about getting on a bus.
  9. The Zaandam is just sailing away!
  10. I got a good idea of what to expect if my cruise didn't make it to Montreal from various current threads here on Cruise Critic. From that I was comfortable booking my trip home My email to HAL took about a week and a half for them to respond and they didn't answer my question, just stateed that my cruise is still scheduled to disembark in Montreal. Not helpful at all. Lake Ontario at my end is high too, at least 2 feet above normal but not as bad as 2017 yet. The waterfront trail is close in places due to flooding and erosion. I hope the weather dries up soon. Lisa
  11. Berth change for the 18th. Now disembarking at T-3. There will be coach service between T-1 and T-3.
  12. I'd keep an eye on the port of Montreal cruise schedule. They seem to update it when there's a change.
  13. I feel better now booking an 11am train. If it's nice out and I can manage my luggage, I don't mind walking. I'll take the preferred routes and bus options with me and set aside the bus fare. Now if only they accepted the Presto card!
  14. I will be taking this cruise and am worried about this happening on my cruise. If this were to happen, would I be able to make an 11am train in Montreal? Thanks, Lisa
  15. Can you let us know when you expect to reach Montreal and where you'll be dropped off. I'll be doing that cruise and I want to be proactive in my travels home in case this happens on my cruise. Thanks!
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